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Safety, Comfort, And Style With WCI Secured Wine Storage Lockers

April 12th, 2012

What’s better than having a personal wine storage locker? Why, having a personal secured wine storage locker, of course! After all, you do not only want to keep your prized bottles in perfect storage conditions but they must be kept safely tucked away as well. This is exactly what we had in mind at WCI when we built these collection of super functional wine storage lockers for a bevy of clients.

These wine lockers are are really a clever idea particularly when you’re thinking of having a place to keep your most valuable of vintages. We’ve had a number of orders coming in from country clubs, restaurants, and bars apart from regular wine stores for these economical yet attractive addition to our wine display series. The lockers come in a variety of wood choices which you can deck out with custom stains and finishes for a totally unique look as you can glean from these sample images. In addition, the sturdy metal lattice allows for open air circulation, keeping each bottle in the peak of taste conditions until you’re ready to pop that cork!

We’ve also made it possible for these lockers to be mixed and matched with our other commercial wine display racks by manufacturing them by the column. This enables the lockers to be just the same height as all the other commercial wine display racks and can be stacked, racked, and mounted along with the rest. This also makes for a more seamless transition in your wine racking system as well as creating a highly distinct appearance for the same.

Some country club clients who put in orders for these wine lockers had some very nice things to say about them. Apart from the fact that their club members found the lockers absolutely practical, a lot of members and guests alike also admired the way these added to the aesthetic appeal of their once dreary cellars. Indeed, the wine lockers are exceptionally pleasing to the visual senses but what any connoisseur would appreciate even more is that the bottles can be stored and removed without causing damage to the labels. This is all thanks to the beveled ends and rounded edges of the racks that are one of WCI’s trademarks.

Note that from the images our satisfied pool of clientele provided, each column contains 5 locker compartments. Did you know that you can actually customize the compartments further to lock all of them using a single key or key each one individually using numerous configurations. Using a single key would be perfect for wine stores or restaurants while independent compartment configurations are just perfect for country clubs where members would want to have their personal stash kept private and secure.

 There are also other design options you can incorporate. Try adding solid back, left, and right panels for  sturdier composition and more luxurious look to your lockers. Or you can also choose to add in Glass Shelf Accessory Display Cabinet with built-in illumination to showcase glassware and other wine accessories together with your prized collection.

So are you now ready to purchase your own personal wine storage locker? Hurry on over to our online store and place those orders ASAP! You can also put in a design request to our professional design specialists for a more customized version of your lockers.