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Technical Tuesday Episode #129: Simple Yet Unforgettable Elegance With Unstained All-Heart Redwood

April 16th, 2013

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”

~Habeeb Akande~

Hey there, Tech Tuesday fans! Here’s some really great food for thought to be chewing on as the week is getting started. Isn’t it that most of us year for truly elegant wine cellars? Well if that’s our goal, then this is a nice little tip we should keep in mind. Building an elegant wine cellar doesn’t mean it has to be ostentatious. Oftentimes, understated elegance is the key to an appealing an unforgettable creation. Let’s let today’s episode show us how:
What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 222626
Wood: Platinum/Vintner/Designer/All-Heart Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 486
Where: Fishers, IN
Today’s project features a fairly simple racking configuration at first glance. Nonetheless, if you check it out carefully, you’ll come to see just how beautifully seamless the wine racking assembly is. This project is a perfect example of elegance being found in the simplest of designs. The focus is on the exemplary craftsmanship, the flawless symmetry, and the superb quality of the materials used.
There are actually three different racking options utilized in this wine cellar straight from the WCI store: the Platinum Series custom wine racks, and the Vintner and Designer wine rack kits. In particular, the design specialists put together standard individual bottle wine racks, a couple of wine displays for bulk storage, including boxes and bins, and a Quarter Round Shelf. A standard archway was also added, accentuated by custom LED lighting options.
Up close, you can see how neat and perfectly proportioned the racking system is. This is all thanks to the flexible configurations of the racks from the various series which can be easily mixed and matched to result in a seamless arrangement. Notice how the lighting elements have nicely highlighted the displays to create a bit of a sultry mood for the wine cellar. The right accessories can do it every time! By playing around with the wood choice, lighting, stain and finish options, decorative accents, and more, you can have so many different unique looks for your project.
Now in this case, the client opted for unstained wooden wine racks made from All-Heart Redwood. This is one of the reasons why the racking assembly may appear quite simple at the beginning. But as you take a closer and longer look, you’ll come to appreciate just how much beauty there is in such understated elegance. In other words, the impact the unstained wood creates is long-lasting.

Speaking of unstained All-Heart Redwood, one of the most distinctive features of this wood specie is its gorgeous reddish brown tones which takes on a deeper and more luxurious shade as the wood ages. And it’s not just the color! The Redwood specie is a highly popular choice for custom wine cellar projects because it has much resistance to rot, mildew, and insects. The wood is not hampered by time but in fact, this only serves to increase its durability. Check out this sample that was buried for 2,000 years but is still as good as any newly crafted Redwood product in your wine cellar.

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” There’s certainly a load of truth in that and today’s feature is a fine example of simple yet unforgettable elegance. See you guys next Tuesday and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our How To Wednesday episode. *Cheers*