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Refrigerated Wine Cabinets: Why They’re Worth Every Cent!

June 13th, 2012

We’ve heard that familiar tale over and over again from a number of clients who lament about not having enough space in their homes for a walk-in wine cellar. We can definitely understand the level of frustration they felt, especially when you have a growing collection with some really rare vintages to boot. But of course, we do not let wine storage needs such as this go unattended. After all, we’re not called Wine Cellar Innovations for nothing! Not having enough space for a full-blown, walk-in wine cellar doesn’t mean you have to compromise the proper storage of your collection. That’s what wine cabinets are for or in our case, custom-build refrigerated wine cabinets.

Making room for more!

Custom-built refrigerated wine cabinets are perhaps one of the most, if not the most practical yet stylish solutions you can have when a walk-in wine cellar project seems not to be forthcoming. Since it’s custom-built, this means you can squeeze it practically anywhere in your home and match any ceiling height. For example, a few empty square feet in your dining area, kitchen, or even the living room can be perfect for the same.

One of the more famous names we carry when it comes to these custom-built wine storage wonders is the Wine Sentinel. The Wine Sentinel provides a line of fully customizable, built-in units that can fit in any space in your home and can be designed to match the existing décor. A wine cooling unit of your preference is usually installed along with the cabinet. Moreover, you can select from several wood choices and personalize things further with custom stains and finish options.

Variety at its best!

Apart from the Wine Sentinel, we have also expanded our collection to answer to the wine storage needs of wine lovers everywhere. The Le Cache wine cabinets are the newest additions to the refrigerated wine cabinet family, along with more established Vinotheque Series. Le Cache wine cabinets are mostly hand-crafted wine storage solutions with clean and easy designs that would go well with any type of home décor. The cabinets are built with solid, sturdy hardwood doors, sealed seams, and sport premium insulation. Tinted double-paned glass serves to provide thermal and UV protection as well as showcase your fine ways in a most attractive manner.

The Vinotheque Series, on the other hand, showcase a more sophisticated and artistic worksmanship with refrigerated wine cabinets that are gorgeous from every angle. Each wine cabinet is a perfect blend of function and form, from the quality wine cooling unit down to the superbly crafted racks, custom LED lighting accessories, and intricate moldings. These wine cabinets offer the perfect solutions to space issues since you can easily specify the desired configurations to match whatever available space there is in your home. Since they’re made to order, you can utilize all those unwanted areas in your home that you once thought of as useless. Even better, a number of design enhancements were incorporated to these high-end cabinets for maximum efficiency and durability such as the New Pedestal Design and Progressive Plus Racking.

So how much would this custom-built wine refrigerated cabinet cost you? Certainly not as much as a walk-in wine cellar project would! Still, it’s definitely worth every dollar you put out and it serves the same purpose as a regular wine cellar or wine room. Plus, it adds a dramatic touch to your home’s interior, wherever you may choose to place it. Learn more about these wine storage wonders by chatting with our professional design specialists today!

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