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How To Build A Wine Cellar (The Basics) PART II

February 20th, 2013

Heads up, wine cellar buddies! Here we go with another interesting How To Wednesday. We’re going to pick up from where we left off last week: the basics on how to build a wine cellar. If you need a little refresher or you missed last week’s episode, here’s a little shortcut to help you out ^_^. Now on to part two of this post!

STEP 4: Installing studs and soffits into your new wine cellar.

Studs will have to be installed in order to frame out your wine cellar. It’s especially the case if this will be one that will be started from scratch. In other words, you’re not just renovating an old cellar, but really creating a new construction. Note that you will need to seal your concrete foundation walls before actually putting in the studs. This will bring about additional insulation to your cellar which is a very cost-efficient move. Moreover, you will also have to install soffits in order to cover the ducting, piping and other similar obstructions.

STEP 5: Choose the material for your floors, walls, and ceilings.

A lot of newbies tend to take these essential aspects for granted. But when it comes to wine cellar construction, you definitely cannot be meticulous enough when it comes to the right materials for your cellar’s floors, walls, and ceilings. That’s because you have to make sure that they will be durable enough and in particular, have sufficient resistance to the high humidity conditions in your wine cellar. WCI actually offers plenty of options as far as this aspect is concerned. One of our more popular choices is our Vintage Wine Barrel and Cooperage and Cork floorings. Both are cost-effective and super eco-friendly! As for the ceilings, our tongue-and-groove design is one of our best-sellers.

STEP 5: Install your wine cellar door.

Contrary to popular notion, your wine racks are NOT the first things you put inside your wine cellar. They will actually be the second to the last. The last would of course be the finishing touches, like moldings and other decorative accents. So before you move on to that phase, you’ll need to wrap up all the technical considerations. This would include selecting and installing your wine cellar door. Now a wine cellar door actually serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. You will need it to be able to maintain an environment of 55°-58° F and 55-75% humidity levels. Thus, your wine cellar door must be an exterior grade door sealed on three sides with weather-stripping. Plus, the bottom must be with a threshold and door sweep. However, it must also be attractive enough to adorn your entryway with A-class style. THIS is exactly what WCI offers with our delicious selection of wine cellar doors and entryways.

STEP 6: Check in with the experts!

It doesn’t matter which stage of the construction process you’re in. It’s never too late to call in a professional for help! Of course, it’s highly recommended to do this while still in the planning stage so that you’ll get the results you really want. But it’s also better to secure professional help the moment you feel uncertainties creeping in. That’s why at WCI, we make things even more convenient for all wine cellar lovers by providing free consultation services with free 2-D design. This way, you’ll really start things off on the right foot with you custom wine cellar project.

Next week, we’ll be talking about building wine cellars in SPECIFIC locations in the home. So subscribe to our mailing list and bookmark this blog so you’ll always stay on top of things here at WCI ^_^.