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WCI World-Class Services Equals 100% Customer Satisfaction

May 30th, 2013

We’ve always been proud to showcase glowing testimonials of satisfied clients on the wine racking products they purchased here at WCI. But this time around, we’re going to shift the focus on another aspect that the company is quite proud of: our world-class design, installation, and assembly services.

One of our clients who installed a wine cellar in Miami, Florida had this to say about the kind of professional services he experienced while our installers were working on his residential project:

“Please allow me to express my thanks to your company for the excellent service. I experienced during the design and installation of my wine cellar. I would especially like to compliment my consultant who was an invaluable resource and liaison during the entire process.” “Your design and sales team were very helpful. They always made themselves available to answer any questions that arose during planning, construction and even after the final product was installed. The on-site consultations with me, my builders and engineers were instrumental in easing the complexity of the whole project and making it such a success.” “Almost six months after you installed my cellar, it is still breathtaking to my friends and me. The extra time your designers generously spent with me going over all the many details has paid off handsomely, giving me a room for my collection of which I will always be extremely proud.” “Thank you again for your invaluable service and beautifully crafted product. I will be happy to send your referrals to you knowing that they will be satisfied.”

Testimonials like these are what encourage the entire WCI team to continue to move forward and improve more on what we can provide our customers. As far as installation and assembly services are concerned, it’s worthy to note that our installers are factory certified with over 60 years of construction experience. Moreover, we have a 99% satisfaction rate with installs worldwide which is something we are really very proud of. This would include not just residential, but also commercial wine cellar projects. Our Tech Tuesday episodes are living proof of this and we encourage you guys to check the newest feature every week.

All these guarantees for total customer notwithstanding, we also provide free consultation on both design and construction requirements. This simply means that our experienced professionals stay with you every step of the way, from the planning down to the actual execution stage and even after job completion. We leave your homes or commercial establishments spanking clean after all the construction work is done and all you need to do is to start filling up those racks to start enjoying your  new, custom wine cellar. Check out our special pages like Custom Wine Cellar Design, How To Build A Wine Cellar, and Custom Wine Cellar Consultation Process to learn more about the extent of our world-class services today! ^_^

How Make Your Wine Cellar More Functional

May 29th, 2013

Wine cellars are said to be the next home icon. Well, it can’t be denied that custom wine cellars are getting more and more stylish as time passes by. There are so many artistic concepts to explore, from the wine racking arrangements down to the furniture and accessories such as the flooring, ceiling designs, moldings, and so much more. Nonetheless, we should never forget that great style should always go with superb functionality. The latter must never be compromised because first and foremost, a wine cellar’s purpose is to properly store one’s collection. Showing it off in a fab way would be the cherry on top. So here are some nice and easy tips to level up on that functionality factor!

1. One, choose furniture that have multi-purpose features.

This is a very good tip to remember especially when you’re trying to save on floor space. For example, instead of just a wine tasting table that will provide space for you to mix up those drinks or prepare some yummy tidbits, try one that has storage space as well. We have quite a selection of these at WCI, including those that can even let you store glassware.

2. Two, pick wine racks which are highly flexible.

Your choice depends a lot on the size of your collection. Nonetheless, even if you have just a minimal collection now, you should also have the necessary foresight to see how far things will go in the near future. So picking racks that will allow you to work in additional storage space later on or those that can let you squeeze in more floor space are recommended. A good example would be WCI’s wine rack kits since you can easily mix and match them up with other racking components. Our new Mini Stack Series is also another practical choice. It’s also wise to utilize those racks that can utilize empty wall spaces, such as our metal wine racks or specifically, our Vintage View Series.

3. Three, put in casters and vinyl bases.

Casters will make it so easy for you to move and switch around your wine racks, particularly if you’re looking to renovate or remodel your wine cellar. As for vinyl bases, they help protect your racks, specifically your collection, from being accidentally kicked or damaged by lifting the racks a good 4 inches off the ground. Of course, casters and vinyl bases are generally recommended for commercial wine establishments ordering our commercial wine racking products. But for residential cellars with really extensive selections, these commercial wine racks can also provide the appropriate storage solutions.

4. Lastly, invest in a custom wine cellar ladder or step-stool.

Unless you just have a one or two-level racking system that’s quite accessible, it’s wise to have a custom ladder or step stool in your cellars. That way, you can also actually ask someone to access that bottle you’ve been wanting to pop open. You don’t need to drag the house ladder from the garage or feel awkward asking the taller one among your guests to grab some bottles. Plus, WCI allows you to customize your ladders and step-stools as well so you can have them in the same wood type as well as with the same stain and finish options as your wine racking system.

