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Easy Steps To Custom Wine Cellar Satisfaction (WCI’s Guide For Beginners)

March 26th, 2012

We’re not about to take for granted the fact that some of the visitors of this blog are actually newbie wine cellar enthusiasts. This is what drew inspiration for  this article for the purpose of providing simple  yet useful information on how to start building your own wine cellars. We’ve thought about how difficult it is indeed to come up with custom wine cellar solutions when you barely know the basics. So here’s a simple compilation of essential wine cellar information you can definitely rely on!

The sizes…

You guys have heard us mention in several blogs that a custom wine cellar can be any size at all. Like location, size shouldn’t be a problem. But what exactly does size define when it comes to custom wine cellars? Let’s start with the basic wine cellar room. It can be any room in your home which you can create from scratch or an existing room which you can convert. This is why we have a lot of wine cellar room transformations in our Tech Tuesdays. Some popular examples are Basement Wine Cellars, Garage Renovations, and Under Stairwell Transformations.


Now there will certainly be times when a room can’t really be spared for a wine cellar project in your home. Still, you can undertake compact wine cellar projects with the help of ingenious ideas like Wine Cellar Closet transformations. What do we mean by these? It’s exactly as its namesake: a small closet space in a vacant corner in your home transformed into a wine cellar.  Custom refrigerated wine cabinets are also another version of this type of wine cellar. Check out this Tech Tuesday episode and it will give you a more visual illustration of this compact yet functional wine cellar alternative. And of course, last but not the least, we also have wine stores or win e establishments which technically fall under the commercial wine cellar classification.

The racks…

Elementary to any wine cellar project would be the wine racking system. Wine racks are certainly the life-blood of any wine cellar. For the newbie wine cellar enthusiast, wine racks may appear to be all the same so you might as well purchase a few racks and put them together in your wine cellar. This is definitely a huge mistake in custom wine cellar building. Wine racks are definitely not “all the same” but in fact, you have to select the right types of racks to turn out an organized wine racking system. Moreover, you have to take into account a number of essential factors with the racks, foremost of which is durability followed by functionality. You can achieve this if you have enough knowledge on wood choices for custom wine racks. In addition, there’s also the style and design of the racks to ensure that your wine cellar will come out in a seamless, perfect fit.

With the terms wine cellar rack kits, wine cubes, wine displays, wine merchandisers and so on, it can indeed get confusing for the uninitiated neophyte. Which racks are most suitable for your wine cellar and what should you or should you not observe when putting up your racking system? Try going through What’s In A Wine Cellar Rack to find out exactly what you should be looking for! Also, try to find out about the little details that are often overlooked when it comes to choosing the right wine racks in The Little Things That Count:  WCI Secrets To High-Quality Wine Racks. Plus, for a better understanding on the nature and purpose of commercial wine racks vis-à-vis standard ones, you can Get Cool, Classic, and Commercial with WCI Standard Wine Displays.

The accents…

This is another aspect in the creation of custom wine cellars that seem to boggle newbies. There are so many wine cellar accessories and accents to consider that a first-timer is bound to get a tad overwhelmed. But when it comes to choosing the most appropriate pieces to add form and flair to your wine cellars remember these golden rules:

  1. Simplicity is still always equivalent to beauty. You can aim for an unconventional look but never go overboard on the accents. Remember, they are for purposes of HIGHLIGHTING the major elements of your wine cellar, not to drown these out.
  2. Use key pieces that attract, not detract. Harmony and symmetry are still the guiding principles when it comes to designing a custom wine cellar. Think of it as dressing up. Even when you mix and match bold or clashing prints, you still have to make them come together one way or the other. Otherwise, you will just look funny instead of funky.
  3. An organized and polished look is always the end goal. Whether you choose to be fun and flirty, elegant with a twist, bold and sophisticated, and so on, keep in mind that you still have to put order in your wine cellar. A seamless wine racking system with everything in the right place should still be the ultimate result despite the  variety in style and design.

And so goes one of our lengthiest posts to date! But all of these are with good reason and it’s all because we want to bring all wine cellar enthusiasts the kind of wine cellar solutions they really need. But our number one recommended step for newbies is really this: talk to our experienced design consultants and avail of our free design services today!

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