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Traditional Redwood Wine Racks: Redefining Elegance In Your Wine Cellar

March 29th, 2012

“Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming.”

~ Anonymous ~

Indeed, being neat, clean, and put-together makes for a beautiful person. You don’t have to be the most stylish or have the most expensive stuff to stand out. The same goes true for wine cellars. To own an elegant and fully custom-made wine cellar, you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money on the expensive construction cost. Our Traditional Redwood Wine Racks can easily give you a luxurious look for your wine cellars at off-the-rack prices.

All about the wood…

If you have to choose the right kind of wood for a custom wine cellar, you can never go wrong with choosing Redwood. Why is this so? Allow us to elaborate. Redwood is an extremely beautiful wood specie, with two known sub-species: Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood. The colors range from soft, pinkish hues with Premium Redwood to gorgeous reddish brown tones in Clear All-Heart Redwood. Unstained, the wood’s natural beauty is already projects an amazing aesthetic appeal. But when dressed up in a variety of custom stains and finish options, the various grain patterns of the wood are significantly enhanced.

This allows for the creation of a bevy of looks in your wine cellar. If you want plain and simple elegance, you can go for light to medium stains like Light Danish or Classic Mahogany. If you prefer a bolder and more imposing appeal, Dark Walnut or Midnight Black Stain will work out perfectly. You can also choose an elegant, vintage charm for your wine cellars or a totally polished look by adding a Lacquer finish. Note that owing to the variety in grain patterns, you can play around with so many design possibilities. In addition, Redwood is exceedingly durable with much resistance against rot, mildew, insects, and decay. And as we never fail to emphasize, all our Redwood products come SFI-certified, making this wood choice the most eco-friendly one you can have!

All about the racks!

Among our collection of wine cellar wine rack kits, we are especially proud of our Traditional Redwood Wine Racks line. The superbly crafted racks in this series combine quality and style, enabling you to create a plethora of customized looks. The racks are specifically designed 72″ high, 8 3/4″ deep which you can easily assemble by screwing them together. They are highly space-efficient because you can actually attach two components together with the help of special braces. The racks are further constructed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking making it possible to match almost any ceiling configurations in a wine cellar.


While quality and style are not compromised in any way, the best part here is that the cost of the racks is easy on the pocket to boot. Elegance no longer needs to be equated with a scandalously expensive price tag. The Traditional Redwood Wine Racks kit can give you a custom built look for any type of wine cellar at a price you can definitely afford. Now, you can give your wine cellar a C rating while keeping everything under budget. C is for CLASS and this is exactly what you get thanks to the seamless, polished wine racking system that you can create with this amazing wine rack kit. Check out our Tech Tuesday episodes featuring super stunning residential and commercial wine cellars decked in Redwood wine racks to whet your visual appetite.

Recreate elegance and understated luxury in your wine cellars today with our Traditional Redwood Wine Racks kit. Simplicity with a twist is now the new chic!









WCI Wine Cellar Rack Kits: What Makes Them Click!

March 28th, 2012

The coming of the spring and summer seasons is the best time for home improvement projects. You have more than enough time to start and actually finish your project. So for this coming spring and summer, why not think about a wine cellar project for a change? If you do not own one yet, it’s high time to create one for your growing collection. Or, if you already have one, it’s time to remodel! So how do you this home improvement activity in the most affordable way possible without compromising on quality and style? Our wine cellar wine rack kits are the best way to go and we’re here to show you why!

1.  Wine cellar rack kits are FLEXIBILE.

Allow us to elucidate on this first important point. Flexibility in our wine cellar rack kits doesn’t just extend to function. It covers every essential aspect in custom wine cellar building: function, form, and cost. We have several wine cellar rack kits available to suit the needs of any wine cellar project, whether it’s a residential or commercial one. The racks are mostly designed in a semi-custom line for maximum wine racking options. Take for example our Vintner Series Collection which hosts our top-of-the line semi-custom wine racks in individual and bulk bottle storage.

For those who have to prioritize cost above everything else, we have kits designed especially for that purpose. The Designer Series Wine Racks kit is the ultimate blend of craftsmanship and cost. But you can also go with the even more practical WineMaker Series Collection, especially if you have limited space available for your wine cellar project. Whichever kit you choose, you can rest assured that quality is never sacrificed for affordability. Now for those who prefer style over anything else, the Rustic Pine Wine Racks kit or the Traditional Redwood Wine Racks can definitely quench the thirst for a distinct look, like going vintage or opting for elegance with a twist!

2. Wine cellar rack kits provide unlimited VARIETY.

We’ve already pretty much established how highly functional the kits are. Let’s now talk about the plethora of custom styles you can achieve with them. Note that as we have mentioned, the racks are designed with semi-custom configurations. These allow them to be racked, stacked, and wall-mounted in a variety of ways. Thus, regardless of the size of your wine cellar, you can always create a truly unique look for the same. Sneak a peek at our Tech Tuesday episodes every Tuesday to see what we mean.

Wine Rack with Corner Display

Apart from the standard curved and corner racks that come with most of our kits, we have also launched a super fabulous collection of Curvy Wine Cubes and Displays. The cubes are the freshest, most innovative things to hit the custom wine cellar market and are perfect for residential wine cellars with small spaces.

Corner Wine Rack

We would also like to make a shoutout to our extensive collection of metal wine racks, particularly our Vintage View Wine Racks Series. Metal wine racks are so dramatically stylish especially when combined with wood wine racks like our latest concoction for Eddie Merlot’s. In a residential set-up, you can accentuate the racks with a gorgeous wrought iron wine cellar door or gate.

3.  Wine cellar rack kits are FUN!

Home improvement projects should never stress you out. Otherwise, what’s the point in doing these? You’re supposed to feel exhilarated doing something special for your home. Plus, you’re supposed to feel a sense of fulfillment after you’re done. So when you’re planning on a wine cellar project, by all means have fun with it! Thanks to these wine cellar rack kits, it’s actually very possible to do that. Since the racks are superbly crafted, you will definitely enjoy putting them together and seeing the finished product. You will also have a grand time adding in accessories to highlight the racks and most especially your valuable collection.


