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Our Gold Series Gets Us “Golden” Client Recommendation!

November 12th, 2015

There’s nothing like a simple but solid client review to fuel our engines! We’ve always emphasized how client satisfaction is always our top priority so being able to meet their wine storage needs at any given situation is truly satisfying, just like what we did with Dan’s wine cellar:


So Dan had an amazing amount of space to work with and transform into an honest-to-goodness formal wine room. He sent in for our Gold Series custom wine racking units to help outfit his new wine cellar. Needless to say, the Gold Series did not disappoint. Since the series offers quite an amazing assortment of racking styles, maximizing the ample floor space of the room was accomplished quite nicely. Keep in mind that the Gold Series racking units are especially designed to focus on the economical use of 1×2 open construction. The racks were highly appropriate for this open floor layout and involved some pretty creative arrangement of the individual and bulk bottle storage styles.


And here’s how the racking set-up looks like upon closer inspection. The Standard Archway was decked with with custom recessed LED lighting as well as the rest of the assembly. This helped in really accentuating the bottles on display as well as the beautifully stained racks. Keep in mind that WCI has an extensive selection of wine cellar accents to choose from which can really give your wine racking arrangement a more stylish flair. This section of our website is a must-visit when it comes to choosing the most suitable decor for your wine cellar project.


Naturally, the highlight of this project is the delivery of wine cellar services that merited a thumbs-up from the client. That’s because WCI professional wine cellar services are as varied as our products – from initial consultation down to product purchasing, delivery, assembly and installation, and even post-construction services. Plus, we even provide commercial financial financing options and what you can’t find on our website, you can certainly scour for in our blog – from wine racking assembly tips and tricks to wine cellar cooling recommendations and more. So get in touch with a WCI specialist today and learn why Dan has given us a “golden” client recommendation. ^_^

“Thank you the good service. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.”

~Dan W.~