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How To Jazz Up A Wine Cellar With Decorative Accents

February 6th, 2013

It’s How To Wednesday once again! We’ve been gearing up for this since last month and we hope you guys are looking forward to it as well. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the cool ways you can jazz up those wine cellars with WCI’s Decorative Accents. So let’s hurry and get started!

First off we should remember that oftentimes, the difference between an ordinary wine cellar and a totally fab one is just a matter of putting in the right trimmings. Think of it in the same way you accessorize a simple outfit to make it look super fab or an old ensemble to turn it into something new. Indeed, even relatively old wine cellars can take on a fresh, new look thanks to what these bits and pieces can do.

1. First, try adding some custom panels to finish off the look of your wine racking system.

Here at WCI, we have two kinds: and Mission Style End Panel. These are perfect in accentuating the walls and ceilings, giving everything a more elegant and seamless appearance. Choose a wood option that is similar to your existing racking assembly. You can also dress the panels in the same custom stain or finish option as your racks or leave them unstained as the existing assembly. Panels in unstained Redwood, for example, are simply beautiful!

2. Second, invest in a walk-through Archway. Archways are already gorgeous in themselves, but a walk-through one highlights the wine cellar entryway even more. It’s a great way to separate your actual cellar from the tasting area if your space is big enough. For smaller wine cellars, it creates the illusion of higher ceilings.

3. Third, play around with your ceilings by customizing them. Plain ceilings are okay, but are you really satisfied with that? After all, you’re aiming for a truly unique look to your wine cellars, right? A few finishing touches to your ceilings can do wonders and these won’t even cost you a mint. WCI offers a nice selection of decorative ceilings to literally raise the aesthetic value of your cellars by a few notches. Check these out:

4. Fourth, throw in some wood covers to create seamless perfection. Sometimes, even a beautifully transformed wine cellar still can’t seem to fully “complete” its look because some sections thereof look out of place. For example, your wine cooling unit might appear too prominent because of the different material and color. The solution? Throw in some wood grille covers! You can get them in the same wood option as your racks and other wine cellar furniture. It’s a great way to camouflage awkward elements in your wine cellar like the vents. Here are couple of fab examples on projects we worked on using this wood covers:

There are still a ton of other decorative accents you can utilize, such as decorative wood trim, windows, and so on. So check out our online store today and talk with our talented consultants so they can help you cap off that wine cellar project brilliantly!*Cheers*