We have some small wine racks that double as wine tasting tables and individual bottle storage racks for loose bottles. There are also a number of other accents you can work with like wine cellar art, ladders, custom moldings, cabinetry, and decorative hardware.

Mixing and matching the custom pieces will get your creative juices flowing and bring out the artist in you. AND, if you have a special someone to share your wine cellar project with, you will certainly enjoy doing it together. Last but not the least, you will not end up frustrated because the kits will really help make everything come together in your wine cellar.

Start your wine cellar project the WCI way and see how we make things click! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #76 – Remarkable Wine Cellar Closet Transformation with Vintner and Premium Redwood

March 27th, 2012

Hey, Tech Tuesday fans! It’s the last episode for this month so we’re going to go all out. This episode, we’re featuring another stunning wine cellar closet transformation. But this is far from just a standard wine cellar closet because it’s a stellar combination of the highly popular Vintner Series in Premium Redwood:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 200014
Wood: Premium Redwood, Vintner Series
Maximum Capacity:  816
Where: Prospect, KY

Midnight Black Wine Cellar


Those of us who are not too familiar with how a wine cellar closet transformation works would do well to closely observe today’s Tech Tuesday feature. If you noticed, we placed the maximum bottle capacity of this really compact wine cellar at over 800 wine bottles. That’s a pretty amazing feat for a floor space that constricted. But since we’re working with Vintner Series Wine Racks, anything is possible when it comes to outfitting any type of wine cellar.

The Vintner Series kit is really second to none when it comes to versatility. Whether you have a standard-sized wine cellar room, a huge, commercial one, or something really compact like that of our client in today’s episode, Vintner can still maximize all that available space. You get a seamless wine racking system that is so distinct despite the limited space provided. Thanks to the bevy of wine racking designs that come with this series, you can afford to be stylish regardless of the size of your wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Window


A helpful tip you can use with wine cellars that have limited space is to create the illusion of  one. Utilizing the right custom wine cellar lighting and opting for a glass-enclosed wine cellar closet like what the client cleverly did here makes everything look more spacious. Moreover, playing with the elements of glass and light will always give you an elegant result!

Let’s not also forget the propriety of the wood choice for today’s wine cellar project. Premium Redwood has always been hailed as a perfect choice for custom wine cellars, along with its sister specie Clear All-Heart Redwood. Naturally resistant to cool, humid atmosphere, the wood is most suitable for storing wine bottles in cramped spaces like this one. In addition, Premium Redwood comes in a variety of eye-catching grain patterns that show up wonderfully against dark stains. This is also why the Dark Walnut stain chosen by the client is simply perfect!

And that wraps up our final feature for this merry, merry month! We hope we have given oodles of inspirations for you guys to start crafting your own wine cellar transformations. Don’t forget to join us next week for amazing April’s line-up of more gorgeous wine cellar projects. Also, don’t forget that design consultation services here at WCI are always for free. So there’s no need to just keep looking when you can actually HAVE your own wine cellar transformation story to tell here! ^_^

Easy Steps To Custom Wine Cellar Satisfaction (WCI’s Guide For Beginners)

March 26th, 2012

We’re not about to take for granted the fact that some of the visitors of this blog are actually newbie wine cellar enthusiasts. This is what drew inspiration for  this article for the purpose of providing simple  yet useful information on how to start building your own wine cellars. We’ve thought about how difficult it is indeed to come up with custom wine cellar solutions when you barely know the basics. So here’s a simple compilation of essential wine cellar information you can definitely rely on!

The sizes…

You guys have heard us mention in several blogs that a custom wine cellar can be any size at all. Like location, size shouldn’t be a problem. But what exactly does size define when it comes to custom wine cellars? Let’s start with the basic wine cellar room. It can be any room in your home which you can create from scratch or an existing room which you can convert. This is why we have a lot of wine cellar room transformations in our Tech Tuesdays. Some popular examples are Basement Wine Cellars, Garage Renovations, and Under Stairwell Transformations.


Now there will certainly be times when a room can’t really be spared for a wine cellar project in your home. Still, you can undertake compact wine cellar projects with the help of ingenious ideas like Wine Cellar Closet transformations. What do we mean by these? It’s exactly as its namesake: a small closet space in a vacant corner in your home transformed into a wine cellar.  Custom refrigerated wine cabinets are also another version of this type of wine cellar. Check out this Tech Tuesday episode and it will give you a more visual illustration of this compact yet functional wine cellar alternative. And of course, last but not the least, we also have wine stores or win e establishments which technically fall under the commercial wine cellar classification.

The racks…

Elementary to any wine cellar project would be the wine racking system. Wine racks are certainly the life-blood of any wine cellar. For the newbie wine cellar enthusiast, wine racks may appear to be all the same so you might as well purchase a few racks and put them together in your wine cellar. This is definitely a huge mistake in custom wine cellar building. Wine racks are definitely not “all the same” but in fact, you have to select the right types of racks to turn out an organized wine racking system. Moreover, you have to take into account a number of essential factors with the racks, foremost of which is durability followed by functionality. You can achieve this if you have enough knowledge on wood choices for custom wine racks. In addition, there’s also the style and design of the racks to ensure that your wine cellar will come out in a seamless, perfect fit.

With the terms wine cellar rack kits, wine cubes, wine displays, wine merchandisers and so on, it can indeed get confusing for the uninitiated neophyte. Which racks are most suitable for your wine cellar and what should you or should you not observe when putting up your racking system? Try going through What’s In A Wine Cellar Rack to find out exactly what you should be looking for! Also, try to find out about the little details that are often overlooked when it comes to choosing the right wine racks in The Little Things That Count:  WCI Secrets To High-Quality Wine Racks. Plus, for a better understanding on the nature and purpose of commercial wine racks vis-à-vis standard ones, you can Get Cool, Classic, and Commercial with WCI Standard Wine Displays.

