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How And Why To Build A Wine Cellar by Richard Gold (a book review)

April 18th, 2013

Books are still one of the best sources of information for just about any kind of topic. We’re quite lucky that these days, there are more advanced ways to access great reading material instead of just buying the book you want. At times, it can be difficult to grab a copy, especially if it’s a hot one! But nowadays, you can actually pre-order your copies or better yet, purchase an e-book. So if you’re like some of our site guests with a few or so tricky questions on wine cellar construction, How And Why To Build A Wine Cellar by Richard Gold is the book to turn to.

What’s it all about?

Well basically, the title already lets everyone know the main subject of the book. However, there’s more to it that just general information on wine cellar construction. After all, you can find such information in a number of other sources as well. The earlier editions of the book focus much on classic naturally air-conditioned wine-cellar construction guide. That means creating ideal storage conditions for residential and even commercial wine cellar projects. That would include tackling issues on how far below ground does a wine cellar need to be to achieve the proper temperature and humidity levels.

But the latest revised edition (fourth edition) goes even further and discusses problems of modern wine collectors in terms of tackling wine cellar projects.

These would include DIY tips on wine cellar construction, particularly for those who do not have the budget for massive or custom renovations. There are now three major sections of the book, with each section discussing in detail the steps on how to build a wine cellar with all the essential elements. For example, section one begins with how to plan for optimum humidity and temperature with a discussion on the best positioning. There are also several key points discussed in terms of correct wine cellar insulation.

For section two, you actually get detailed diagrams and other illustrations on every level and aspect of the construction. You’ll also find practical step-by-step instructions on how you can go about building wine racks, storage bins, and other similar wine cellar furniture and accessories. Lastly, you have section three which covers the art and science of
selecting, recording, tracking and enjoying your wines at their peak performance. For wine connoisseurs who are concerned enough about letting their prized collection achieve perfect taste conditions, you’ll find this book totally worth your twenty bucks. Check it out online today and you’ll probably be saving nearly ten dollars and possibly get free shipping, too.

Watch out for more of our wine cellar and wine-related book and article reviews on the blog soon! ^_^.