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How To Organize A Wine Cellar

April 10th, 2013

Organizing your wine cellar may seem like a no-brainer until you actually get around to doing it. If it’s your very first time, you’ll find that there’s more to it than just buying bottles and storing them in your racks. Not only would this cause you a lot of headache in the near future when you’re trying to locate specific brands or vintages, but it’s definitely not a pleasing sight to look at. Plus, if you’ve invested in a custom wine cellar, it makes perfect sense to organize your wines carefully so as to maximize both the practical and aesthetic uses of the same. So today, we’re bringing in some essential tips that can help you get your wine cellars in tip-top shape!

1. First, make a rough inventory of the bottles you accumulate each year and classify them.

This is perhaps the most practical step you can take towards maximizing the storage space in your cellar and ensuring that your collection is kept in harmonious order. Think about your drinking habits or how often you throw those wine tasting parties and such. How many bottles do you accumulate in a year’s time? If you have a rough estimate, then you can move to classifying the types of wines you usually buy. You can start with generic classifications such as red, white, rose, dessert, and sparkling. This way, you can allocate the needed space for each category.

2. Second, consider the sizes of the bottles you usually collect

More often than not, wine enthusiasts will have more standard-sized bottles over anything else. Nonetheless, there are also those who also accumulate larger-format ones, like magnums and champagne. Plus, if you also buy other spirits and specialty drinks, you’ll need to find proper space for them in your cellar. It wouldn’t do to just place them randomly along with your wine collection, especially if you have a pretty extensive one. You’ll be wasting so much time and effort trying to locate them during those times when you’d want to serve them at dinner or to your guests.

3. Third, make good use of bottle tags!

Bottle tags are definitely one of the best ways to keep any wine cellar organized, whether it’s a residential or commercial one. But don’t just buy any type. Try to choose bottle tags which don’t easily tear or slide off from the bottles. The WCI online store sells Wine Bottle Tags made from Mylar with permanent markers to label your wines. You get 50 red wine markers and another 50 for white varieties when you buy a pack at just $16.99. Or, you can also check out the Quake Guardian Bottle Leash which is great for single deep and large champagne bottles. There’s also a Double Leash version for any bottle size over large champagne and double deep racks of any size. Note, however, that the bottle leash can be utilized only with individual bottle storage racks.

If you need more guidance and tips on how to build, design, and organize your wine cellars, don’t forget our wine cellar consultants are always here to help you. We hope you guys learned something from today’s episode and don’t forget to tune in again next How To Wednesday. ^_^