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A Guide To Wine Cellar Accents And Accessories

January 26th, 2015

There are many ways to accentuate your wine collection. For sure, the type of racks you choose to store them in is one of the biggest contributing factors. While racks are generally for the purpose of securely storing your collection, it doesn’t mean that the aesthetic aspect is disregarded. That’s why here at WCI, our wine racking products, we see to it that the balance between function and style is always achieved with unique and different wine cellar accessories.

LED Lights

We’ll use this beautiful arrangement utilizing the Traditional Series wine racks kit as an example. It’s a pretty spacious creation comprised of 5-Column Individual bottle racks, Solid Diamond Cubes, and a glass rack, all in unstained Premium Redwood.

The Traditional Series is perhaps the wisest choice you can make if you’re seeking to create a racking assembly that reeks of understated elegance while providing maximum bottle storage capacity. It wasn’t dubbed as the “traditional” series for nothing. It boasts of pretty extensive individual and bulk bottle storage options, including finish options that one can play around with to really “complete” the look of a wine cellar project.

Lights in a Wine Cellar

Now for this particular wine cellar, notice how the client has worked on other elements of the room to complement and at the same time enhance the racking set-up. We liked that the ceilings are just a half-shade darker than the racks and the flooring is composed of a different material to create texture in the cellar’s layout. But what we especially loved about this DIY project are the lighting elements that were strategically installed to highlight the racks in a very unique fashion. Take a look at the image below and see how the Open Diamond Bins are given a modern-ish feel thanks to the custom lighting. It makes for an welcome contrast to the classic silhouettes of the racks.

View from the Wine Cellar

Speaking of custom wine cellar accents and accessories, you can actually stumble upon a tempting plethora of these in our website. From ceilings to custom flooring, LED lighting, tabletops, cabinetry and hardware, and more – we have all these ready and waiting to be loaded into your virtual shopping carts. So go on and explore your options and don’t forget that our experienced design consultants are just a chat away to lend you the helping hand you need. ^_^

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