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Technical Tuesday Episode #77: Elegance Remastered with Gold Series in Premium Redwood and Dark Walnut Stain

April 3rd, 2012

Elegant wine cellars don’t have to be outrageously expensive. Most of us think that when something looks THIS good, you need to shell out some really big bucks. Well, we at WCI will always be the first ones to tell you this is one misconception you should brush aside permanently. Today’s classic wine cellar feature should help ease those budget doubts!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 216131
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Maximum Capacity:  1290
Where: Prospect, MD

When a balance between budget and aesthetics is sought, nothing can provide better wine racking solutions than the Gold Series. Owing to the amazing variety it can provide in terms of wine storage options, creating custom wine cellars becomes a project to really look forward to.  The flexible configurations and classic designs of the racks make it possible to turn out highly unique wine racking systems that look like they cost a fortune!

As can be gleaned from the images the client provided, the combination of individual and bulk storage racks and wine displays has enabled them to maximize the limited floor space. In addition, thanks to the glass panels and strategic custom LED lighting accents, the wine cellar appears to be bigger than just a compact wine cellar room. Note that this elegant transformation can hold over 1,000 bottles.

The deep, luxurious colors of the racks are all thanks to the clever wood choice enhanced by just the right kind of custom wood  stain and finish. We’re referring here to the ever versatile Premium Redwood dressed up in Dark Walnut stain for a bold appearance to the wine racks. Premium Redwood has a naturally beautiful light pinkish brown tint. However, the wood’s ability to absorb stains and finishes extremely well make it possible to achieve a number of desired looks for your wine cellar. In this case, the client opted for solid tones accentuated by gorgeous tumbled stone flooring.


We simply adore the intricate wrought iron design on the wine cellar door the client chose to complement the racks. We have always emphasized just how much aesthetic value a beautiful wine cellar door can add to any custom wine cellar. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature just proves our point! You may want to check out some of our stunning collections of wine cellar doors that come in a bevy of designs and materials, from wood to glass, to metal. We also have a Same Day Door Store with on-hand designs that can be shipped ASAP!



Of course, it goes without saying that no matter the size of the wine cellar, the proper wine refrigeration system should be considered. WCI also offers a wide rang of wine cellar cooling solutions for total environment control to help age each bottle in your cellar gracefully. We also provide for heat load calculation services to ensure your wine cellar meets the heat load specifications of our wine refrigeration units.

And there you have it! A wine cellar transformation complete with all the elements of function and style and affordability to boot. So if you’re one of those wine cellar enthusiasts who’s still struggling with the age-old dilemma of making everything fit your budget, why don’t you come to us? With our free design consultation services and years of experience in helping realize wine cellar dreams, we’d love to help you make yours come true as well. Till next Tech Tuesday! ^_^

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