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Technical Tuesday Episode #130: One-Of-A-Kind Wine Tasting Center With Rustic Pine In Midnight Black Stain

April 23rd, 2013

How’s your week going so far, wine cellar buddies? It’s of course, another exciting Tech Tuesday episode for all of us, so that’s really something to look forward to. Today’s episode features some very unique combinations in terms of materials, accessories, and what-not. Let’s check it out!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 234175
Wood: Vintner/Rustic Pine
Maximum Capacity: 282
Where: Fort Thomas KY

This time around, we’re featuring a wine tasting station instead of an actual room or cellar. This is in response to the need of a good number of collectors who either don’t have enough floor space in their homes or who may not be financially prepared to undergo a full blown-project.
Now the main material used for this project is none other than gorgeous Rustic Pine. While it’s not used in as many projects as Redwood, this is one wood choice which we feel deserves the spotlight a little bit more. In general, it is sought after by those who wish to achieve a rustic architectural appearance for their wine racking assembly. The soft creamy color accentuated by subtle streaks and structurally sound knows is responsible for the wood’s innate vintage charm.
It’s not just all about the appearance either. Rustic Pine is also highly durable and what’s more, it offers the best value by price per bottle space. Rustic Pine racks and other wine cellar accessories not as expensive to manufacture because the wood is a grade that includes knots which give a bigger yield and lower cost than a clear grade of wood.
In addition, it retains custom stains and finish options really well which allows for extensive flexibility in terms of creating various looks for your wine racks. With this Tech Tuesday feature, for example, Midnight Black Stain was utilized for a bolder appeal. Note how the wine racking system stands out more with its luxurious color and polished facade.
Also, it’s worthy to mention that this room has a pretty average ceiling height and as far as wine racking is concerned, it’s certainly not that spacious. The remedy? Utilizing the 3-feet racking options from the Vintner Series wine rack kit! Remember that when it comes to flexible floor-to-ceiling configurations, Vintner is definitely second to none. With the addition of 3- and 4-feet height options, the kit can accommodate almost any ceiling height, whether it’s squeezing things in or spreading them out. Vintner is always up to the challenge!
So that wraps up another creative episode for this month. Only one more to go for the month of April. What inspiring stuff would you guys want to see next? Leave a comment below to give us the heads-up! Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list for the latest product updates and hot deals. ^_^