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Technical Tuesday Episode #120: Regal And Romantic With The Gold Series In Premium Redwood

February 12th, 2013

Two days to go before V-day! How are the preparations going, wine cellar fans? If you’re stumped on ideas, don’t push the panic button just yet. Let’s take a tour of today’s Tech Tuesday episode to give you an inspiration or two. Things can’t get more harmonious than this beautiful combination of the Gold Series in Premium Redwood. And if harmony isn’t the ticket to creating a romantic mood this month of love, we don’t know what is.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 223883
Wood: Gold Series/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 942
Where: Dublin, OH

Now here’s what the client’s place looked like when the wine cellar project was just getting started. The interior is mostly done in nude colors which act as the perfect backdrop to offset the style and symmetry of the wine racking system. For the record, this is a walk-in wine cellar closet which can hold a little over 900 bottles. But you’ll see how the entire set-up looks a lot more spacious than it actually is, with a little more floor space left over for a tasting table or two.

Let’s move on to the wine racks. The Gold Series lives up to its name here, literally and figuratively. Literally, because you can actually sense a “regal” aura even from this compact wine room. Figuratively, because the Gold Series is indeed as amazing as its namesake, function-wise. It can provide for virtually all kinds of storage solutions, despite the limited space one has to work with. You can see from these images how the individual and bulk storage racks balance each other out. Plus, there’s plenty of space for the wine displays and shelves to accommodate larger-format bottles as well as cardboard boxes, bins, and cases.

Check out the beautiful, golden brown tones of the racks. This is Premium Redwood coated in luxurious Dark Walnut stain. We love how the colors blend into each other: bright golden tones on the upper racking sections to deeper burnt shades at the bottom. It gives off a sultry, romantic feel which is definitely a thumbs-up for the month of hearts! Of course, we have to thank the incorporation of custom LED warm white lights for the harmonious transition of the colors. The right wine cellar lighting package can really work wonders in terms of turning out a variety of moods in your wine cellar.

Of course, let’s not forget the wine cooling unit for this project! After all, a wine cellar transformation would never be complete unless the suitable cooling unit is chosen and properly installed. Here, we have the ever popular WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split “09” Series. It comes with an outdoor condenser which is perfect for this type of cellar that doesn’t have enough space for ducting. This is probably the most economical split system which you can purchase and the installation is pretty simple as well. Of course, you can always call on the experts at WCI if ever you need a helping hand with the installation and assembly of any component in your wine cellar project ^_^.

Compact, regal, romantic! Can things get any better than this? Sure they can! Because with each Tech Tuesday episode, our goal is to bring you as much variety and inspiration as possible for your present and future wine cellar activities. We hope this feature got your creative juices going for the 14th. Advance happy ♥’s day, wine cellar buddies and see you all next episode.