The accents…

This is another aspect in the creation of custom wine cellars that seem to boggle newbies. There are so many wine cellar accessories and accents to consider that a first-timer is bound to get a tad overwhelmed. But when it comes to choosing the most appropriate pieces to add form and flair to your wine cellars remember these golden rules:

  1. Simplicity is still always equivalent to beauty. You can aim for an unconventional look but never go overboard on the accents. Remember, they are for purposes of HIGHLIGHTING the major elements of your wine cellar, not to drown these out.
  2. Use key pieces that attract, not detract. Harmony and symmetry are still the guiding principles when it comes to designing a custom wine cellar. Think of it as dressing up. Even when you mix and match bold or clashing prints, you still have to make them come together one way or the other. Otherwise, you will just look funny instead of funky.
  3. An organized and polished look is always the end goal. Whether you choose to be fun and flirty, elegant with a twist, bold and sophisticated, and so on, keep in mind that you still have to put order in your wine cellar. A seamless wine racking system with everything in the right place should still be the ultimate result despite the  variety in style and design.

And so goes one of our lengthiest posts to date! But all of these are with good reason and it’s all because we want to bring all wine cellar enthusiasts the kind of wine cellar solutions they really need. But our number one recommended step for newbies is really this: talk to our experienced design consultants and avail of our free design services today!

Touches Of Spring In Your Wine Cellars

March 22nd, 2012

The naked earth is warm with Spring,
And with green grass and bursting trees
Leans to the sun’s kiss glorying,
And quivers in the sunny breeze.”

~Julian Grenfell

The beautiful season of spring is just peeking around the corner. Springtime is one of the most awaited seasons of the year because it signifies a new beginning, a fresh take on life. Spring is the symbol of change, literally, the turning over of a new leaf as nature once again begins to envelope the earth in color and beauty.

This is also one of the best times for us to initiate some wonderful changes in our wine cellars to greet the early beginnings of the season. Sprucing up our wine cellars for spring is definitely a fun project. Moreover, when you do it the WCI way, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Here are some of our sweet suggestions for touches of springtime in your wine cellars.

1. Add a dash of color!

Putting in touches of heartwarming spring in your wine cellars is as simple as placing gorgeous wine cellar art in strategic places. For example, customized hand-painted paintings or murals framed on a standard archway will surely bring forth a burst of color. Or if you have a more generous budget, you can commission onsite murals for a highly customized masterpiece. Our professional and extremely skilled wine cellar artists are willing to travel anywhere in the world to create breathtaking art painted directly on your wine cellar walls and ceilings.

2. Upgrade your wine cellar entryway!

We have emphasized many times over that a beautiful wine cellar door can really amp up the aesthetic value of any wine cellar. To greet the spring season, why not make your wine cellar entryway more attuned to the concept of Mother Nature at her grandest? Etched glass doors in delicate grapevine designs or Wrought Iron Grilles in exotic floral patterns certainly exude the proper spring flavor. You can also choose to go with standard full glass doors to capture the dazzling sunlight and enjoy the mirage of colors reflected on your prized collection

3. Go vintage!

There’s nothing like the spring season to rock an old-country charm for your wine cellars. Vintage-themed wine racks, cabinets, floors, and other wine cellar accessories are sure to be piping hot this season. You can start out by adding some of our uber popular and economical Vintage View Wine Racks. Or you can make a literally sweeping impression with our Vintage Wine Barrel flooring and match it with our Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops. You can also try out some Tumbled Stone art, tabletop, or countertop for an aged yet elegant appeal.

4. Stain it!

Upgrading the look of your wine cellar can be as easy and wonderfully affordable as touching up those racks and furniture with brand-new stains and finish options. But don’t just go staining them randomly! Go with the season and choose something literally spring-themed. For example, a Light Danish stain will bring out the golden hues of your wood, reminiscent of the glow of the first rays of sunlight in spring. A Lacquer Finish is also highly popular for a gleaming and timeless look to your wine cellar. And here’s a fun fact! Our stains and finishes are all water-based and totally environment-friendly. It’s just perfect for the spring season that celebrates the wonders of Mother Nature.

Make all things bright and beautiful in your wine cellars and usher in a warm and happy springtime! If you need more creative wine cellar design solutions, feel free to locate a WCI consultant near your area today or better yet, chat with one online for free.

Cut And Curved In All The Right Places

March 21st, 2012

Standard wine cellar racks are fine if you want standard-looking wine cellars. But why settle for something ordinary when you can very well afford something unique and custom-made? Perhaps the idea of customizing something for our wine cellars scares us because we think it’s expensive. That’s just a big misconception. You can put up an affordable yet outstanding quality wine cellar racking system so long as you know where to find the right products and services.

Contemporary, functional, and stylish to the core!

Designing distinct wine cellar racks is not just an objective but a passion with us here at WCI. That’s why we are able to bring our clientele a varied selection of wine cellar racks, furniture, and other accessories that combine functionality, style, and even affordability in a most attractive package. We are not afraid to experiment on wine cellar solutions and we approach it from a rational yet flexible point of view. This rationale is what led us to built exceptional custom wine cellars for our growing clientele and develop unique wine cellar products like our Curvy Wine Cubes.

We have talked about our cubes when they were launched last year. However, it’s also time to take another look at these funky babies that has revolutionized the concept of custom wine racking for both residential and commercial wine cellars. The cubes sport highly unique configurations that allow them to be racked, stacked, or wall-mounted just about anywhere in your home and wine cellars. They look simply smashing but those curves aren’t just there for show. The ergonomic assembly of the racks allows them to span even the uneven corners of a wine cellar room, creating a smooth and flowing transition from floor wall.

And lots of new flavors added to the mix!

Premium RedwoodSure, it’s a metaphorical way to put, but that’s exactly what’s going on with our gorgeous Curvy Wine Cubes collection. Since the launch of the cubes last year, we’ve been hard at work upgrading them to make way for more sophisticated design options. Apart from the standard concave and convex cubes available in Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine, we have taken to expanding our curvy wine cube displays especially for commercial wine storage purposes. Check out these fabulous new cube stackers in both individual and bulk storage options:

Note that we’ve also added in more custom stain and finish options to enable you to match the cubes and displays with the existing décor in your home and wine cellars. We’re not stopping any time soon, too! We have so many more plans to continuously improve our Curvy Wine Cubes line in particular and our entire custom wine racking collection general. This is again, owing to both our passion and goal to provide only the best of wine cellar solutions to wine cellar enthusiasts everywhere. So why settle for something ordinary when you can build something exceptional at an unbelievable custom price? All you have to do is bring your wine cellar problems to us and let us work together in solving them!

