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Eco-Friendly Ways To Gorgeous Wine Cellars

April 29th, 2013

Staining your wine racks, furniture, and other wine cellar accessories is certainly one of the best ways to give them various different looks without having to undergo a major revamp. Depending on the kind of custom stain and finish option you choose, your wine cellar can go from simple to luxurious, vintage to modern, subdued to bold, and so much more.

However, most of us generally use oil-based stains, finishes, and lacquers because they seem to the more common ones. But we have to bear in mind that they are not exactly the most environmentally friendly options. That’s why at WCI, we strive to make our options as clean and green as possible. After all, eco-friendly products benefit not just Mother Nature but our health and wellness as well. Let’s take these stains, finishes, and lacquers as an example.

Water-borne, clean and green solutions!

Now here at WCI, we’re proud to declare that we’ve gone several steps ahead in incorporating the “clean and green” campaign into most of our products. In terms of our custom stains, finishes, and lacquers for wine racks, furniture, and other wine cellar accessories, we utilize only water-based ones. These water-based products are a direct result of WCI’s consultation from the EPA to eliminate all solvent based stains and finishes from the manufacturing process. Hence, the result is healthier products that promote not just the health of our planet, but ours and our wines of course!

There is also more to these water-based stains, finishes, and lacquers than just their eco-friendly feature. They also sport a bevy of advantages over their oil counterparts:

  • Water-based products are more UV resistant than solvent products that will get hazy and lose their color clarity.
  • Since water-based products are mainly composed of water, they dry faster compared to oil-based ones. This means multiple coats can be applied in the same time it would take a single coat of oil-base product to dry.
  • Water-based stains are easier to control because they penetrate deep into the grain of the wood giving a richer finish with only a single coat. That means the natural grain patterns of the wood can be better accentuated.
  • It’s so much easier and not to mention healthier to clean up water-based stains and top coats. You don’t need to use potent and toxic solvents. Soap and water can do the job in a jiffy!

But perhaps the most significant advantage of water-based products over oil-based ones is the fact that they contain minimal VOCs or “volatile organic compounds.” VOCs are potentially dangerous, not just to the environment but to one’s health as well. Some of them are carcinogenic and neurotoxic and frequent or longer exposure to these compounds can cause headaches, nausea, seizures, difficulty in breathing, and even death. Moreover, oil-based products which typically contain 6 times the VOCs as that in water-based ones are also potential fire dangers. Since they take a longer time to cure, the risks involved in the exposure are higher.

So if ever you desire to “dress up” your custom wine cellar project with stains, finishes, or lacquers, do it the WCI way: water-based, gorgeous, and 100% clean and green!