Keep in mind that while fab wine cellars are the “in” thing these days, function should still come first! Learn more functional features of the products we have on our online store by subscribing to our mailing list and of course, following our blog every day! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #135: Classic And Practical With The Gold Series, Premium Redwood, And Whisperkool SC Series

May 28th, 2013

What do most wine proprietors desire for their establishments? Based on experience, a good number of them wish for practical and space-efficient racking that will allow them to store more merchandise. That’s not all. A lot of them also prefer a simple layout which lets them organize their wares in a neat fashion and more importantly, makes finding the right bottle more convenient for the customers. Well, today’s episode has factored in all these elements, so let’s check it out and see if you’d want your store sporting this easy and elegant design as well:

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 233610
Wood: CDR/Gold/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 8882
Where: Sharon, CT

Today’s featured project makes clever use of WCI’s extensive selection of commercial wine racks to create a super spacious racking assembly for this very busy establishment. In particular, the Individual Bottle Storage racks from the Gold Series were combined with our every popular Adjustable Shelf Cabinets, Vertical Bin Displays, Column Displays, and Triple Tier Maximizers. So basically, the entire assembly can accommodate small and standard-sized bottles as well as champagne, split individual, and other larger formats. That makes for maximum flexibility, particularly when it comes to the types of merchandise that can be sold. For the record, this cellar can host nearly 9,000 bottles in secure and comfortable storage.

Along with the simple layout, the clients also chose to go with an equally straightforward material for the racks. In this case, it’s unstained Premium Redwood. Nonetheless, this does not in anyway downgrade the “beauty” factor of the wine cellar. On the contrary, it exudes understated elegance thanks to the natural pink and reddish brown hues of the wood which are undeniably attractive.

Now in addition to a highly functional and durable racking system, wine stores are also very conscious of the quality of their wine cooling system. This is only proper, seeing that they need to keep their wine products in the best of taste conditions. In this project, the Whisperkool SC 8000i was installed to help maintain idea storage conditions in the commercial establishment. Note that the SC Series is actually an all-new series in the Whiskperkool line which was made to replace the old XLT Series.  The SC line sports more dynamic and advanced features such as larger, thicker coils offer increased capacity for cooling the cellar, improved mounting options, and upgraded controllers for maximum environment control.

So does this Tech Tuesday feature meet your commercial wine cellar expectations? Share your views with us and join us for more informative and fun custom wine cellar discussions on Twitter and Facebook. See you all next episode! *Cheers*

Wine And Warfare: Our Tribute To Our Heroes

May 27th, 2013

“To be a Frenchman means to fight for your country and its wine.”

~Claude Terrail, owner, Restaurant La Tour d’Argent~

The history of wine is actually as rich as the liquid itself. We may deem ourselves as connoisseurs, but the fact is there is still a lot of
stuff out there that we don’t know about wine or in particular, about the past of one of the world’s most treasured drink. As the Armed Forces and Memorial holiday is only a few days away, what better way to commemorate the honorable deeds of our past heroes than by delving a bit more into bits and pieces of history. In our case, it’s bits and pieces of wine history!

Now one of the unsung heroes during the second world war would be the brave vintners of France who risked their lives for what else? To protect their country’s precious bottles of wine from being plundered by the Germans who attacked and occupied the country. This true-to-life historical account dates back to the 1940’s when France fell to the Nazis and he German army began to rape and pillage the entire country, robbing it of its assets. One of the main targets of the enemy was none other than the country’s bountiful supply of wine.

The French winemakers didn’t just stand by idly and let the occupiers do as they wish with their most treasured commodity. They mobilized themselves to oppose the enemy and undertook great risks to protect what they held most dear – their precious bottles of wine. As fellow connoisseurs, it would be nice to savor a true taste of wine history by spending some quality time during the upcoming holiday and reading up on books and other materials outlining the inspiring stories of these valiant vintners.

Here at WCI, we’re also doing our part to pay tribute to the amazing stories of courageous souls like the wine heroes of France as well. We’re having our HUGE Military Appreciation Savings Event for the entire month of May! So what’s in it for everyone and in particular, for those with valid military IDs? Well, apart from the deep discounts on both our residential and commercial wine rack kits, we’re also offering free shipping to all APO addresses! That’s not all. Whopping discounts are also offered on our new products such as the Mini Stack Series which even ships fully assembly. Plus, refrigeration units such as WineZone are on a 20-30% discount with a free upgrade to boot. It’s a bonanza of a wine sale all to honor those who fight for our freedom.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” And what better freedom can there be than the freedom to drink and toast our favorite bottles of wine today, tomorrow, and beyond. *Cheers*


Classic, Organized, And Wonderfully Eye-Candy Commercial Wine Stands

May 23rd, 2013

In a commercial wine establishment, creating a functional yet striking set-up is always the main goal. This is not just necessary but indispensable when you are seeking to boost sales in a more dramatic way. However, it’s also easier said than done. This is especially the case if you already have an existing wine racking assembly and you’re trying to fit in more merchandise or trying to reorganize everything. That’s why a little professional help really goes a long way, like what our talented design specialists did for today’s Testimonial Thursday feature!

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 228059
Wood: CDR/Vintner/DKS/Rustic Pine
Maximum Capacity: 5717
Where: Bridgetown, Bar

Feast your connoisseur eyes on this clean and beautiful assembly of display stands and merchandisers combining several of WCI’s choice commercial racks and kits. The client needed enough space to host their quite massive merchandise, but at the same time, ensure that the bottles were carefully organized so that prospective customers will be able to find what they’re looking for without too much fuss.

Hence, we pulled out Individual Bottle Kits from the fail-safe Vintner Series, as well as Open Diamond Bins and Vertical Displays to accommodate the larger-format bottles. To add more flair to the classic arrangement, some sleek and stylish commercial pieces were thrown in. You can see from the image some Display Islands and Merchandisers as well as a Circular Merchandiser with Circular Tabletop option were utilized to provide point-of-purchase racking.

