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Go For Stackable Wine Racks

November 2nd, 2015

As a wine collector, you need to plan ahead when putting together a proper wine racking assembly for your collection. That simply means taking into consideration your future acquisitions. It would be a waste of both your money and effort (and not to mention extremely stressful) when after putting together your wine racks, you come to realize that you don’t have enough space to accommodate more bottles.

“Stackable” wine racks offer a sound solution

That being said, we highly recommend going for “stackable” wine racking units. Stackable wine racks, from their namesake alone, should be pretty much self-explanatory. They are racks that you can literally stack one on top of the other and/or place side by side to create continuous, flowing bottle storage for your growing collection. You can find these units mostly in “kits” which are manufactured specifically to address the needs of those who are gradually growing their collection. In other words, you don’t need to pressure yourself into creating a fancy, customized wine cellar because you can still provide proper storage for your bottles in an affordable way. Moreover, you will find that these “kits” are the next best thing to customized wine cellar thanks to their flexible configurations and variety on bottle storage options.

Now when you decide to “stack” your wine racks in order to make room for more bottles, one of the most essential things to consider would be the ceiling height of your designated space. This is quite vital in helping you choose the type of racking units you will be purchasing. For example, if you have a generous space between your floors and ceilings, then you can start by stacking your racks halfway and adding more units over time as your collection grows. But if you don’t have nearly as much space, you can mix it up between different individual and bulk bottle storage styles in order to accommodate more bottles in the future.

Speaking of space, you should also take into account how roomy or narrow the designated area is, especially when the racks will be installed. If the room or any other space you’re working with is quite narrow, you can always remedy the problem by choosing shallow-depth wine racks. Shallow-depth wine racks will allow you to store more standard-sized bottles even in a relatively compact space. Plus, there are also bulk storage options available for this type of wine racks such as Diamond Bins, Diamond Cubes, and Vertical Displays.

Last but definitely not the least, you should also look into metal wine racking options. Stackable racking units are not limited to wood ones. In fact, you will find that metal racking units can be even more space-efficient under certain circumstances. You can also do a combination of wood and metal racking elements which is not only a real space saver but stylish as well.

Check out our selection of stackable wood wine racks such as Vintner, WineMaker, Curvy Cubes, and the Mini Stack Series and our Vintage View Metal wine racks for inspiration! ^_^

Rack and stack all the way!