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Technical Tuesday Episode #121: Glass-Enclosed Perfection With The Platinum Series And Unstained All-Heart Redwood

February 19th, 2013

“In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart.”

~ Vera Nazarian ~

In a glass-enclosed wine cellar, everything is also transparent. There is no place to hide imperfections so the latter is totally unacceptable. Fortunately, such a thing doesn’t exist when it’s a WCI project! Today’s Tech Tuesday episode is a fine example of that:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 193606
Wood: Platinum Series/All-Heart Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 455
Where: Galena, OH

This is another beautiful glass-enclosed creation displaying an elegantly crafted wine racking system from the Platinum Series collection. Look at how easy and spacious the set-up is with plenty of floor space left over for possible additions. You can even throw in a tasting table here or some small wine racks for extra storage.

The Platinum Series really stand out when you work it in with glass elements. That’s because the versatility and style of the racks can really be properly showcased. For example, see how one can clearly see the flawless configurations of the Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim and how well they work with the Individual Bottle Storage racks.

Another huge advantage when you’re working with a glass-enclosed wine cellar is that you can also create a mixture of moods with the right lighting system. Here, LED warm white lights were used to enhance the clean-cut elegance of the wine racking assembly. They also accentuate the neutral shades of the marble floors, the walls, and of course, the wood option for the wine racks.

Speaking of the wood option, what was used in this project is Clear All-Heart Redwood in its unstained state. Notice how the wood’s natural pinkish brown tones mesh extremely well with the colors of the walls and floors. This custom wood choice is a top favorite for wine cellar projects, not just because of its attractive hues and grain patterns, but also because of its amazing durability. It’s highly resistant to shrinking, warping, and checking, plus the wood colors becomes richer and more defined as time passes by. All these admirable attributes notwithstanding, you’ll also find that this is a very practical choice since it can provide great value for its mid-range price. Plus, since all Redwood products here at WCI are SFI-certified, this is also a wonderfully eco-friendly option!

So are you also up to undertaking a glass-enclosed wine cellar transformation as well? Then it has to be a polished, flawless one such as this! Don’t worry because our experienced wine cellar specialists are here to help you out every step of the way. Consultation services are one hundred free so you MUST take advantage of them NOW! ^_^