Now notice how the racks have a rich, vintage feel to them? This is the result of dressing up Rustic Pine in Dark Walnut stain. Rustic Pine is the perfect wood choice for this project because it gives the best value by price per bottle. The client wanted to keep things within budget without compromising on the quality of the materials and of course, the end result of the project. Needless to say, all those needs were suitably met by Rustic Pine which is wonderfully durable and resilient while at the same time giving a bigger yield and lower cost than a clear grade of wood.

In addition to its outstanding features, Rustic Pine is also no slouch when it comes to appearance. The wood itself sports a very attractive creamy color accentuated with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. Plus, it’s versatile grain patterns become more magnified and eye-catching with dark-colored stains, custom finishes, and lacquers. Well, it goes without saying that our designers certainly delivered the desired results! The clients were suitably pleased with their spanking new and gorgeous store and we’re  doubly pleased to have seen them through it all. It’s another successful Testimonial Thursday to write about and we’re going to keep them coming, so don’t forget to check us out again next week. Have a fab weekend, wine guys and gals! ^_^

How To Choose A Wine Cellar Door

May 22nd, 2013

Never underestimate the significance of some parts of your wine cellar which you usually don’t pay too much attention – like wine cellar doors. We’ve noticed that there are a fair number of projects that just go with standard-type doors without considering the major role the door plays in terms of maintaining ideal wine storage conditions. So we hope that today’s post will shed some light and help wine cellar fans out there choose the right type of wine cellar door which combines both functionality and aesthetics.

1. First off, choose a wine cellar door that can provide proper insulation.

Not all doors you’ll find on the market are “wine cellar doors.” This means that not all of them will possess the necessary features for proper insulation of your wine cellar. Keep in mind that you are trying to exercise total environment control over your precious collection. Hence, you cannot just plunk in any ordinary door which may not be able to help maintain the necessary temperature and humidity levels in your cellar. For example, if you’re going with a glass door, you have to make sure its insulation value and thickness are good enough. At WCI, we usually utilize R-5 insulation value for our glass units with thick tempered pains for maximum insulation.

2. Second, consider the small but vital elements in your door parts.

Hinges, door jambs, locksets, moldings and trim, and door swing are some of the seemingly small but absolutely essential elements in your wine cellar door. You must see to it that these parts are properly functional and made from durable materials. Door jambs and hinges, for example, are prone to rusting. Plus, door jambs can oftentimes cause structural problems, particularly if they don’t come with precise specifications. It won’t do you and especially your bottles any good if your door hangs loosely with an inch or more gap from the floor. This will be very detrimental to keeping the right temperature and humidity levels in the cellar. Then again, creaky hinges are definitely something to squeak about as well!

3. Last of all, think of how your door can increase your cellar’s aesthetic value.

A functional wine cellar door CAN be a gorgeous one! WCI has a fine selection of beautifully crafted semi-custom wine cellar doors as well as fully customized ones as well. Apart from helping your cellar stay carefully sealed, our doors are really eye-candy. The unique and inviting designs enhance the natural elegance of your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture. Here are just some of the fab choices you can browse through:

So go on and “open” wonderful tasting opportunities for family, friends, and fellow connoisseurs today by picking up the right wine cellar door at WCI! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #134: Glam It Up With Glass-Enclosed Living Spaces With A Modern Twist

May 21st, 2013

Hi ho, hi ho! It’s off to another Tech Tuesday project we go! We’re featuring another fab glass-enclosed living space for everyone today and are we totally hyped:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #232165
Wood: Gold/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 0
Where: Longwood, FL

WCI has done a ton of these glass-enclosed projects simply because it’s one of the most in demand wine cellar designs. Naturally, it’s not without good reason. Anything utilizing glass elements exudes a sophisticated and timeless charm. And in this case, combining glass with one of our best custom wine racking lines is a sure recipe for sheer gorgeousness.

One of the focal points of this wine cellar is its super funky lighting set-up. You can see from the images how it’s rigged to change several hues to create a medley of moods. It’s certainly not the usual lighting system used in standard wine cellars, but it’s a fresh and equally tasteful take on modern elegance. Of course, this is where the glass panels become an absolutely perfect choice because they can facilitate the creation of different looks for any wine cellar even if you basically use the same materials.

Now for this project, wood wine racks and decorative floor tiling were the major materials used. Notice the semi-elaborate floor design and how everything still manages to come together without one decorative element overwhelming the other. The secret here is creating a balance between and among the materials. For example, the Gold Series custom wine racks in unstained Premium Redwood were chosen to create a simple and solid racking assembly. An unstained version of the wood is a very good decision because in this case, the racks are accentuated by the lighting, flooring, and the glass panels and not drowned out by the same.

There is no compromising in terms of quality here, either. Let’s take these glass panels as the best example. WCI manufactures glass-enclosed living spaces from 1/2-inch thick panes which are joined using a clear silicone bead for a seamless connection. The result is a fully insulated wine cellar which keeps every bottle under ideal storage conditions. In addition, WCI provides top-notch professional installation and assembly services with a fantastic guarantee in terms of both labor and materials.