Technical Tuesday Episode #75: Commercial Wine Island Displays

March 20th, 2012

If  “these boots were made for walking,” then try these wine racks on for size! It’s yet another fun and funky Tech Tuesday for all of you Tech Tuesday fans out there. We have the most yummy collection of Commercial Wine Racks to share with everyone for this episode:

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 218254
Wood: Premium Redwood, Commercial Wine Island Displays
Maximum Capacity:  None
Where: Williamsburg, VA

Commercial Wine Display Islands

After a slew of features focusing on residential wine cellars, it’s about time we paid some focus on another commercial one. Moreover, it’s about time we show a little love to some of the freestanding units in WCI’s standard commercial wine racks series. Case in point: these  stunning wine display islands and merchandisers.

Wine display islands are a perfect way to showcase a wine store’s best-selling wines. They are one of our most popular commercial wine racks to date since they combine function and form in one eye-catching package. From the images here, you can see an array of Premium Wine Display Racks mostly in Premium Redwood.

Premium Wine Display Racks

When you own a commercial wine establishment as busy as our client’s you have to consider store traffic. The right kinds of racks will not only help boost more sales but you are doing great service to your loyal patrons as well as the newcomers. For example, the Premium Double Tier Double Deep Island Wine Display Rack allows you to display your top-selling wines on top while providing convenient individual bottle storage for dozens more at the bottom.

As you can see here, the display islands can be placed side by side to create a smooth, flowing racking display for hundreds of wine bottles. However, you can also choose to place the islands separately in high-traffic areas in your store. Note that the units are freestanding and can work independently from other wine racking components.

Premium Circular Merchandiser

The client also purchased our Premium Circular Merchandiser, Premium Quarter Round Display, and Premium Waterfall Vertical Bin. Again, these units are freestanding and can be placed in strategic sections of your store to enhance its overall visual appeal. Look at how much more dramatic the set-up looks with the Premium Quarter Round Display located in the middle of the establishment. Once the wine bottles are up for display, this will certainly draw the attention of your customers to some of your most prized labels.

Worthy of mention is the fact that these display islands and merchandisers com e with optional vinyl base and casters for better functionality and space-efficiency. The vinyl base is available in black or brown and serves protect the bottom of your racks from being constantly kicked the busy horde of wine patrons.  On the other hand, the optional casters enable you to move the racks from one part of the store to another and make super efficient adjustments to create more storage space for new stocks.

Williamsburg Pottery wine racks

The client opted to go with unstained Premium Redwood which goes really well with the store’s existing interior design. Premium Redwood’s soft, creamy pinkish color and gorgeous grain patterns are highlighted beautifully by the warm sunlight wafting into the room. Plus, it’s nice to know that our Tech Tuesday feature is making an eco-friendly choice by choosing our SFI-certified Redwood.

Remember that famous line, “If the shoe fits?” Well here at WCI, we make it our goal to manufacture wine racks that fit any wine cellar to a T. Tune in again next Tech Tuesday for our last and final wine cellar transformation feature for the merry month of March.  Have a wonderful week ahead, wine cellar lovers! ♥


Wine Cellar Transformations: Why They Never Cease To Amaze

March 19th, 2012

 “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”

~ Dorothy Parker ~

Why is it that we cannot really tear ourselves away from this kind of plot no matter how repetitive it can get: Girl or boy starts of as shy, awkward, and totally clueless when it comes to fashion. Then, either because of a love interest or the need for social acceptance, the protagonist decides to undergo a makeover. Or else, some ally or sidekick decides to do it for him or her.

Next scene, you see a totally transformed person looking really different from the original nerdy kid. Plus, he struts his stuff with confidence and gradually begins to appreciate and work on his potentials. Ending: either the protagonist gets the love interest or doesn’t but becomes a huge success anyway.

Indeed, there is something about these “transformation” plots that border on the Cinderella theme that really appeal to almost any type of audience. It’s not about shallow vanity but it’s more like because even with the same plot, we come to realize and be reminded of our self-worth – that if we just do our best to improve ourselves, nothing is impossible. And isn’t that true about our wine cellars as well?

Notice that every Tech Tuesday, we run a featured wine cellar here on our blog. Each week, it’s a different wine cellar, whether residential or commercial. But if you would look at it, it’s still the same transformation plot as well. Nonetheless, each feature never ceases to capture our fancy and our imagination. Now don’t go on telling us you guys don’t get inspired or your artistic flames don’t get sparked by those eye-catching images of custom-made wine cellars.

Human nature does dictate that the appeal to the visual appetite is certainly the strongest. Even if we deny it, look at how we initially react to a beautiful face! It’s the same principle with inanimate objects such as wine cellars. We get enthralled by wine cellars that are beautifully designed and when those wine bottles are displayed in a highly unique and elegant way. This is why putting together a custom wine racking system with functional yet stylish wine racks is really essential.

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.” 

~ Edgar Allan Poe ~

And it’s not all about the wine racks either. What catches our eye with wine cellar transformations is how every detail comes together to create a harmonious and balanced symmetry of system and style. For example, look at how putting a choice piece of wine cellar art in a standard wine cellar archway can add color and life to any wine cellar. Or notice selecting the right wine cellar flooring or ceiling can redefine an entire wine cellar room. And even with just closet transformations, witness how playing with the elements of custom wine cellar lighting and glass can create an ethereal aura.

Now if you guys think it’s all skin-deep, wine cellar transformations don’t stop just there. Our awe-inspiring Tech Tuesdays are enough proofs of what we call as “soulful” transformations. These consist of customizing essential elements of wine storage like wine refrigeration units, cooling systems, and humidifiers. So it’s not just about making wine bottles look gorgeous all the time but it’s essentially about keeping them in the best of taste conditions.

Moreover, our continued thrust to manufacture eco-friendly wine cellar products speaks on just how we aim to transform wine cellars inside and out. From our wood choices down to our stain and finish options, we’ve managed to combine quality and beauty to bring about meaningful wine cellar transformations.

