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WineMaker Wine Racks: A New Meaning For Affordable Custom Wine Cellars

April 4th, 2012

“Affordability is essential to opportunity.”

~Gaston Caperton~

Looking for cheap finds doesn’t automatically make one a cheapskate. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a good bargain on something. This also applies to bargain hunting for a custom wine cellar. A lot of people are still reluctant about putting up a custom wine cellar because they always equate it with shelling out big bucks. This is not exactly the case, not when you know how to use the right resources. When it comes to custom wine cellars, we can provide all the necessary answers, especially when it’s all about combining quality with cost.

Custom goodness at quality cost…

Just a few blogs ago, we talked about how custom wine cellars that can suit anyone’s budget can be made possible with our wine cellar rack kits. But when budget is really the specific issue, it’s the WineMaker Series Collection that holds all the answers to your wine cellar problems. Among all of WCI’s wine cellar rack kits, WineMaker promises to be the most cost-effective. Budget is the primary consideration of this kit without, however, compromising on quality in any way.


Basically, WineMaker is also patterned after our top-of-the line Vintner Series wine racks. So design-wise, expect the same beautiful, versatile collection of expertly crafted wine racks. WineMaker practically has all the same options as Vintner especially when it comes to wine racks and wine display styles. The slight difference is in the reduced depth of the racks as compared with Vintner it order to make the WineMaker Series be more cost-effective which translates to being more budget-friendly. Also, it is only with the WineMaker Series kit that you can utilize the 15 degree wine display rows.

And wine racking versatility and functionality combined!

When budget is a bit too tight to splurge on our Vintner or Designer Series, this doesn’t mean you’re playing it cheap with WineMaker. Never think that, especially when you can still turn out the same seamless, floor-to-ceiling wine racking system that spells chic every step of the way. The racks are pre-designed in a semi-custom line as well, taking a cue from Vintner. Hence, you ran rack and stack them one after another and create a bevy of designs by playing with ceiling height configurations in almost any way you choose to.

In working with this kit, you get individual and bulk wine bottle storage options in a variety of designs to level up the aesthetic value of your wine cellar. By cleverly combining the racks, you can store hundreds or even thousands of bottles in just a limited space. The kit can accommodate any wine cellar transformation, from wine cellar closets to basement or garage renovations, and even under stairwell transformations. Moreover, trimming curves and corners is no biggie at all thanks to curved corner racks also available with these series. And, as an added bonus point for functionality, while the racks do not carry beveled rails as in Vintner and Designer, they still have the same round-over edges to ensure the labels due not tear as you replace or remove the bottle.

Now the next time someone cringes when you mention that you’re planning to build a “cheap” wine cellar, it’s your one big chance to prove him wrong and feel one hundred percent satisfied in doing so. With the WineMaker Series Wine Rack kit, you can prove to anyone that affordability can still be synonymous with elegance, style, and luxury. Check out this awesome video walk through on the WineMaker Series collection and create a budget-friendly custom wine cellar that will knock anyone’s eyes out! Catch you guys next blog ^_^.