So do you think that a glass-enclosed living space such as this deliciously fab creation is in your wine cellar goals in the near future? Don’t just sit there and wait it out! Talk to an experienced WCI design consultant today and take the first necessary steps to achieving your dream wine cellars. Remember, consultation services are 100% free! *Cheers*

The Beauty In “Bulk”

May 20th, 2013

Bulk storage may not be a common problem for residential wine cellars, but it certainly is a constant one for commercial wine establishments. More often than not, these wine and other liquor stores would just stash their merchandise without giving a second thought to their appearance on the racks or displays. As a result, their selling point is greatly diminished. But that’s not all. The more important consideration here would be the safe storage of those loose bottles since they’re being stored in bulk. That’s why it’s highly recommended to choose the right kind of racks which can accommodate your merchandise but at the same time, showcase them in an appealing manner as well.

We provide the needed solutions!

Now when it comes to providing the most appropriate racking remedies to your loose bottles, WCI has all the bases covered. We have an extensive selection of bulk bottle storage options which can allow you to store bottles, bins, cases, and boxes in a most secure way. In addition, we have designed these bulk storage racks to be eye-catching as well which means you can still get away with a stylish racking assembly despite all that “bulk.” Here are some of the more popular choices:

These bulk storage racks are actually available in single and double deep options as well. Moreover, you’re assured of super safe storage thanks to 1×2 supports recessed into dadoed side supports, eased edge front posts, and CNC machined spacer bars. Plus, with the flexible configurations, you can easily combine them with your existing racking assembly, especially with racks coming from WCI’s wine rack kits and custom lines.

And all fully customizable, too!

Apart from the above-enumerated selections, WCI also carries a fab collection of Diamond Wine Racks which can be utilized for bulk storage as well. Diamond racks and bins are one of the most stylish ways of storing more and more bottles. It gives your entire set-up a nice artistic touch while providing more space for additional stocks, more than you could have expected! Additionally, these Diamond Wine Racks as well as the other bulk bottle storage options can be further customized to suit the design preference of the proprietor and make them match any existing store décor. For example, you can pick out various wood choices, dress them up in custom stains and finishes, and add custom moldings as well.

So why should you go cluttering up your stores with more merchandise when you can still do things the fab way! Visit our online store now and chat with a design specialist for gorgeous bulk bottle storage options. ^_^

Toasting Happy Clients With Their Completed Wine Cellar

May 16th, 2013

A toast to Testimonial Thursdays! We hope you guys are loving this segment in our blog as much as we do. After all, nothing can make us happy as much as seeing and hearing from happy and contented customers. Today, we’re featuring this handsome wine tasting center our design specialists tailored for George and Michelle Dobbel.

Check out this super spacious wine racking assembly. It’s WCI’s Open Diamond Bins in All-Heart Redwood as well as our flexible wine displays. Notice that the Diamond Bins can easily store over  dozen bottles in each cube and there’s even enough space on top for your cases and boxes. Also, check out how the wine displays are able to hold bottles in different size formats. The clients have a fair number of magnums and champagne in their collection so this racking assembly answered to that need perfectly!

Now here’s a shot of the client’s home bar. We love how the bold finish made the tabletop and hardware stand out in such a prominent way.  WCI’s specialists duplicated that luxurious appeal by dressing up the racks in dark stain. Hence, the grain patterns of All-Heart Redwood were further accentuated. It’s worthy to note that with the Redwood specie, you can’t go wrong with either a stained or unstained version. The wood’s natural colors are gorgeous enough. But if you want to match your racks with your cellar’s existing interior or with our existing furniture, then custom stains and finishes are the best way to go like what was done with this project.

So what did George and Michelle have to say about the final results?

“Your company designed and built the racks for our Wine Cellar through Wine Enthusiast late last year.  It took us a while to complete the job and now we are done.  We are thrilled with the quality and look of the racks.  We used heart redwood with the dark stain.  I couldn’t believe how many boxes arrived when they were delivered and only one part was missing;  to my surprise, the part (a wood trip piece) was made, stained and Federal Expressed to me within a few days directly from your location;  terrific customer service!

Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Enjoy the pictures, you were a big part of making it happen.”

Well, we couldn’t be happier ourselves! Looks like it’s another job well done and a very satisfied customer to add to our list. Each glowing testimonial is a feather on our cap and this makes us want to go the extra mile with each and every wine cellar project we undertake. So if you’re starting on yours, allow us to give you a hand. For sure, it’ll be our pleasure and yours, too! ^_^


How To Maximize Space In Your Wine Cellar

May 15th, 2013

It seems like we can never talk enough about how we can create more space in our wine cellars. That’s because it’s not only a common problem but it’s a constant one as well. Even commercial wine establishments run across this problem despite all the initial planning for their store’s floor space. So how can you come up with more storage space without having to undergo full-blown renovation? Here are a few clever ideas that can definitely help you out!

1. Consider metal storage racks.


Metal commercial wine racks are one of the most space-efficient solutions to wine cellar space dilemmas. Here at WCI, we have the Vintage View collection to answer to such storage needs. Vintage View wine racks can actually be utilized for both residential and commercial wine cellars, particularly the most recent addition – the Evolution Series. These metal storage racks can be stacked or wall-mounted, depending on the need for space. Additionally, WCI also has a separate line of metal commercial racks, including custom-built ones, to specifically answer to provide storage solutions to wine stores:

2. Invest in multi-functional tasting tables.


Instead of just a tasting table that can provide you with some working space, try replacing your old one with one that do double-duty. WCI sports a healthy selection of functional and very attractive wine tasting tables that can also let you store dozens of bottles. You can even choose from individual or bulk bottle storage options. Plus, the spacious tabletops can allow you to display your choice glassware as well.

