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Cheap, Chic, And Clever Wine Gifts For The Holidays

November 15th, 2012

We certainly understand that the holidays can put a strain on almost everyone’s pockets. You want to buy the best presents, but the budget won’t permit that. At least, that’s what you think! Why not check out these awesome cheap, chic, yet totally clever gift ideas that would be perfect for your wine and wine cellar buddies, even the pickier ones:

1. Wine Bottle Tags

If things are a little tight these holidays, you can still give your wine buddy a present that they would definitely be able to put to good use, like our Wine Bottle Tags. These handy items can help them put their collection in proper order, without having to worry about ink smears. Or, you can take it up a notch and give them the Quake Guardian Wine Bottle Leash with Bottle Tag instead! Apart from labeling bottles, these bottle leashes will help protect their precious wine collection from earthquakes. They even come in single and double leash options, the latter to be used for any bottle sizes over large champagne and double deep racks of any size.

2. Brad Nail Gun and Nails Package

Now for those friends or relatives whom you know are just starting out on their wine cellar projects, here’s something they will definitely appreciate. The Brad Nail Gun and Nails package is just what the doctor ordered! It’s the ideal tool for use in wine racks assembly, especially Wine Cellar Innovations wine rack kits. Our brad nail version features a full sequential safety mechanism, a quick-release nose piece for easy jam clearing, and 360-degree rotatable exhaust. But if you’re feeling a little more generous and the budget permits it, you can opt to give them the DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit instead. The kit will be all that they need to put together a most professional-looking wine racking assembly.

3. Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls

Here’s one of the more unique gift ideas you can wrap up for your wine and wine cellar pals for the holidays! Whether they own a full-blown wine room or compact wine cabinets or wine cellar closets, this will definitely work for them. Our custom Cabinet Hardware and Drawer pulls are so exquisitely designed they add a luxurious touch to your wine cellar drawers, cigar humidors, cabinets, locker doors, and more. You can choose from an array of semi-custom designs and finishes or request your own. Some of our favorites include:

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to our online store and get those orders in before the holiday rush wipes everything off the shelves. Happy shopping!

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