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Waterfall Wine Displays: Bringing An Edge To Your Wine Stores

February 18th, 2013

It’s just another manic Monday, wine cellar fans! Now don’t let those “start of the workweek” blues get to you. There are also lots of things to be happy about Mondays. We’ll give you one good reason today, with this really fab soon-to-be addition to your commercial wine establishments. If you’re an avid Tech Tuesday follower, you would’ve come across this product in a couple of our features. So let’s get more up close and personal with WCI’s gorgeous Waterfall Wine Displays!

A dazzling design…

Instead of sticking to standard-looking racks to showcase your merchandise, now you can have a more stunning way to do this. The Waterfall Wine Display lets your bottles be displayed in an elegant, cascading fashion that’s definitely eye-candy. Think of how stunning your bottles will look like if you arrange them like this:


You also have endless design possibilities with this wine display. You can choose display the bottles according to color or by mixing them up to create a colorful concoction to attract more attention from the customers. The displays also go perfectly with the Curved Corner Wine Displays, allowing you to make a sweeping transition from your wall wine storage pieces. To give things a more finished look, you can add the Waterfall End Cap Display which is actually specifically designed to go with the cascading racks.

…in a functional package!

And it’s not just about the eye-popping appearance of these racks which make them a must-have in your establishments. These prominent displays allow you to store dozens and dozens of your store’s best-selling bottles in safe and comfortable storage. The racks provide full bottle depth coverage at 13 ½” deep with beveled rails and rounded edges for a wonderfully comfy fit. Even if it’s the busiest day in your store, you won’t find the labels tearing off while the bottles are being removed or replaced.

Here’s something even more impressive. Did you know that all commercial wine racks at WCI come
with Vinyl Base options? That also goes true for the Waterfall Wine Displays. With the vinyl base, your racks are elevated off the floor by a good four inches. This keeps the bottles at the bottom of your racks extra safe from being accidentally kicked or dislodged, particularly during those times in the day when store traffic is at its peak. You can choose to have the vinyl applied to the sides of the racks as well, since this is only generally applied to the front base. You also have the option between black or brown vinyl bases.

Plus, with the Vinyl Bases, you can also have casters installed on the racks. Casters are a great way to move your racks around your store without any fuss at all. Think of how more space efficient things can get when you can easily change the location of your racks and displays to accommodate new arrivals. Note that not all racking styles can be compatible for the casters, though. Be sure to check with our wine cellar consultants on this detail.

Give your wine establishments an edge both in style and function and grab these Waterfall Wine Displays today! All WCI racks are proudly made in the USA and crafted from top quality wood choices. ^_^