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Custom Wine Cellar Ceilings: The Sky’s The Limit With WCI!

April 16th, 2012

Thinking of a home improvement project for the coming summer season? Take a tour of your wine cellars and see what needs to be spruced up! Most of the time, we’re too busy looking around our wine cellars that we forget to look UP. Yup, yup, that’s right! For this summer, we can try giving focus on one decorative aspect of our wine cellars that we take for granted a lot – our ceilings.

We may not be aware of this but wine cellar ceilings play a vital role when it comes to maintaining the perfect storage conditions in our wine cellar. This is particularly the case when trying to keep the humidity levels within the proper numeric proportions. Since spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, expect that there will be significant climate changes in the next few months. So while you have a good quality wine cooling system in your wine cellars, it’s also a must to go over the seemingly “little” details in its structural make-up. Case in point – your wine cellar ceilings!

Creative functionality right “up there!”

Wine cellar enthusiasts are all too familiar with the necessity of installing vapor barriers and insulated wine cellar doors. But other things also have to be considered in order to create a completely ideal set-up for your valued collection. As far as wine cellar ceilings are concerned, they too should be properly insulated while being stylish enough to accentuate your entire wine cellar design. Under normal standards, the insulation should be a minimum of R-30 in the ceilings.

Here at WCI, we provide solutions for every aspect of your wine cellar needs, from the wine racking system, wine cellar cooling and refrigeration, wine cellar flooring, and down to the other miscellaneous details such as your wine cellar ceilings. We make it a point to emphasize the significance of details, even though they are not usually the first things you take into account when undertaking a wine cellar project. That’s because when it comes to wine cellar construction, all the details have to come together so that the perfect environment can be realized.

But of course, we also make it a point to take everything a notch higher. So while we carefully consider the functional side of wine cellar ceilings, we also try to provide variety when it comes to style. Our ceilings offer dramatic finishing touches to really raise the aesthetic value of your wine cellar. Moreover, they are specially crafted from materials that help in maintaining temperature and humidity levels for idea wine storage conditions. This is because from the wood options down to the custom stains and finishes, everything has been taken into consideration to ensure that the highest quality products will be delivered. Here are a few samples of how you can add a few artistic touches and incorporate style into our functional wine ceiling selections:

  • Etched Light Box
  • Raised Panel Ceilings
  • Tongue & Groove Paneling
  • Coffered Ceiling
  • Tongue & Groove Radius Ceiling

Need more help on how to make the right choices? You can actually meet up with design consultants near you using our consultant locator! So go ahead and let the sky be the limit for your wine cellar project this summer ^_^.