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Technical Tuesday Episode #160 – Drumming Up The Sales With WCI’s Triple Tier Wine Display Islands

November 19th, 2013

Things are really getting into high gear for the upcoming holidays! Just a few weeks ago, we’ve been running features on several commercial projects since most wine establishments are busy setting up their merchandise in anticipation of the big rush. Today, we have yet another commercial wine cellar feature which also happens to be an old WCI patron:

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 241207
Wood: CDR/ Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 7560
Where: Cedar Knolls, NJ

241207-Install-Pics-1The images are kind of res ipsa loquitor since you can see that this is a new construction as the client had recently opened a second store in Cedar Knolls, NJ. It’s basically a “village food garden” which includes a supermarket, patisserie, coffee, and liquor store. The liquor store is comprised of a wine and spirits department, designed to house a variety of vintages and other specialty drinks and beverages. Thus, the store needed functional and space-efficient racking to accommodate it’s anticipated merchandise.

This being the immediate need, our design team ushered in several Triple Tier Island Wine Displays to create maximum storage space for the client. The islands were crafted from Premium Redwood and stained in Dark Walnut for a very bold and classic statement. Note how the dark stain makes for a striking contrast with the light-colored flooring of the shop and the neutral tones of the interior. The Dark Walnut was a wise choice because it makes the islands really stand out and project a visually strong appeal.

241207-Install-Pics-2So why choose these islands for this type of project? Well first off, they offer extensive individual bottle storage. This set-up alone can host well over 7000 bottles and you can see just how spacious the floor area is even with the installation of the racks. Imagine that this shop will be filled with hustling and bustling customers in the next few weeks. They will be able to look and get around the displays without bumping into each other or accidentally knocking over the merchandise. THIS is the beauty of these Triple Tier Wine Display Islands!

In addition, these racks were manufactured for the purpose of accommodating volume sales. One can display 3 of the same bottles per column and store 18 bottles individually below. Also, if one is looking to maximize labels, all that needs to be done is to display 60 different bottles with 6 of each individually stored below. All of WCI’s commercial wine racks and displays come with Vinyl Base and Caster options as well. The vinyl covered base platform raises the wine racking off the ground by 4″. That means your merchandise is provided with extra security from being accidentally kicked by busy or even rowdy customers. Plus, it’ll make cleaning up a breeze! Optional casters can also be installed for increased space-efficiency in your store.

And that wraps up yet another commercial wine cellar project for this month. We’re on a roll! Only one more Tech Tuesday to go and it’ll be the big “ho-ho-ho!’ December is less than two weeks away and we’re very excited to showcase some snazzy holiday features to you guys. So bookmark our blog and subscribe to our mailing list today so you won’t miss out! *Cheers*

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