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Technical Tuesday Episode #80 – Magnificence Reborn With The Platinum Series In Amber Blaze Mahogany

April 24th, 2012

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”

~ Edgar Allan Poe ~

Well, this Tech Tuesday episode is definitely something to be excited about! As far as beautiful wine cellars go, today’s feature is certainly going to stay up in the rankings for a LONG time.  What we have here today is one of the most formidable combinations when it comes to classic, luxurious wine cellars: the Platinum Series in Amber Blaze Mahogany.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 217539
Wood: Amber Blaze, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity: 1043
Where: Parker, CO

If you are aiming for a truly exceptional wine cellar that sports all the right elements, then the Platinum Series is the only way to go. From individual to bulk bottle storage, single and double deep storage options, this series contains the most complete collection of wine racks, win displays, bins, shelves, and more. Just take a look at how certified eye-candy the client’s wine room turned out thanks to extensive variety of the wine racking options.

A closer view of the racks here shows you the trademark feature of the Platinum individual bottle racks: the beveled rails and eased edges.  So whether you store wine bottles, champagne, or larger-sized bottles and magnums, you’re assured of the secure an comfy storage of each one. Plus, the labels won’t tear off when you remove or replace the bottles.

We can’t help but be fascinated by the absolutely exquisite wood carvings done on this wine rack decor. Certainly, the wood choice of the client is most suitable for the intricate wood carvings done in several portions of the entire wine racking system as you can witness from the images here.

Amber Blaze Mahogany is probably the ultimate choice when it comes to turning out a genuinely luxurious wine cellar transformation. It’s not the cheapest wood choice you can make but it’s worth every dollar you shell out for. It belongs to an extremely dense hardwood species and is mostly utilized for furniture projects. When it comes to wine cellars, it’s definitely the wood choice to be made if you have the right budget and you are really considering an above-average project.

For the stain option, the client chose to go with Classic Mahogany. This is actually a clever choice since the natural dark, reddish-brown hues of Amber Blaze are gorgeously emphasized with this stain. Plus, the wood’s solid grain patterns show up spectacularly against the stain as well.

Strategic LED lighting options serve to highlight some of the best angles of the wine racks, particularly the wine displays. We also applaud the addition of the Quarter Round Wine Display and Quarter Round Corner Shelf which give a very dramatic  flair to the entire wine racking system.

Now if you’re going to go all out on your wine cellar, trying out something similar to this comes highly recommended! After all, why settle for other choices when you can have the very best combination in the Platinum Series and Amber Blaze Mahogany. Indeed, beauty in it’s supreme development will excite any wine cellar enthusiast to tears – just like today’s feature. ♥