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A Closer Look At Vinotheque

November 21st, 2012

We’ve made several blog posts during the last few months singing praises to refrigerated wine cabinets and how awesome space savers they can be. That’s because they are really one of the best solutions you can have when you don’t have enough space in your home for a full-blown wine room. But apart from space-efficiency, these cabinets are also very, very attractive! It’s even more so if you have yours customized down to the last detail. So in order to appreciate the aesthetic value of thee cabinets more along with their functionality, let’s try to get a closer look at them. In particular, let’s get a little more intimate with the Vinotheque series.

The Reserve Series

If you’re looking for a refrigerated wine cabinet that combines function and style in an effortless manner, nothing can do it better than the Reserve Series. The selection of wine cabinets in this series showcases a perfect blend of refined technology and artisan workmanship. Each design can be customized to ensure a perfect fit in the empty corner, closet, or unused space in your home. Moreover, the elegant designs can really take the aesthetic appeal of your home up a few notches! Most of the cabinets in this series come equipped with display racks, LED lights, and the platinum series controller.

The Estate Series

If you want to spell a “gorgeous” refrigerated wine cabinet, then you better spell it as E-S-T-A-T-E! Well, the Estate Series, that is. We’ve upgraded this collection just very recently, making it more efficient, durable, and glamorous than before. If you’re going to invest your money these holidays on a wine cellar project, but you don’t have enough space for a formal one, then THIS is definitely the next best thing. There are a plethora of uber gorgeous designs to choose from and each one comes complete with display racks, LED lights, the platinum series controller, and much more. Of course, such features are now only pretty much standard to the new and improved series. That means you get all these, plus enhanced operating features and more custom options to boot!

Villa & Reservoir Series

Now if you’re seeking for a real practical option instead, then you’ll definitely be better off with the Villa & Reservoir Series. Among the collections in the Vinotheque line, this is the one that offers offer the best dollar per bottle storage value. We’ve incorporated some newer designs as well, which means that the series is no slouch when it comes to style as well. If you’re the type who goes for understated elegance, for something simple, clean-cut, yet undeniably chic, then THIS is the wine cabinet for you.


Why is this collection called “Credenzas,” you may ask. Why indeed? Actually, a credenza is a piece of functional furniture which is characterized by having a long flat top, and lots of bottle storage space below. This is exactly how we made this collection to be. Our Credenzas are multi-functional, doubling as your wine cabinet and room furniture as well. They come in 3 and 4-door, single or double deep options. This classic yet superbly crafted cabinet can go well with just about any type of existing furniture and décor in your home. Plus, you can have it installed anywhere as well, not just the dining room or kitchen. Some homes even have Credenzas installed in the master’s bedroom!

As an added note, all our wine storage refrigerated cabinets are proudly hand-crafted and made in USA. If you want to know more about them and get the latest updates on our newest products, sales, and other hot deals, just subscribe to our mailing list today.

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