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Fully Stocked WineMaker Series – Wine Rack Kits

May 3rd, 2012

Just a couple of months back, we featured a cost-effective yet luxurious wine cellar transformation utilizing our WineMaker Series wine racks kit. The satisfied client sent in these gorgeous shots of the wine cellar now that they have finished filing it up. We thought it’s only proper that we should share these wonderful images with everyone since we’re every bit as proud of this project as our clients.

Let’s go first with the image of the short-depth individual bottle storage wine racks. The installation photos were simply beautiful, especially with the way the bottles were lovingly accentuated by the waterfall design of the racks. Also, take a look how that display row literally ‘pops’ out thanks to the short depth racks.


When the client chose to go with the WineMaker Series wine rack kit, it was certainly a clever decision. They remained within budget while being able to turn out a luxurious wine cellar worthy of a Vintner or Designer. If you can recall, we’ve mentioned how WineMaker can give you almost the same racking options as the higher-end kits but at reduced depth. The short-depth racks require less material thus, they are less costly to produce. Nonetheless, you compromise nothing, not when it comes to either function or style. This gorgeous, filled-up wine cellar is definitely a living proof of that! As our client wonderfully phrased it:

“Our wine cellar looks beautiful!”

Here you can see the versatility of the wine cellar decked in WineMaker racks, accommodating almost all bottle sizes despite the reduced depth. In fact, the reduced depth is a huge plus when it comes to aesthetics because the bottles are beautifully highlighted by the unique configurations. We’re also loving the way unstained Premium Redwood works so well with the walls and flooring of the wine cellar to create a classy yet semi-vintage appeal. Note that while the racks lack the beveled rails and eased edges sported by higher-end kits, they are still capable of achieving a seamless composition.

So that wraps up yet another completed wine cellar project! Have you also purchased WCI wine racks and other wine cellar accessories before? Send us some shots on how you worked our stuff into your wine cellars and created your own magical transformations. We’re only too happy to feature them for all wine cellar enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy ^_^. Have a great weekend ahead, wine lovers! *Cheers*

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