3. Discover the functionality of commercial gondola shelves.


This is one of the newest lines we’ve launched for our line of commercial wine racks and displays this year. Commercial gondola shelves are super practical and come in so many varieties. The semi-custom designs are wonderfully eye-candy while the flexible configurations enable you to mix and match them with each other and with your existing wine racking assembly. Now you can store hundreds more bottles by just adding two, three, or more of these shelves to your establishment.

4. Trim corners with curved corner racks.


Sometimes, we fail to realize just how much floor space is being wasted just because we don’t know what to do with all those stubborn sharp corners, nooks, and crannies in our wine cellars. But with the right kind of racks, they can still be transformed into valuable storage space. That’s why WCI has come up with a line of semi-custom as well as custom curved corner racks which can enable your wine racking assembly to span the length of your cellar smoothly, effectively trimming those corners. The Platinum Series, in particular, hosts a wide selection of such racking options:

And these are not the only space-saving solutions we can offer you! Just get in touch with a WCI design consultant today and see how we can literally make it all fit for you and your wine cellars. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #133: Uniqueness In Simplicity With The Platinum Series And Unstained All-Heart Redwood

May 14th, 2013

Hey there, Tech Tuesday fans! How did your Mother’s Day weekend celebration go? It may be a little late for a Mother’s Day gift inspiration, but today’s episode features a bevy of wine racking products which your wine-loving mom or any wine lover in your family will surely adore:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 233881
Wood: Platinum/All-Heart Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 533
Where: Mount Kisco, NY

This project is all about simplicity, space-efficiency, and understated elegance in a wine cellar. You can say it’s basically the stuff that most moms (or parents in general!) would love. So if you plan ahead for that next special occasion, this would definitely make for a fabulous gift idea, particularly if your giftee is someone who treasures his or her wine collection just like you ^_^.

While this is not an actual, full-blown wine room but more of a wine tasting center, the racking assembly can still hold over 500 bottles in a variety of storage options. The secret to this amazing flexibility is in the type of custom racking utilized. This is where the Platinum Series really lives up to its name as WCI’s top-of-the line product, providing extensive storage options all in full-depth style. But the great thing about the Platinum Series is that it’s pretty reasonably priced, considering the quality of the racks and custom features they sport such as beveled rails and eased edges.

So here you can actually see the reflection of such variety in the compact racking system consisting of individual bottle storage, Diamond Bins, wine displays, and Quarter Round Shelf Cabinet. Moreover, the design consultants for this project chose unstained All-Heart Redwood as the main material to work with which served to enhance the superb craftsmanship of the racks even more. It goes without saying that All-Heart Redwood is one of the best wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. But the unstained version of the wood has recently become more popular because it reflects a timeless appeal and allows one to appreciate the fine qualities of the Redwood specie even more.

For those who are just starting out with their collection or those who are not yet ready to spring for a bigger, more ambitious wine cellar project, something like this can definitely make for perfect compromise. This wine tasting center fits squarely within the budget, is practical without being too ordinary, and a total space saver to boot. Learn more about the specific products utilized in this project by subscribing to our mailing list today and following us on Twitter and Facebook. *Cheers*

A Touch Of Quaint Artistry With The MosaicTabletop

May 13th, 2013

Top of the week to our wine cellar buddies out there! We’ve got something quite special for you guys today. Now remember how we love to talk from time to time about how the right kind of accessories can really liven up the look of any wine cellar. Well, it’s quite lucky that we actually have a completed project that is a perfect example of this concept!

Check out this quaint, compact wine room we designed for one of our clients. He initially purchased some individual bottle storage racks from the Designer Series wine racks kit as well as a wine display to hold the larger-sized bottles. But additionally, the client also requested for a custom tabletop to give him some space to prepare his drinks as well as provide a place for some bric-a-bracs.

Needless to say, our design specialists rose to the occasion and came up with this lovely mosaic creation. You can see that the mosaic design goes extremely well with the vintage and eclectic decors. Note that these mosaic pieces are entirely hand-crafted which makes every product such as this tabletop highly unique and a true masterpiece.

Basically, mosaic products are culled from a blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles. But as far as tabletops are concerned, they are formed from hand-cut pieces of stained glass that form a vibrant, colorful design. Moreover, Antique Fine China and Porcelain tile pieces are also used on certain designs such as TTM4. You can choose from several existing design templates available in the WCI online store or you can actually request for your very own design. However, take note that this will require some time to finish on the part of WCI’s artists, especially when high-detail work will be involved.

