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What a Wine Cellar Winner Looks Like!

April 30th, 2012

Let us help you guys start the week right with some really exquisite wine cellar news.  Today, we have the absolute pleasure of featuring the completely finished Harrison home! We’ve been working quite hard on this project for some time now and the results have delighted us to no end. So we’re sharing these uber gorgeous images of the finished product to showcase to the wine cellar world what a wine cellar winner should look like! Now if everyone can still recall, we ran a contest last year with a full wine cellar transformation handled especially by the very best of WCI’s professional design specialists as the grand prize. So do you guys still remember our wine cellar winner from 2011? Well, just to refresh our memories, it’s the Harrisons who walked away with the trophy. The installation team was hard at work on their wine cellar room back in August 2011, while our wine cellar factory created the beautiful wine racks for the project. The interior of the Harrisons’ home had a unique, rustic appeal to it so we decided to play along those lines with their wine cellar as well. The Platinum Series was entered in as their selected project since it’s our top-of-the line wine racking system. When the winner was selected, we were delighted to see what a project they were planning. After all, a grand prize winner deserves nothing but the finest of WCI’s products! Here’s a closer view of the individual bottle wine racks, fixed wine shelves, and displays in Black Walnut. Our ingenious designers incorporated the best elements of bulk storage, combining solid Diamond Bins with Face Trim with the wine shelves and displays to accommodate magnums and other larger-sized bottles. Moreover, the custom wine cellar lighting added in enhances the beauty of both the racks and the bottles perfectly. The entire look of the wine cellar reeks of a classy vintage aura that we’re loving so much! We got another close-up shot of the exquisitely crafted wine displays accentuated by warm LED lights. Here, you can see just how snug and secure the larger-sized bottles are, including champagne. You can also choose to highlight your best bottles just like what our designers did here with a combination of LED Downlights and LED Display lighting. It took awhile for the Harrison’s to fully stock their wine cellar. We also did some quality control on their beautiful tongue and groove side paneling and ceiling. It was worth it! What do you think? The tongue and groove paneling was done in Black Walnut as well to create the perfect accents for the wine cellar. Notice how fresh, polished, and wonderfully seamless the entire racking system turned out. The goal was to create a very clean, organized look but nothing too stuffy or standard. Thanks to the flexibility of the Platinum Series, everything seems to have come together in a most unique fashion! Again, we want to draw everyone’s attention to the versatile combination of individual and bulk storage wine racks done on the Harrisons’ wine cellar. The floor space designated for their wine cellar project wasn’t all that big but once our designers were done, it resulted in a wine room that can hold over one thousand bottles. That’s pretty impressive considering the limited, pre-assigned space. As you can see from the images, the wine cellar is not even filled to the brim yet. That means the Harrisons can continue to enjoy expanding their collection without worrying too much where to put all the new acquisitions in! It’s a two thumbs-up to our amazing design specialists who managed to match the wine cellar project with the home’s existing decor.  A modern, home-country feel that speaks of both comfort and elegance is simply beautiful in all angles. This is what this wine cellar is all about. And THIS is what a wine cellar winner should look like! harrison-wine-cellar-back-entrance
Each year, WCI brings in more wine cellar fun and surprises for all wine cellar enthusiasts out there. YOU may even be the next grand prize winner and have your transformation tale up here in our blog for everyone to witness and enjoy! We invite you to fill out a Design Request Form if you are thinking of creating your own wine room, or just looking for the perfect combination of wine racks to fit somewhere in your home or business. This week we are having 10% off our Designer Series wine racks which ends on May 5, 2012! So keep watching out for more of our specials, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and never hesitate to contact us for any and all of your wine cellar needs.

5 responses to “What a Wine Cellar Winner Looks Like!”

  1. Kristi writes:

    Hi Bob – I don’t have exact dimensions, the room is in an L shape with 5 walls being filled but it does hit 1,025 wine bottles. Let me know if you were talking about an exact wall?

  2. Bob writes:

    What are the dimensions of this wine cellar?


  3. Kristi writes:

    It is indeed black walnut wood with no stain. That’s what I’m reading in our database but Brett can correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂 If you look under Google images there are good ideas of what it looks like but it is a lighter wood then what ‘black walnut’ would make you think of.

    I’ll email you privately for more info on those wood pieces!

  4. Chad writes:

    Looks fantastic. Is everything black walnut finish? I like the coloring in the photos, but it seems lighter than black walnut. Is it premium redwood? We are in the final stages of our wine cellar (primed the walls today!)…been working with Brett Norris on our design using the Vinter Series. Is it possible to have some sample wood pieces sent to us? We’re trying to decide on wall colors, flooring (stained concrete or tile), and textured ceiling color…and it would be helpful it we had the wood pieces in hand. I’m surprised to see this cellar in the photos as black walnut… seems lighter. Thanks in advance for the info!

  5. Janet writes:

    Hi Chad. I thought I could shed some light on your question. The wood is unstained black walnut throughout. In looking at the photos, all seem true to form except for the close up of the ceiling…the flash made the wood appear more lighter and more yellow than it actually is. The wood may seem lighter than what you would expect for black walnut for two reasons: there is no stain (which was important to us), and also this particular walnut we used contains both the lighter sapwood and the darker heartwood. To us, the variation in color between the sapwood and heartwood was quite beautiful and more interesting than using the heartwood alone. We were definitely able to acquire samples before making any decisions.

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