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Technical Tuesday Episode #259: WineMaker “Makes” For Beautiful Wine Cellars

November 24th, 2015

We’ve been talking about our WineMaker Series wine racks often as of late, like in our last Testimonial Thursday feature. But we’ve also been focusing a lot on the “functional” aspect of this wine rack kit, so now it’s time to switch it around a bit. Luckily, we managed to get snaps of this recent project from a client in Warren, OH, utilizing several racking units from the WineMaker Series. This Tech Tuesday episode is more than enough proof that the series is capable of turning out not just functional, but beautiful wine cellars as well:

Project # 267074
Wood: Platinum / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1194
Where: Warren, OH

Install Pictures for 267074-2

So let’s check out this stunning project which consists of an entire wine room outfitted to store over a thousand bottles in a variety of storage options. Despite the fact that the main racking elements hail from the WineMaker Series wine racks kit, there are also several custom accents that really amp up the “beauty” factor on this project. Case in point: the gorgeous Cabinet Doors with Raised Panels and European Hinges in the same Dark Walnut stain as the racks (see top image).

Install Pictures for 267074-5

We particularly love how the racks were interspersed with the white stone materials to create a stunning contrast of light and dark hues between the walls and wine racking assembly. Plus, the knotty grade of wood used for the ceilings and some parts of the walls really enhanced the vintage flavor of this wine cellar. Notice, too, that smart accent pieces were added here and there such as that elegant lighting fixture and the wine barrel tasting table. Moreover, recessed lighting was also integrated which helped highlight the contrasting hues and textures in this entire project.

Install Pictures for 267074-6

So here we have some truly great shots of the various WineMaker racking units: Individual Bottle Columns with Display Rows, Open Diamond Bins, Adjustable Wine Shelves, and a Standard Archway with Tabletop option.

Install Pictures for 267074-9 Install Pictures for 267074-10