It’s also good to keep in mind that mosaics are very flexible and can also be utilized for wall art for your wine cellars. They are absolutely attractive and durable to boot. WCI usually adds a protective glaze for mosaic flooring and a clear gloss for mosaic tabletops. Hence, the design is preserved for a very long period of time and the colors don’t lose their vibrance unlike ordinary paintings or murals. Want this beautiful tabletop for your wine cellar project as well? Then just get in touch with our specialists or simply fill out the design request form now! ^_^

Kerbis Channels Authentic Elegance In Premium Redwood And Classic Mahogany Stain

May 9th, 2013

How would you define an elegant wine cellar? Must it be one that has flawless racking symmetry? Or is it one that exudes a polished overall design? Or perhaps it’s one with a vintagey appeal that reeks of a timeless charm. Well, if we delve into the technical definition of  “elegance,” we’ll come to find that all these concepts are pretty much accurate. After all, elegance is, in its most basic definition, a representation of refinement, grace, or tasteful opulence in form, decoration or presentation. Translating this into wine cellars, we’ll let today’s Testimonial Thursday feature define that term for us!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 227509
Wood: Gold/Vintner/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 1122
Where: Napa, CA


Now this beauty of a residential project was actually completed in the client’s home in Napa, CA. And when we say Napa, the very first thing that comes to any connoisseur’s mind is definitely, “the wine country.” So it’s only fitting that the cellar should be designed in such a way as to reflect authentic old wine country elegance. In order to achieve this result, WCI’s design specialists worked with the Gold Series custom wine racks in combination with the versatile Vintner wine rack kit.

“We recently relocated to Napa from Chicago. Being huge wine lovers, we have always wanted to build a wine cellar. After exploring our options, we decided to use Wine Cellar Innovations because they were able to provide a complete end to end solution. We worked with Trish Stokes, who helped us with the design and stayed involved throughout the entire process. Trish is very knowledgeable, and made great recommendations that allowed us to leverage standard racking while mixing in some custom components so we could create the wine cellar we wanted while staying within our budget. She also referred us to contractors to install the refrigeration and assemble and install the racking.

As the contractor began assembling the racking, he identified a few missing parts. He took care of ordering replacements, which were quickly shipped to us. It took two very long days for him to put it all together, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The room is gorgeous! The racking is high quality, and the service we’ve received from start to finish has been impeccable. We highly recommend using Wine Cellar innovations.”

~Karen Kerbis~

The initial cellar design consisted of individual bottle storage racks, a standard archway, and Open Vertical Displays for the larger-format bottles. Then, our experienced specialists added in some artistic touches to create a more unique appearance for the wine cellar. So a Circular Display Cabinet with Tabletop for 96 bottles and Vintner’s Quarter Round Shelf cabinet were thrown in, as well as custom LED Downlights and a gorgeous custom wine cellar art from the Classic Moments collection. Specifically, it’s the Mystic Mountain mural mounted into the All-Heart arch which is totally perfect theme for the Spring season.


The wood choice for this project is Premium Redwood. But in order to bring out the wood’s natural pale reddish-gold hues and beautiful grain patterns, the specialists opted to dress the racks up in Classic Mahogany stain. The result is a richer, more luxurious appearance for the wine cellar which reeks elegance in every way.

Needless to say, the client was pleased at the outcome and grateful for the prompt and personalized services provided by WCI’s design consultants. And of course, a happy customer always makes our Thursdays, and for that matter, our entire week a fabulous one. Tune in next week for more design inspirations from our completed projects! ^_^

How To Choose The Right Wine Refrigeration Unit

May 8th, 2013

It goes without saying that having the right wine refrigeration unit installed is indispensable to any kind of wine cellar. It doesn’t matter if you have a residential or commercial wine cellar, a full-blown wine room or just a wine closet or cabinet. It is still imperative that you maintain the ideal storage conditions therein. But of course, achieving total environment control in your wine cellars is not that easy, especially if it’s your very first time to take on a wine cellar project. So how do you go about selecting the most suitable wine refrigeration unit? We just have the tips to help you out!

1. First, consider the location of your wine cellar.

Remember that wine storage initially began in the underground caves of Europe and by convention, the conditions in these caves provided the standard for today’s modern wine cellars. So basically, we’d want our wine cellars to maintain an ideal temperature range of 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. Some areas of the home are not as conducive as the others in bringing about such ideal conditions. For example, the basement is probably one of the best places to build your cellar, although you can always build it anywhere. Nonetheless, if you construct it say in the garage or as a glass-enclosed living space, you’ll need a wine refrigeration unit which can let you maintain proper temperature and humidity levels 24/7. One good choice would be the WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration systems which can create the right storage conditions for just about any type of wine cellar.

2. Second, take into account the size of your wine cellar versus the size of the unit.

These wine refrigeration systems come in so many different shapes and sizes and each one will have its distinct set of features. Some of them may be compact, but they can do a pretty amazing job of cooling an average to moderately expansive wine room. However, there are also those which may appear bulky, but do not pack in that much power, so to speak. You also have to consider whether you’ll be utilizing one with an indoor or an outdoor condenser depending on both the location and size of your cellar. WCI offers a very extensive selection of these units which can answer to any wine storage need, such as CellarPro. CellarPro boasts of a complete line of wine cooling systems for wine cellars up to 2000 cubic feet and all of them are UL certified, too.

