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How To Build Inexpensive Wine Cellars

June 5th, 2013

There are several reasons why some collectors are quite reluctant to undertake a formal wine cellar project. One is that they don’t have enough space in their homes for it. Another is that they don’t really plan on hosting an extensive collection. But the more popular reason why they seem to shy away from such a project is the anticipated cost of the same. It seems that the concept of a “custom” wine cellar is equivalent to an “expensive” one. This is not really the case. You can turn out gorgeous but inexpensive wine cellars which can showcase your bottles in style. Let us show you how!

1. First, have a definite design plan prepared.

How to Build a Wine Cellar

Wine cellar construction is a lot like building your home. You just don’t point to a pretty picture in a magazine and tell your construction team you want something like “that.” Also, it’s not just all about purchasing a few racks, putting them together in a spare room or space in your home, and storing your bottles. There are some indispensable elements that you have to consider in order to create the ideal storage conditions for your bottles. First off, you’ll need to make sure your future cellar will be properly insulated. This is to ensure that the right temperature and humidity levels will be maintained therein 24/7. You also need to make efficient use of your available floor space, particularly if you have a fast-growing collection. Hence, seeking the help of professional consultants is a MUST. And just how much would this cost you? ZERO, ZILCH! At WCI, design consultation services are 100% free. You don’t need to put out a single cent in order get things moving in the right direction!

2. Second, explore the practical use of wine rack kits.

Vintner Series Wine Cellar

At WCI, we have developed a line of affordable wine rack kits designed to meet the various storage needs of wine collectors everywhere. The racks from these kits were crafted with semi-custom configurations making it possible to turn out highly unique and organized racking assemblies at the right price. Take for example the very popular Vintner Series. These racks can accommodate almost any ceiling height, especially with the addition of 3 and 4-feet height options. Or for those who want to stick to rigidly classic  profiles, the Designer Series wine rack kit is perhaps the best option. Then again, if you’re looking for something with a rustic, vintage vibe, the Rustic Pine kit is the way to go. The choices are so varied with limitless artistic and uber affordable results!

3. Third, learn the value of factory seconds.

Solid Diamond Bin Wine Rack

What exactly are factory seconds? They’re just basically racks which either have slight discrepancies in the material like an extra knot in the wood, or the order was cancelled half way through production, or the product line becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. Quality-wise, they are still very much A-plus and were only marked down to get them cleared out at a faster rate. You will be amazed at how sensational your wine cellar will look like just from utilizing these factory seconds and perhaps twice as amazed at how crazy cheap your total expenses would be.

Like they say in the fashion world, you don’t need to spend a million dollars to look like it. Custom wine cellars are definitely the same. So go and pursue your dream wine cellar without burning a hole in your pockets! See you all next How To Wednesday!

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