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How To Prepare Your Wine Merchandise For The Holiday Rush

November 20th, 2013

A wicked wine Wednesday to all our wine buddies out there! Now we know we’ve been sharing a lot of tips on how to gear up your wine stores for the holiday rush lately. But we realized that we haven’t shared tips on a really important aspect of this subject: how to keep your wine bottles and other wine merchandise safe during the onslaught of the holiday rush. Imagine the hassle (and of course financial damage!) it will bring when your precious merchandise will be accidentally destroyed by the hustle and bustle. That being said, here are some highly useful ways you can protect your merchandise, not just for the holiday rush but even all year long as well:

1. One, invest in Vinyl Bases for your racks.


Did you know that it’s only here at WCI that you can get industry exclusive Vinyl Base options for all commercial wine racking products? But what can these do for your wine merchandise? Basically, the vinyl base allows for the elevation of the rack or display a good 4 inches off the ground. This allows bottles to be protected against accidental kicking and other damage. So, even with all the jostling and kicking during your busiest store days, your bottles will be secured.

2. Two, invest in wall-mounted racks.


Wall-mounted wine racks serve two major purposes. One, they allow you to save on so much space in your store which means you’ll be able to bring in more merchandise for display. Two, they can keep your bottles safe and comfy – away from possible damage when things will get really hectic during the holidays. Moreover, they also provide an additional aesthetic benefit. Think of how gorgeous your establishment would look like with all those colorful bottles mounted on your walls! Throw in some custom lighting and they will definitely draw the eye of every potential customer.

3. Three, invest in Locking Wine Display Cabinets.


For sure, any store will have its share of expensive vintages. Don’t risk exposing them in an unsafe manner, especially during the mad holiday rush. Putting them in Locking Wine Display Cabinets will enable you to showcase them appropriately while having that peace of mind that they won’t be accidentally knocked down by busy customers and sadly smashed to smithereens. This display cabinet can also allow you to store other labels in the adjustable space below as well as glassware, cigars, and other wine accessories on the top compartment.

Don’t take a chance these holidays and watch your potential profits fritter away needlessly. “Damage-proof” your commercial wine establishments today!

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