3. Third, don’t forget to consider your cellar’s storage capacity.

This is a highly important consideration, particularly for commercial wine establishments. Even if you have a fairly-sized cellar, the wine refrigeration unit you choose must be one which can age all of your bottles stored at a graceful pace. For example, WCI is quite famous for fitting more storage space than anyone would think possible into limited floor areas. Hence, even a wine cellar closet or under stairwell transformation can accommodate hundreds of bottles. But the more bottles you store, then your cooling needs go along with that as well. Wine Guardian is one of the brands WCI carries that is very flexible when it comes to accommodating wine cooling needs, taking into account the cellar’s bottle capacity.

Now here’s something pretty awesome you guys shouldn’t forget! At WCI, we actually offer complimentary wine cooling needs analysis. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll do our best to provide all the right answers to your wine storage needs. So hook up with our experienced consultants today and let your precious bottles have the ideal storage conditions they deserve. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episiode #132: Triple Terrific With The Gold Custom Wine Racks, Vintner, And Traditional Redwood

May 7th, 2013

 It’s the merry, merry month of May! Did any of you guys celebrate Cinco de Mayo yesterday? Well, we hope you had a blast! Today’s the first Tech Tuesday for this month and are we pumped up. We’re having a a really sweet and versatile creation featured combining not just two but three different wine racking products from our store. Check this out!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 231537
Wood: Gold/Vintner/Traditional Redwood/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 1701
Where: Sag Harbor, NY

In the last few months, you’ve seen us featuring a couple of projects combining two wine rack kits or a custom wine racking line together with a wine rack kit, like Platinum Series and Vintner, Gold Series and Designer, and so on. But today’s project is one that actually utilizes three different racking elements from the WCI collection: Gold, Vintner, and Traditional Redwood. The result? An assembly that is highly flexible and allows for a refreshing variety in terms of bottle storage options.

Here is a sample shot of the racks up close. You have your standard Individual Bottle Columns with wine displays, rectangular bins, and a Mini Quarter Round Shelf cabinet as well as Quarter Round Shelf Cabinet mixed in. That means apart from your bottles, you have space for storing bins and cases as well as for displaying your choice glassware and other accessories. Some are even more innovative and decorate the Quarter Round Shelf with freshly picked flowers, bowls of fruit, or glass miniatures for a really fancy ambiance.

Open Diamond Bins were also incorporated for purposes of bulk bottle storage. For the record, diamond racks are one of the most practical yet stylish ways for you to store loose bottles. They work with almost any type of wine racking assembly and can be further customized with face trim for a more polished appearance. Needless to say, it’s one of the most popular racking models we have out there!

Now notice that the wood is pretty bare, with no stains, custom finishes, or lacquer to dress it up. More and more wine cellar projects are going with these unstained versions which has a ton of advantages as well. For one, the natural color of the wood, in this case Premium Redwood, is showcased to maximum advantage. For another, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the stain or finish to dry before you can actually use the racks. Of course, the latter is not that much of an issue with WCI since we utilize only water-based stains, lacquers, and finishes which dry up super fast and are eco-friendly to boot.

So how did today’s episode rate in your book? We welcome comments, suggestions, and whatever wine cellar ideas you may be willing to share! Feel free to chat with us and let us know your thoughts. Also, if you haven’t subscribed to our mailing list yet, do it now in order to get first dibs on new product announcements, project launches, deep discounts, and more. See you all next week! *Cheers*

Create And Innovate With WCI’s Commercial Design Services

May 6th, 2013

It’s the first Monday of the merry month of May! How’re things in your wine cellars, fellow wine lovers? Now we’ve been talking a lot about the wine racking products here at WCI, from our regular blog posts down to our TechTuesdays and How To Wednesdays. But as you may have noticed, a lot of them talk of constructing custom residential wine cellars, with some commercial projects thrown every now and then, especially in our Testiominal Thursdays. But how exactly can one secure the necessary commercial wine cellar design services, like for a store or restaurant? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you guys today, so read on!

Experienced design specialists at your beck and call!

Whether you’re going to start on your commercial wine cellar project or you’re planning on revamping your store’s old layout, the first thing you need to know is how to get in touch with our commercial design specialists here at WCI. It’s easy peasy, considering that we offer two ways for you to do this. The first is clicking on the Live Chat feature on our website so you can begin asking preliminary questions on the custom commercial design process. Nonetheless, this feature is quite limited, particularly if you already have some specific design and construction concepts in mind. So what you just have to do to get the ball rolling is click on our Design Request form and share your room dimensions with us, along with some other valuable information pertaining to your wine storage needs. Our specialists will then be able to draw up a wine storage plan layout for your store or restaurant, all for free! Roughly, here are the benefits you can get from this service:

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or email consultation.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required).
  • Quotation on all Custom Cellar Products.
  • Quotation on Custom Installation.
  • Wine Cellar construction guide.
  • Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request).
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized selection of optional cellar amenities.
  • All postage costs involved with the design of your custom wine cellar.

Simple, fast, and cost-effective financing options!

Now once you’ve mapped out your store’s design, it’s time to actually realize that concept. This is where commercial wine cellar proprietors will come to fully appreciate the extent of customer service being provided by WCI. We actually provide several financing options which can help you bring about a spanking new look to your establishment without you having to worry about being unable to meet the construction costs and other fees. You can have your store remodeled today and pay for everything in easy, affordable installments. Finance terms can extend up to 60 months and there are even no financials required at all! How awesome can that get?