So if you’re still wondering why these “transformation” tales just never grow old, think of how everyone deep down inside always wants to put his best foot forward. Think about how every wine cellar enthusiast always wants his wine cellar to be hailed as a beauty, inside and out. With that, the answer becomes as clear as the bottles that sparkle in your wine cellar. Remember, it may sound sly but Cinderella couldn’t possibly have won the Prince’s heart at first glance with just her rags! So don’t hold back and embark on your own wine cellar transformation today ^_^.

Step Into Some Fab Wine Cellar Flooring Only At WCI!

March 15th, 2012

It’s time to throw a little light on the value of having a super attractive yet equally durable wine cellar flooring. We may not realize it but one of the elements in a wine cellar that is most often taken for granted is the flooring. This may be because we think just putting in something durable is enough. But it certainly isn’t especially if you’re a true blue wine enthusiast. If you’re seeking a custom look for your wine cellar, it means that every last detail should be taken into consideration, even something seemingly less significant like your wine cellar flooring.

Simple or intricate, you name it, we’ve got it!

If you haven’t checked out our gorgeous selection of wine cellar flooring designs, you’ve really been missing out on a lot! Our floor designs are indubitably attractive as much as they are resilient. They are made from outstanding quality materials that are perfect in helping maintain ideal wine storage conditions in your wine cellar. Most flooring selections are either just all about the quality or all about the appearance of the wine cellar floor. But when you talk about WCI wine cellar flooring, you’re talking about quality and style merged into one fabulous package.


Now for those of you who prefer a simple and classic wine cellar flooring that won’t detract from the design of an elaborate wine racking system, Cork Flooring is an excellent option. Cork floors are naturally beautiful and highly durable. Plus, they are eco-friendly since cork is a rapidly renewable source. You can also go for the Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring for an elegant yet eye-popping look that lends an authentic old-country charm to your wine cellars. This is one wine flooring option that is so highly personalized because each plank is a unique design all on its own. Thus, no matter how many wine cellars are outfitted with this floor design, each one will still come out beautifully distinct.

For wine cellar enthusiasts that desire a little more drama or perhaps seek a more romantic touch to their floors, Painted Tile Flooring or Mosaic Flooring may be right up your alley. You will certainly be amazed at our extensive and delectable selection of original painted tile designs that can add that dreamy appeal you’ve been wanting in your wine cellar. Each tile is fully customizable, depending on your preference. Simply provide us with the images you desire or allow our talented professional wine cellar artists come up with a masterpiece for you. Our Mosaic Flooring also sports more or less similar features with the additional option for materials such as antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain.

In providing wine cellar solutions to everyone’s wine cellar needs, we’ve always adhered to the unspoken principle that beauty and function is a necessary tandem. But when it comes to wine cellar flooring, we’ve gone all out to make things even more amazing. Our wine cellar flooring products are affordable and eco-friendly to boot and if they don’t tickle your fancy right about now, then we don’t know what will. Head on over to our online store today and turn that wine cellar into as knockout, from top to bottom! Plus, we’re having a whopping 10% off on our Vintage Wine Barrel Cooperage Flooring so hurry up and get those orders in today before everything gets sold out.

Reasons Why It Has To Be Wine Cellar Innovations

March 14th, 2012

You probably can buy wine racks anywhere and with online shopping as big as it is today, it’s even easier to buy online. But hear us out just for today as we lay down the reasons why when it comes to wine racks and custom wine cellars, you can’t do better than WCI. When we’re done with our tome, we’re crossing our fingers than in one way or the other, we’ve managed to get the message across!

1. We never compromise on quality.

Manufacturing quality wine racks and building quality custom wine cellars is not just work for us. It’s a passion that fuels us every day to improve our products and services. That’s why when we create custom wine cellars, we take into account every little detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem to the uninitiated. For instance, we provide a wide range of wood choices for the wine racks but we also make it a point to educate our clientele on the top wood options. This makes it possible for them to see the difference when it comes to durability, resistance to warping and shrinking, grain patterns, and other features.

Before you purchase our racks, you can actually chat online with one of our design specialists who can apprise you with your product choice! This makes it possible to have all your queries and doubts put to rest before parting with your precious dollars. We actually give the highest assurance that you are aware of the quality of the wine cellar products you’re purchasing.

2. We keep Mother Nature safe and happy.

This is something we are really very proud of. We’re not shooting off at the mouth here but we do find it an exceptional achievement to manufacture high-quality wine cellar products that are at the same time eco-friendly. Our wine racks are crafted from wood products that bear the SFI seal of approval, particularly our Redwood. With SFI-certification under our belts, we give customers a one hundred percent guarantee that all our Redwood products were manufactured in an environmentally safe manner.

Apart from this, our cabinet-grade plywood for wine cellar furniture is officially formaldehyde-free. We’ve recently complied with the national Formaldehyde Standards for composite wood products and we’re still expanding the program to our other wood products. And last but certainly not the least, we utilize only water-based stains, lacquers, and finishes in our racks and other wine cellar furniture. Without scrimping on quality, we still do our part to keep our environment clean and green and care for our customer’s health, too!

3. We can match anyone for cost.

Indeed we can! If you still haven’t heard of our Commercial Wine Racking Guarantee, you need to get those mouse buttons clicking. We guarantee not only the quality of our products but also their prices. Our Commercial Product Price Match Guarantee easily assures customers that when they buy from us, they get nothing but the best pricing for our commercial product lines. This means that when more or less similar products are sold by other manufacturers at a lower price, we can match up to this so long as the necessary conditions concur.

4. We evolve and revolutionize!

Sure, we provide standard wine racking systems, wine cellar furniture, and accessories, but we do not just stick to the typical designs. We provide our clientele with contemporary racks, displays, and other products that can really properly define the word “custom.” For example, check out our Curvy Wine Cubes and Displays for a contemporary feel to any wine cellar. Or go vintage with a twist with our Vintage View Wine Racks! Plus, it’s worth poring over our custom wine cabinets like our Vinotheque, Wine Sentinel, and Le Cache series which are really a class all on their own. And our exquisite collection of wine cellar art is no slouch for style and elegance either.

So if you look at it, it’s not a matter of asking “Why choose WCI?” It’s more like, “Why shouldn’t you choose WCI!” Take the grand tour today and uncover even more reasons why when it comes to custom wine racks and wine cellars, it just has to be US and no one else!

