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Establishing The Right “Connection” With WCI Displays

September 19th, 2013

How vital is establishing customer rapport to the success of an enterprise? Well, any entrepreneur would tell you that it is definitely crucial. If you cannot “connect” with your clientele, including potential ones, it would affect both your sales and reputation. That’s why appealing to the customers should always be one of the foremost goals of any business, particularly a wine business.

Well, today’s Testimonial Thursday is a shining example of that! Let’s get acquainted with this swag wine store up in Milford, OH – the Wine Connection. This family-owned store carries a great selection of taste treats, especially if you’re looking to sample local wine fare. They also carry some real treasures such as Three Floyd’s Alpha Klaus. However, the owners felt that they needed an upgrade in terms of showcasing their merchandise to amp up the sales. So they decided to invest in some commercial wine displays straight from the WCI online catalog:

display wine racks

“The displays selected for our store have such a great impact on selling the wines. The presentation of the bottles themselves is one of our greatest selling points.”

~Dan Kern~

The semi-custom configurations of the wine displays enabled the family to put together a highly functional yet unique arrangement for their bottles. It made organizing their merchandise so much easier and allowed them to showcase their best-sellers to maximum advantage. New acquisitions can also be advertised in a more visible and stylish manner which is a huge plus in terms of catching the eye of potential customers.

It’s also worthy to note that when you purchase these commercial racks and displays from WCI, you also get industry exclusive Vinyl Base options. Vinyl bases serve to elevate and protect your racking and in effect, the racks provide added protection to your bottles. These are certainly practical add-ons when you have a growing business because peak store hours can get crazy. With the Vinyl Bases, bottles stored on the bottom racks won’t be accidentally kicked by bustling customers. They also make for convenient clean-ups!

So are you also ready to make that right “connection” with your customers and take your business to another level? Then contact us today and get a whopping 35% discount on your purchase. And if you order your racks in Clear All-Heart Redwood, it’s actually another 10% for a total of 45% off! So get busy with those shopping carts like now! ^_^

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