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Seamless Wine Racking Systems: How Do We Do It?

April 18th, 2012

Ever wondered how to achieve an effortlessly chic look for your wine cellars? We’re talking about that kind of look that just makes your wine racks seem like they’re flowing from your walls down to your wine cellar flooring. It’s just like that divine dress with the most perfect fit!

A seamless wine racking system is no big mystery, though. For us here at WCI it’s something of a golden rule. Our wine racks and wine rack kits are pre-designed to be mixed and matched in such a way that a seamless fit is always guaranteed for any type of wine cellar. But if you are really interested in learning how we achieve “the look,” here are some of the bare essentials:

1. Semi-custom wine racks with our wine rack kits.

You’ve heard us elucidate on our wine rack kits but you may not have realized just how amazingly flexible they really are. The racks in our kits were specifically designed to create a custom fit for floor to ceiling storage applications. For example our Vintner racks were meticulously crafted to accommodate almost any ceiling height. So basically, when you purchase our kits, you can easily stack and mount the racks one after another with little to no problem at all. It’s like a pre-assembled jigsaw puzzle only the pieces fall into place almost effortlessly.

2. Corner and Curved wine racks to trim stubborn nooks and crannies.

A while back, we did a post entitled Cut An Curved In All The Right Places where we re-introduced our our new innovations like our Curvy Wine Cubes and Curvy Wine Cube Displays. Basically, the ergonomic assembly of these racks allowed them to span uneven corners in any wine room thereby creating a smooth and flowing transition from wall to floor. But another significant factor in the creation of such a seamless appearance in all our wine cellar projects is our collection of Curved Corner Wine Racks. A complete inventory of these stylish yet uber functional racks can be found in our Platinum Series. Thanks to the unique configurations of these curved corner racks, even the sharpest, most obstinate corners and edges in your wine room can literally be smoothened out.

3. Custom moldings to complete the seamless look.

We have also developed a line of custom crown and base moldings to match most of our wine rack kits. So what do these accessories actually do? Let’s take the case of Vintner being the most versatile of all the wine rack kits. Owing to the custom molding packages, the racks can be fitted together even in the sharpest corners of the room since the moldings help blend in any gaps between the wine racks and the ceiling and flooring. The result is a completely seamless appearance that is polished and elegant to the very core.

Moreover, our wine racks are also equipped with CNC machined spacer bars that are dadoed at certain centerlines to ensure that the proper spacing will be created for your entire wine racking system. These spacer bars and specifically engineered to include the radius of the post material which then makes for that enviably seamless fit in any wine cellar project we handle. So if you’re looking for the perfect fit you’re your wine racks in particular and wine racking system in general, you can’t do any better than with us at WCI! Chat with our professional design consultants today.