Technical Tuesday Episode #74: Golden Wine Cellar Opportunities with Platinum and All-Heart Redwood Wine Racks in Dark Walnut

March 13th, 2012

“A bottle of good wine, like a good act, shines ever in the retrospect.”

~   Robert Louis Stevenson  ~

For good wine to shine even more and be at its finest, it needs to be stored in an equally good wine cellar. This is basically what our Tech Tuesdays are made of. We help bring to life wine cellar dreams not just for aesthetic purposes but more importantly, to give each bottle in your collection the best of wine storage conditions. So here’s what we have for you Tech Tuesday fans today:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 204754
Wood: All-Heart Redwood, Platinum
Maximum Capacity: 2369 bottles
Where: Lubbock, TX

Today’s featured residential wine cellar literally gives us a golden opportunity to appreciate the wonders of custom wine cellar lighting. From the image, you can see how custom LED downlights have beautifully highlighted the unsung corners of the wine racking system. The reddish-brown hues of Clear All-Heart Redwood are accentuated by the rich glow, making everything appear so vintage and quaint.

Now on to the wine racks. The client chose none other than the Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks. Needless to say, it’s one of the more excellent choices you can make for a custom wine cellar transformation. The Platinum Series’ flexibility knows no bounds. It can create an amazingly unique wine cellar from its versatile racks that can accommodate any ceiling height. Whether you have a wine room or a mere wine cellar closet, you can still achieve maximum wine bottle storage in full depth style.

The racks are all dressed up in Dark Walnut stain to showcase a deep, golden hue. This matches perfectly with the natural wood color of Clear All-Heart Redwood is famous for its bevy of beautiful grain patterns that show up really well against darker colored stains. If you notice from the images, the stain option makes the racks appear more luxurious and elegant. Again, we’d like to emphasize that choosing Redwood for your wine cellars is an eco-friendly solution worthy of mention every time. Since all our Redwood are SFI-Certified, this means that you create wine cellars that have minimal impact on the environment.


Here we can see row upon row of Platinum’s adjustable shelf cabinets and wine displays forming an easy transition from wall to floor. The huge selection of racks from the Platinum Series can be mixed and match in so many ways for infinite design options. Plus, the stylish diamond wine racks included in this series give such a unique, aesthetic touch to any wine racking system. Also, it goes without saying that you can maximize the full floor area of your wine room, like our client here. See how THIS particular wine cellar has managed to hold over 2000 bottles!

We are all for the combination of tumbled stone walls and flooring with the dark-stained wine racks. The contrast in color and material works so well to create a totally unique look for the wine cellar closet. The design is reminiscent of castles and dungeons in the Victorian Era with a modern twist.


Of course, since we’re talking about Platinum here, trimming uneven corners even in a limited space is positively do-able. See how smoothly those stubborn corners are evened out thanks to the series’ corner and curved wine racks.  From Radiused Curved Corner Custom Wine Racks to  Angled Curved Corner Racks  and Square Corners, Platinum has all the necessary solutions you need. Read up on our special Guide To Cutting Corners In Your Wine Cellar and never be inconvenienced again!



And so goes another fascinating wine cellar transformation for this week. If you’re interested in a wine cellar closet like this one, do not waste time and avail of our free design consultation services today. We are only too happy to accommodate any and all wine cellar design requests! Chat with our experienced design specialists and give your prized collection only the most ideal of wine storage conditions. See you guys next week!

Le Cache Wine Cabinets: A Harmony Of Function And Flair

March 12th, 2012

The basics of wine storage should never be taken for granted. No matter how small or sizeable your collection is, you owe it to yourself and of course, your prized bottles, to keep them under ideal storage conditions. Extreme heat or cold can be murder on your delicate wines which is why a highly functional and efficient wine refrigeration system is indispensable. WCI offers wine refrigeration solutions that answer to any type of wine cellar, from rooms and basements to closet and under stairwell transformations. But apart from functionality, we’ve also incorporated a highly unique sense of style into all our wine refrigeration systems, particularly our refrigerated wine cabinets.

Classic with a modern twist…

There’s no other way to describe the Le Cache refrigerated wine cabinets that were introduced only late last year as the new additions to WCI’s line of custom wine refrigerated cabinets. The absolutely gorgeous, hand-crafted cabinets are made from premium, high-quality wood materials that help maintain outstanding wine storage conditions. The cabinets come in a bevy of designs that appear simple yet stunning.

There are basically five style categories for this collection. Each one caters to a specific style preference so there’s no way you won’t be able to find a cabinet that won’t go with your wine cellar’s existing décor. For example, the Contemporary Wine Cabinets series showcase a contemporary design as befitting its name. Nonetheless, the design can perfectly mesh with modern, Craftsman, Deco or Asian decors. Check out the other fab style categories in this collection:

And comes with customized functionality!

You heard it right. Not only can style and design be customized with our refrigerated wine cabinets but also their functionality. How is this possible? Well first off, you have a choice with the kind of CellaPro units you’d want to incorporate in the cabinets depending upon the size, location, and other elements surrounding your wine cellar. If you are unsure of the heat load specification, you can always request for a heat load calculation to be done and choose a unit that literally fits the bill.

Apart from the actual wine cooling unit, you can also customize the vent configurations. Note that this option doesn’t apply to the Credenza line, though. And of course, the other external features of the cabinets allow you to exercise full temperature and environment control over your wine cellar. The electronic thermostat, adjustable humidity control, energy-saver and quick-chill modes, as well as top-vent exhaust make for complete and consistent storing conditions. This certainly allows all your wine bottles to age at a graceful pace and keeps them in the peak of taste conditions.


Here at WCI, when we talk of custom wine cellar solutions, this doesn’t just refer to elements at face-value like style and structure. Functionality, space-efficiency, and even affordability, can all be “customize” to suit our clients’ wine cellar needs. The amazing harmony of function and flair in our refrigerated wine cabinets is just one proof of that. Learn more about our products and services and how we take “custom” wine cellars to a whole new level. Live chat with a professional design specialist today or check out our custom wine cellar design consultation process.

