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Reasons Why It Has To Be Wine Cellar Innovations

March 14th, 2012

You probably can buy wine racks anywhere and with online shopping as big as it is today, it’s even easier to buy online. But hear us out just for today as we lay down the reasons why when it comes to wine racks and custom wine cellars, you can’t do better than WCI. When we’re done with our tome, we’re crossing our fingers than in one way or the other, we’ve managed to get the message across!

1. We never compromise on quality.

Manufacturing quality wine racks and building quality custom wine cellars is not just work for us. It’s a passion that fuels us every day to improve our products and services. That’s why when we create custom wine cellars, we take into account every little detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem to the uninitiated. For instance, we provide a wide range of wood choices for the wine racks but we also make it a point to educate our clientele on the top wood options. This makes it possible for them to see the difference when it comes to durability, resistance to warping and shrinking, grain patterns, and other features.

Before you purchase our racks, you can actually chat online with one of our design specialists who can apprise you with your product choice! This makes it possible to have all your queries and doubts put to rest before parting with your precious dollars. We actually give the highest assurance that you are aware of the quality of the wine cellar products you’re purchasing.

2. We keep Mother Nature safe and happy.

This is something we are really very proud of. We’re not shooting off at the mouth here but we do find it an exceptional achievement to manufacture high-quality wine cellar products that are at the same time eco-friendly. Our wine racks are crafted from wood products that bear the SFI seal of approval, particularly our Redwood. With SFI-certification under our belts, we give customers a one hundred percent guarantee that all our Redwood products were manufactured in an environmentally safe manner.

Apart from this, our cabinet-grade plywood for wine cellar furniture is officially formaldehyde-free. We’ve recently complied with the national Formaldehyde Standards for composite wood products and we’re still expanding the program to our other wood products. And last but certainly not the least, we utilize only water-based stains, lacquers, and finishes in our racks and other wine cellar furniture. Without scrimping on quality, we still do our part to keep our environment clean and green and care for our customer’s health, too!

3. We can match anyone for cost.

Indeed we can! If you still haven’t heard of our Commercial Wine Racking Guarantee, you need to get those mouse buttons clicking. We guarantee not only the quality of our products but also their prices. Our Commercial Product Price Match Guarantee easily assures customers that when they buy from us, they get nothing but the best pricing for our commercial product lines. This means that when more or less similar products are sold by other manufacturers at a lower price, we can match up to this so long as the necessary conditions concur.

4. We evolve and revolutionize!

Sure, we provide standard wine racking systems, wine cellar furniture, and accessories, but we do not just stick to the typical designs. We provide our clientele with contemporary racks, displays, and other products that can really properly define the word “custom.” For example, check out our Curvy Wine Cubes and Displays for a contemporary feel to any wine cellar. Or go vintage with a twist with our Vintage View Wine Racks! Plus, it’s worth poring over our custom wine cabinets like our Vinotheque, Wine Sentinel, and Le Cache series which are really a class all on their own. And our exquisite collection of wine cellar art is no slouch for style and elegance either.

So if you look at it, it’s not a matter of asking “Why choose WCI?” It’s more like, “Why shouldn’t you choose WCI!” Take the grand tour today and uncover even more reasons why when it comes to custom wine racks and wine cellars, it just has to be US and no one else!

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