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Saving Space With Space-Efficient Wine Racks

November 9th, 2015

Making “space” in your home for your wine collection isn’t that difficult of a task to accomplish.┬áIt’s just that more often than not, we are quick to dismiss potential storage spaces in our home either because they are too awkward or uneven or we think it will cost us a small fortune in terms of renovation costs. Well, we should think otherwise because there are actually several ways to save and even create more bottle storage in our homes thanks to space-efficient wine racks.

Vintage View wine racks lets you store more bottles!

Let’s take a look at these gorgeous bottle storage units our client Linda has managed to whip up with the use of our VintageView metal wine racks. Notice that apart from creating more than enough space to host her bottles, she has also managed to incorporate the racks as part of the room’s artistic layout. We like how the bottles meshed with the art pieces and how this entire wall emulated an art deco gallery. Apart from being functional and helping store more bottles, the wall-mounted racks also added wonderful aesthetic touches to the room.

That being said, the very first space-saving tip you should remember is that not all wine racking units are made to stand on the floor. You also have “wall-mount” models which can easily save you tons of space seeing as they don’t even occupy any floor area at all. Apart from the Vintage View Series, our Curvy Cubes also offer wall-mount options for your bottle storage convenience.

It's a "wine art gallery" with Vintage View wine racks!

The second space-saving tip for those seemingly awkward corners in your home is utilizing curved corner racks and displays. Take a look at the snapshot of Linda’s wine cellar below and you can see how the curved corner racks and Quarter Round Shelf were made to hug the sharp angles of the narrow room. Not only are you able to create lots of bottle storage space with these types of racks but you also achieve a much smoother transition from floor to ceiling and from one wine racking unit to the other:

Trim uneven corners with Curved Corner racks and displays

The third and last space-saving tip to maximize bottle storage in your home is to discover the amazing functionality of “shallow-depth” racks. These racks are exactly like their namesake – they are manufactured with shallow depths. The bottle necks will protrude from the front of the racks but are still safely and comfortably cradled on square-cut rails. The “shallow depth” of these racks make it possible for one to outfit even the more compact areas in their home and create proper storage for their collection.

“The horizontal racks were perfect to maximize space in the space available.”

~Linda P.~

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