WCI’s Guide To Cutting Corners In Your Wine Cellar

March 8th, 2012

A rough survey would show that one of the biggest frustrations of almost any wine cellar enthusiast is how to manage corners in a wine cellar room. Those uneven curves and corners in your wine cellar can indeed prove to be quite a challenge. But we’re not called Wine Cellar Innovations for nothing. We’ve risen up to the challenge in providing solutions to any and all wine cellar problems over the years. So when it comes to cutting corners and curves in your wine cellars, it’s right up our alley as well. Here’s a quick and simple guide to trimming those stubborn, uneven areas in your wine cellar and utilizing every inch of space along the way!

1. 90 Degree True Radiused Curved Corner Custom Wine Rack

90 Degree True Radiused Curved Corner Custom Wine RackFor sure, corner wine racks should be utilized if you want to even out those inconvenient nooks and crannies in your wine cellar. However, standard corner racks won’t be as efficient as custom ones. Our 90 Degree True Radiused Curved Corner Custom Wine Racks are on a totally different level that the ordinary ones with standard configurations. With their specially designed curved inside corners, the racks can easily hug those uneven corners in the room. This allows for the creation of a smooth and flowing transition from one rack to the other. We’ve further upgraded this curved corner wine rack line to answer to even the most obstinate sharp corners and of course, to finish off your wine racking system with dramatic flair.

2. 45 Degree True Radiused Curved Corner Custom Wine Rack
45 Degree True Radiused Curved Corner Custom Wine Rack

If the shape of your wine cellar room is unusually rounded, the 45 Degree True Radiused Curved Corner Custom Wine Rack is your best bet on evening everything out. The unique configurations of the rack are designed in a semi-custom way to perfectly flow around the room and streamline those curved edges. The inside corners of the rack were created to store wine or champagne-sized bottles in comfy individual bottles storage. The outer wine displays enable you to display your best bottles in a very accessible and attractive manner. This rack combines function and style in an effortless way for a truly gorgeous yet space-efficient wine racking system!

3. Angled Curved Corner Custom Wine Rack

Now who says you can’t have variety in your wine racking system just because of those sharp or irregular corners in your wine cellar? The Angled Curved Custom Wine Rack allows you to join together individual and bulk storage options by giving everything a seamless fit. The rack’s flexible four 22 ½ degree angles form a 90 degree transition from wall to wall, practically eliminating any unsightly corners. This rack also comes with the High Reveal Wine Display Row model for a more stunning display alternative of your choicest bottles. Add in commercial custom wine cellar lighting to highlight your prize collection to the fullest!
Angled Curved Corner Custom Wine Rack with High Reveal Wine Display Row
4. 90 Degree Square Corner

Our wine cellar solutions always take into account three things: functionality, style, and affordability. The latter element is probably what makes our wine racks go even a notch higher above the rest. In battling those crappy corner issues, you don’t really have to force yourself to purchase custom corner wine racks if your budget won’t permit it. The 90 Degree Square Corner Custom Wine Rack is a more practical alternative which is still just as functional and stylish.
90 Degree Square Corner Custom Wine Rack
You can combine two standard wine racks together and form a 90 degree squared corner to even out those stubborn areas in your wine cellar. For a seamless and custom fit, it’s suggested you miter the space bars at the corner sections. You can also utilize custom crown and base moldings as well as with any other custom curved corner rack to ensure a perfect fit!

And once again, we’ve satisfactorily lived up to our name by “innovating” wine cellar concepts to bring only the most practical and funky solutions to all your wine cellar needs. So if you have any more problems or issues concerning your wine cellar projects, feel free to talk with us through out Live Chat feature. Our experienced and amiable design specialists will always have time for you!

Celebrating The Beauty Of Rustic Pine

March 7th, 2012

Rustic Pine has been labeled as one of the top five wood choices for quality wine cellars. It holds top spot together with Redwood and Mahogany. However, it’s pretty interesting to note that there are not too many wine cellars that really utilize Rustic Pine for their wine racking system. Whether this is intentional or a mere oversight, we’re not the ones to judge but what we do know is this: it’s high time wine cellar enthusiasts start appreciating just how amazing a wood choice Rustic Pine is. Rustic Pine Wine Racks When it comes to custom wine cellars, this is pretty much the wood choice to go for when you’re after a truly authentic vintage feel. So let’s chalk up the reasons why Rustic Pine should remain on top of our list.

Exceptional quality in an affordable package…

Among the top five wood choices for custom wine cellars, it’s only Rustic Pine that showcases a soft creamy color but contrasted with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. That’s why it’s called a “knotty grade of wood.” This makes for the wood’s really “rustic” appearance. When translated to wine racks and wine cellar furniture, it gives a very old country charm that is so warm and nostalgic.

As far as quality is concerned, there is no question as to the resiliency of Rustic Pine. It is highly durable and can withstand warping, shrinking, and decay. But apart from this, the knotty characteristic of the wood makes it possible to turn out a bigger yield while maintaining low cost harvest and manufacturing. This means choosing Rustic Pine can actually give you the best value by price per bottle. Unstained, this wood is naturally gorgeous. However, Rustic Pine also sports a bevy of beautiful grain patterns that show up really well against custom stains and finishes.

Vintage chic style coupled with function!

When it comes to achieving an authentic vintage charm for your wine cellars, no other wood choice can give you a better result than Rustic Pine. It’s natural “rustic” characteristics combine the elegance of an old-country feel with the charisma of modern-day sophistication. We’ve affectionately termed this “vintage with a twist” and to date, we cannot imagine any other wood option being able to produce such a unique combination.

Rustic Pine Wine Glass Rack

But its beauty notwithstanding, the wood is indeed a front runner for function as well. Rustic Pine showcases both quality and strength and these are clearly visible in Rustic Pine wine racks or furniture. Take for example our Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection that has been cleverly designed to carry a line of semi-custom wine racks. The racks can be easily assembled, mixed and matched to create cellar upon cellar of super unique wine racking systems. The racks are structurally sound and space-efficient, owing to Rustic Pine’s flexibility during the manufacturing process.

Here at WCI, we try to incorporate Rustic Pine as much as possible as a wood choice in almost all our products. We have long seen and appreciated just how unique this wood specie really is and we want to share that with every wine cellar enthusiast. Take some time to browse over our Rustic Pine products such as our Rustic Pine Wine Rack Kits, Curvy Wine Cubes, and our versatile Commercial Wine Racks and Displays. Together, let’s celebrate and enjoy the beauty of this remarkable wood choice in our wine cellars!

