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Technical Tuesday Episode #119: Beauty In And Out With All-Heart Redwood And The Platinum Series

February 5th, 2013

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


This saying is probably one of those that gave inspiration to the concept of beauty going beyond skin-deep. Indeed, beauty should not be limited to the outward appearance of a person or thing. What is on the inside definitely counts! Take for example wine cellars. It’s not enough that the one you own looks good – it should be crafted from quality materials as well. We’ll let today’s Tech Tuesday feature get the point across:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 217497
Wood: Platinum Series/All-Heart Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 1211
Where: Dublin, OH

Wine Cellar Basics With Ravishing Redwood

Let’s feast our eyes on this lovely glass-enclosed creation showcasing stylishly proportioned Platinum Series custom wine racks in All-Heart Redwood. The racks are unstained, literally showing off the true colors of the wood. But it’s not just the gorgeous reddish gold hues of the wood which we should be marveling at. Remember what we said about beauty not just being skin-deep? Well, this wood choice is certainly a testament to that. If you missed out on Wine Cellar Basics With Ravishing Redwood, you really out to check it out. We outlined some of the major reasons why this is one wood choice that can give you the best value for every dollar you spend. Durability, resiliency, appearance, and cost – all these elements are embraced by All-Heart Redwood along with some other amazing assets. One of these is Redwood being an eco-friendly option as well, thanks it being a part of the SFI-certification program.

Wood Grille Covered wine cellar

Let’s take a look at this wine cellar project from different angles. Notice how versatile the wine racking assembly is? Naturally, the Platinum Series is second to none when it comes to that aspect. It provides an extensive selection of racking styles, from individual to bulk, corner and curved racks, diamond bins, wine displays, and a whole lot more.

Most of these were utilized here, along with custom crown and base moldings for a wonderfully sinuous symmetry of the entire racking system as can be seen in these photos. It’s also worth mentioning that Wood Grille Covers were added to camouflage the wine cooling unit installed as you can see from the image above. Or probably not since the covers look like they’re part and parcel of the racking assembly as well!

Wine Cellar Basics Platinum Series

Now as far as craftsmanship is concerned, you can see why the Platinum Series holds the top spot in WCI’s custom wine racks line. Individual bottle storage racks come with beveled rails and eased edges for a totally elegant finish. Plus, these allow for bottles to be replaced and removed without having to accidentally tear the labels off. The bulk storage racks such as the Diamond cubes and bins, on the other hand, come with solid face trim for a really polished appearance. You can see how everything comes together in seamless perfection!

Bulk Storage Racks with Diamond Cubes

Did you also notice how irregularly shaped the floor area is? There are quite a few sharp corners here and there, eh? But even those have been “smoothened” out by the Platinum Series and it ability to maximize the space provided for any wine cellar project.

Well, not everyone may see the beauty in things, but when it’s a WCI wine cellar transformation, we think we can defy that quote ^_^. We’re pretty sure wine cellar enthusiasts everywhere are able to appreciate the beauty of wine and wine cellars inside and out from what we’re turning out for them every episode. See you guys next Tuesday!