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Learning About Redwood’s “Shelf Life”

June 17th, 2013

Just how long do these wood wine racks and furniture last? Or to put it in another way, what’s their estimated “shelf life?” Would it matter if you stain the wood so that it would become more durable and resilient? Well, we’d most likely answer the last query in the negative. Wood doesn’t really need to be stained or lacquered to give it a longer life span.

These custom stains, finishes, and lacquers perform a greater role in terms of aesthetics rather than functionality. Moreover, there are specific wood species that are naturally durable and resilient, so much so that if you utilize them for your wine cellar, the latter might still be standing while the rest of the house is rotting away. It’s not an exaggeration, folk! Redwood would be the best example.

Impressive longevity!

wood choice wine racks

If you guys check out our Wine Cellar Wood Choices section, you’ll find out there are two species falling under the Redwood family: Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood. We always talk about them in our Tech Tuesdays as well as Testimonial Thursday posts as well. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to go a little more in-depth and explore the impressive qualities of this wood specie.

In terms of resistance to rot, mildew, and insects, Redwood is definitely top-notch. It’s a North American wood and usually grows in the cool, damp forests of Northern California. As the tree grows the heart takes on minerals which give it the reddish brown tones and resistance to decay. In fact, we’ve located a sample of the wood which was left buried for 2,000 years underground and it’s still just as good as the newly milled Redwood used in most wine cellars.

Both Clear All-Heart and Premium Redwood also exhibit amazing resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking. Plus, as it ages, the wood takes on a more beautiful and richer hue which can go from light pinkish brown to reddish brown to more luxurious reddish gold tones. This is why if you’ve checked into most of our Tech Tuesday projects, you guys would notice that a whole lot of them utilize Redwood as the main wood choice.

All these outstanding qualities notwithstanding, there’s still one more characteristic that Redwood possesses which really puts it in a whole different level compared to other species. And what would that be? It’s the SFI-Certification (Sustainable Forest Initiative) seal of approval which Redwood is so proudly stamped with. In fact, all Redwood products being manufactured and sold here at WCI are SFI-Certified, assuring end-users that the wood was harvested in a way that has no hazardous impact on the environment.

So basically, as far as “shelf-life” is concerned, you don’t even have to think about it! Redwood will definitely give you wine cellars which will last for lifetimes to come. ^_^

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