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Wine Cellar Roundup – Episode #86

April 6th, 2012

Happy Spring to you! Hopefully you are either enjoying or about to enjoy Spring Break with all the crazy kids out there. If you have some time, definitely check out our amazing sale this week! 5% off of ANY order, 10% off of orders over $500, and 15% off of $1,000 and up!

If you are ever in Napa on spur of the moment, Girl with a Glass has the details on the Do Napa Overnight Kit. It sounds cute. More hotels should do this!

The WA Wine Report has a nice recap of the Taste Washington weekend. Sounds like a successful program for all Washington wineries involved!

Do wine writers write only for the one percent? Sometimes you might think so with those fabulously expensive bottles of wine but there are a lot of places that are for the affordable budget.

Now, if you have continued my obsession with the Hunger Games you might enjoy this Slate article about the ‘Hunger Names’. Love it!


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