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Vintner Wine Racks: The Master Of Seamless Beauty

April 19th, 2012

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

The embodiment of Emerson’s definition of beauty can certainly be seen in this classically designed wine racking system we’re proud to put up here in the blog today. The secret? Using nothing but the top-of-the-line Vintner Series Wine Rack kit from top to bottom!

Have you ever noticed just how picture-perfect a wine cellar turns out each time the Vintner Series is utilized? It simply goes to show just how ideal this wine rack kit is when you want to create a custom wine cellar that will really leave a memorable impression. Our elated client gave a bunch of glowing reviews for his completed wine cellar. He was enthused about the entire project and “loved the installation and the art of depleting the contents” which resulted in a seamless wine racking system holding over two thousand bottles.

The Vintner Series in Premium Redwood is perhaps one of our most winning combinations to date and it’s elegance is certainly not lost on this wine cellar project. The unstained racks showcase the gorgeous brownish pink hues of Premium Redwood accentuated by strategic custom LED lighting. Of course, since it’s the Vintner Series, you would also notice the signature beveled rails and eased edges on the individual wine storage racks. Together with the custom crown and base moldings, see how a polished, flowing appearance is effortlessly created from floor to ceiling.

Here we can see up close the variety of wine storage options in full depth bottle storage. Diamond bins with face trim and wine displays and shelves are utilized for bulk bottle storage adding to the versatility of the wine racking system. A standard archway adds a nice aesthetic touch to the overall look, cleverly highlighting that piece of wine art. Everything looks so put together, a wine cellar fit for a gentleman!

The client also purchased one of our WineZone units which you can probably see mounted above the arch. This is also a very commendable choice because WineZone is to our custom wine cooling systems as Vintner is to our custom wine rack kits.

Save the best for last, as they always say as well! Doesn’t the final image make you sigh in satisfaction at how all the elements come together in such a limited space? The wine cellar lighting definitely amplifies the natural beauty of the wood choice and the elegant appeal of the entire wine racking system. Indeed, this wine cellar reeks of the finest tastes of a true blue connoisseur and the artistic touch of a master craftsman.

So get your creative juices flowing and pursue your own wine cellar dreams beginning today. Just hop on over to our website and chat with our experienced design consultants or let us help you locate one near your area.