Take note that the summer season is fast approaching and it’ll surely be one of the busiest wine seasons of the year. Whip your store or restaurant into shape and create and innovate today with the help of WCI’s commercial design packages. ^_^

Designer And Vintner Combo Equals Contemporary Coolness!

May 2nd, 2013

It’s Testimonial Thursday! Hey there, wine buddies! Did you guys miss this segment in our blog? We apologize for the short downtime, but we had a ton of projects to complete and we also waited a bit for the clients to pop out some photos of their newly-installed wine cellars. So definitely, expect that there’ll be more Testimonial Thursdays to come in the next few months ^_^.

And now let’s check out today’s feature. It’s a super unique wine room with an art-decoish feel. We are so in love with the vibrant tones of the existing interior that really played up the unstained beauty of Premium Redwood. Basically, the design specialists for this project worked with a combination of the Designer Series and the Vintner Series wine rack kits. Hence, you can see from these photos that the wine racking assembly is quite stylish and supremely eye-candy.

Premium Redwood Wine Racks
Vintner’s Individual 3 and 4-column bottle racks were mixed and matched with the 1 and 2-column Individual Bottle Storage racks with displays from the Designer Series to create a spacious racking system. Then, Open Diamond Cubes, Rectangular Bin and Case Storage, as well as curved corner racks were added in for a more dramatic and contemporary effect. That’s the huge advantage of working with WCI racking products which are generally configured in such a way that you can easily combine them with new or existing racks and other wine cellar furniture.

Designer and Vintner Combination
Here’s a great shot showcasing the versatility of the wine storage options of the cellar. Notice how smooth the transition is from floor to ceiling as well as from one wine racking unit to the other. Also, notice how the custom lighting has illuminated the bottles on display, increasing their aesthetic appeal. Speaking of custom wine cellar lighting, this is one of the best ways to change up the look of your wine cellar without having to spend a fortune. Check out this How To Wednesday episode we did precisely on this particular topic! Plus, don’t forget to browse this section of the WCI website for a complete description of our awesome wine cellar lighting packages.

WineZone Units

This wine cellar project has a relatively limited floor space. Consequently, it also needs the right-sized wine refrigeration unit. This is where you guys will certainly appreciate WCI’s free consultation services, especially when it comes to choosing the most appropriate wine refrigeration solutions. We even offer a free BTU analysis in addition to extended time warranties, such as on our WineZone units.

“Thought you would appreciate the final product! I think it came our great. Thanks for all your help!” ~Eric Walsh~

Our response to that? “The pleasure was 100% all ours, Eric!”

 Catch you guys next Testimonial Thursday ^_^.

How To Boost Wine Sales

May 1st, 2013

Hello, May! It’s the first How To Wednesday for this month and what’s more, we’re officially beginning the countdown to the warm and lovely summer months. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? Well, since summer is just around the corner, there’s bound to be a huge demand for – what else? Summer wine and other refreshing beverages to help us beat the summer heat. So expect your stores to be busy in the weeks to come. This is actually a golden opportunity for proprietors to boost those wine sales. With a few minor changes and additions to your establishment, you can help bustling customers find exactly what they want AND keep them coming back for more!

1. One, closely observe and do a rough inventory of the most popular merchandise.

This is of course, quite an elementary tip for just about any establishment, whether it’s selling wine or any other product. But when you run a commercial wine store, this becomes an even more necessary activity. You must closely monitor the growth of your merchandise and use the results thereof to maximum advantage. That’s because you can properly strategize how to boost your sales if you know which labels and vintages are more popular, which ones need more marketing, which ones need to be repackaged, and so on.

2. Two, utilize racks and displays that can showcase your products more efficiently.


You can find commercial wine racks and displays anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they can bring out the best results. Keep in mind that your target is to help catch the eye of customers and draw them to your best-sellers the moment they set foot on your store. In other words, you want them to be able to locate stuff easily and not have to spend hours ogling bottles and end up buying nothing by the end of the day. Here are some highly recommended picks:

  1. Island Wine Display
  2. Circular Wine Merchandiser
  3. Triple Tier Island Wine Display
  4. Circular Wine Carousel

In addition, some accessories are quite effective in shining the spotlight on your merchandise, especially those which are one sale or are up for grabs:

  1. Island Sign Caddy with Glass Insert
  2. Island Sign Caddy with Cardboard Insert
  3. Wine Bottle Tags

3. Three, create a desirable environment for your patrons to browse through your wares.

This simply means making your store more accessible, attractive, and welcoming to your loyal patrons and new clients alike. For example, try to check if some of your racks are already a bit old and moldy and replace them ASAP! If you’re going to refurbish them, utilize water-based stains instead of oil-based ones. That way, you won’t have that offensive, lingering smell shrouding your store for days or weeks on end. Oil-based stains have higher VOCs which are toxic and dangerous to the health of your customers (and yours as well!). Also, make sure your racks and displays have vinyl bases so that your bottles are kept super safe even on your busiest days. The vinyl base can help keep customers from kicking stuff stored at the bottom of the racks. You can also equip some racks or displays with casters so they’re easier to move around, particularly if you need more space during peak seasons.

And these are not all! If you think you need more tips to improve your commercial wine establishment, all you need to do is check out our commercial design services. Our talented and innovative design team is always ready to bring out your store’s full potential. ^_^