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Wine Refrigeration: Common Issues and Repairs

April 12th, 2013

Wine refrigeration is critical to the taste, flavors, and aroma of fine wines. They are specialized refrigerators that offer incredibly consistent temperature control and storage capabilities. Whether you have a wine shop, run a fine restaurant, or even enjoy entertaining friends and family with your wine collection at home, you rely on your wine refrigerator to retain the value of your excellent tasting wine. Make sure you protect your investment by hiring only professional wine refrigerator repair and maintenance experts. If your wine is suffering from poor refrigeration, it may make more financial sense to replace your current equipment.

Here are a few common problems with wine coolers that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Thermostat. Temperature is certainly on the minds of those who enjoy wine. High temperatures can cause a wine to mature too early, and ruin the taste; low temperatures can ruin the flavor of wines. Most experts agree that the ideal storage temperature for red wine is somewhere between 50° and 60° Fahrenheit, although white wines can handle cooler temperatures, as low as 45° F. The thermostat on your wine cooler is therefore incredibly important for maintaining the flavor and aroma of your wine collection, and protecting your investment. The thermostat should always be properly calibrated.
  • Door gasket. As with your regular refrigerator, your door gasket is of paramount importance. Without a tight seal, the refrigerant cycle cannot properly operate. The result can be inadequate cooling, humidity problems, and, most riskily, the loss of your wine storage. Make sure your gasket is working well, and if it’s not sealing the door properly, have it replaced.
  • Noise. If you’re in the business of selling fine wines, then noisy equipment can be a distraction from that crucial sales conversation. Even if you’re tending to your own private collection at home, a noisy wine refrigerator can be annoying, and it often indicates an underlying problem. While you can expect some minor operation sounds coming from your wine refrigerator, excessive noises can indicate electrical and mechanical problems to do with the compressor, the flow of refrigerant, and even a damaged power supply.

These are just a handful of wine cooler problems that may affect your wine refrigeration equipment. It’s important that you consult with a professional if you are concerned about the health of your wine.

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