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Celebrating The Beauty Of Rustic Pine

March 7th, 2012

Rustic Pine has been labeled as one of the top five wood choices for quality wine cellars. It holds top spot together with Redwood and Mahogany. However, it’s pretty interesting to note that there are not too many wine cellars that really utilize Rustic Pine for their wine racking system. Whether this is intentional or a mere oversight, we’re not the ones to judge but what we do know is this: it’s high time wine cellar enthusiasts start appreciating just how amazing a wood choice Rustic Pine is. Rustic Pine Wine Racks When it comes to custom wine cellars, this is pretty much the wood choice to go for when you’re after a truly authentic vintage feel. So let’s chalk up the reasons why Rustic Pine should remain on top of our list.

Exceptional quality in an affordable package…

Among the top five wood choices for custom wine cellars, it’s only Rustic Pine that showcases a soft creamy color but contrasted with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. That’s why it’s called a “knotty grade of wood.” This makes for the wood’s really “rustic” appearance. When translated to wine racks and wine cellar furniture, it gives a very old country charm that is so warm and nostalgic.

As far as quality is concerned, there is no question as to the resiliency of Rustic Pine. It is highly durable and can withstand warping, shrinking, and decay. But apart from this, the knotty characteristic of the wood makes it possible to turn out a bigger yield while maintaining low cost harvest and manufacturing. This means choosing Rustic Pine can actually give you the best value by price per bottle. Unstained, this wood is naturally gorgeous. However, Rustic Pine also sports a bevy of beautiful grain patterns that show up really well against custom stains and finishes.

Vintage chic style coupled with function!

When it comes to achieving an authentic vintage charm for your wine cellars, no other wood choice can give you a better result than Rustic Pine. It’s natural “rustic” characteristics combine the elegance of an old-country feel with the charisma of modern-day sophistication. We’ve affectionately termed this “vintage with a twist” and to date, we cannot imagine any other wood option being able to produce such a unique combination.

Rustic Pine Wine Glass Rack

But its beauty notwithstanding, the wood is indeed a front runner for function as well. Rustic Pine showcases both quality and strength and these are clearly visible in Rustic Pine wine racks or furniture. Take for example our Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection that has been cleverly designed to carry a line of semi-custom wine racks. The racks can be easily assembled, mixed and matched to create cellar upon cellar of super unique wine racking systems. The racks are structurally sound and space-efficient, owing to Rustic Pine’s flexibility during the manufacturing process.

Here at WCI, we try to incorporate Rustic Pine as much as possible as a wood choice in almost all our products. We have long seen and appreciated just how unique this wood specie really is and we want to share that with every wine cellar enthusiast. Take some time to browse over our Rustic Pine products such as our Rustic Pine Wine Rack Kits, Curvy Wine Cubes, and our versatile Commercial Wine Racks and Displays. Together, let’s celebrate and enjoy the beauty of this remarkable wood choice in our wine cellars!

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