Technical Tuesday Episode #73: Eddie Merlots Returns Fabulously Decked in Platinum and Vintage View Racks in All-Heart Redwood

March 6th, 2012

It’s the first Tech Tuesday for the merry month of March! Are you guys ready for what we have in store for you today? You should because it was only last year that we featured the gorgeous wine room from Eddie Merlots in Louisville.  Today, we’ll be showing you guys just how we manage to achieve guaranteed customer satisfaction as we once again another wine cellar transformation for Merlots in Fort Wayne.

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 214053
Wood: All-Heart Redwood/Platinum; Vintage View
Maximum Capacity:  1632 bottles
Where: Fort Wayne, IN

Eddie Merlot Wine Room

Here we have a stellar combination of some of the best elements WCI’s custom wine racking products. It’s the Platinum Series and Vintage View Wine Racks all over again in this classic display of form and function.  When it comes to providing for the most versatile of wine racking choices, the Platinum Series is the only way to go. We have decked out dozens of custom wine cellars in a plethora of unique combinations of individual and bulk storage options. Nobody has blamed us so far for being monotonous when it comes to style!

The absolute best thing about combining the Platinum Series with Vintage View  Wine Racks is that you can achieve a wholly distinct look for your wine cellar. Notice how Eddie’s newest brainchild utilizes more or less similar elements with its previous wine cellar transformation. Yet, the overall look is still highly unique while exuding the same air of polish and elegance as all its other wine cellars designed by WCI. Of course, the fact that it’s the Platinum Series means you can’t beat it for functionality as well!

Glass Enclosed Wine Racks

This image just goes to show how glass-enclosed wine cellars can really deliver an eye-catching and elegant appeal to any wine cellar. Eddie’s wine room looks so bright and ethereal thanks to the play of warm LED lighting on the glass panels. Notice how the wine racks are beautifully enhanced by this light-and-glass combo. We’d also like to mention just how well the upholstery of those comfy chairs match with the  creamy, subtle color of the All-Heart Redwood wine racks.

Eddie’s also purchased our top-of-the line WineZone Replacement Ductless Split Condensing unit to keep everything in this lovely nest of a wine room luxuriously cool and comfy. For those who are still not acquainted with our quality wine refrigeration units, it’s time you should check them out and see how you can achieve the ideal wine storage conditions for your prized collections. You can learn more about our outstanding Wine Refrigeration Choices and Get Total Environment Control In Your Wine Cellars and how you can customize even your wine cellar cooling systems.

Eddie Merlot's Wine Cellar Ladder

Check out this really funky wine cellar ladder! The client purchased our Red Oak Ladder, one of our popular accessories from our stylish collection of custom wine cellar ladders. We also carry uniquely designed step stools to put in an interesting to your wine rooms. You can shop for quality crafted wine cellar accents in our online store to cap off a complete wine cellar transformation.

Before we bid adieu, here’s something we’re truly proud to let everyone know. We have in fact done a lot of Eddie Merlots’ wine rooms all over the country! It’s truly heartwarming to realize just how satisfied our customers are with our custom design consultation services and products. When they always come back to us for solutions to their wine cellar dilemmas, it inspires us to do our best a hundred times over. So let us inspire you as well! Take time to go over our online store, chat with our professional design consultant, or avail of our free wine cellar design consultation services. We look forward to building the next awesome wine cellar transformation for YOU!

A New Kind Of Old Or An Old Kind Of New?

March 5th, 2012

Have you guys ever considered asking why we named ourselves Wine Cellar Innovations? Today, we hope to answer that question for you. Our history and background aside, it’s simply all about the word “innovation.” You might be familiar with the term which basically connotes development, modernization, or just plain, old improvement.

WCI is actually all about that. Our main thrust is to bring about fresh, new concepts to the world of wine cellars and in doing so, we also seek to re-invent existing ideas. Such goal is clearly visible in both our products and services. If you look at it logically, there’s really nothing “new” in the wine cellar biz in the technical sense of the word. Wine racks would still be wine racks and so with wine refrigeration, wine furniture, accessories, and so on. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t innovate and bring in a new kind of old or old kind of new!

Reinventing wine racking systems…

The concept of wine racks should just be all about having a place to store your wine bottles. This is especially true if you’re talking about “custom” wine cellars. This is why our goal is always to reinvent all aspects of a wine rack, from function down to style. For example, we’ve come up with Curvy Wine Cubes that are both efficient and fun to store your wine bottles and other specialty drinks in. Unique in all aspects from appearance to assembly, the Curvy Cubes and Displays have given a whole new perspective to wine cellar enthusiasts in outfitting their wine cellars.

Let’s also talk about our commercial wine racks. We have “standard” wine displays that were patterned from the most popular custom options that have been in demand by wine retailers whose stores we have outfitted over the years. But we also carry a custom line that carries a wide range of wine racking options that can be further personalized to create really distinct wine cellar racking designs. Worthy of note are our corner and curved wine racks, gorgeous diamond bins, and wine lockers that make for super secure bottle storage.

Last but not the least, we also launched our wine cellar wine rack kits to add the indispensable element of affordability to function and style in wine cellar building. Wine rack kits may not be the newest thing to hit the wine cellar market but the way we put them together certainly is. Our kits all carry wine racks in a semi-custom line with flexible configurations that you can rack and stack to create limitless design combinations. Wood options for the racks as well as the plethora of stains and custom finishes we provide make for effortless personalization of any wine racking system.

Recreating wine refrigeration solutions!

Perhaps some wine cellar enthusiasts would tell you that as long as you have a good wine refrigeration system, that’s all you need to keep your collection in proper storage conditions. We do agree with the fact that maintaining ideal wine storage conditions is a must in any wine cellar. But we’re not called Wine Cellar Innovations for nothing! Who said you can’t make wine storage be attractive as well?

With this in mind, we have developed a line of custom refrigerated wine cabinets providing any kind of wine cellar with all-in-one storage solutions. Custom-built refrigerated cabinets are especially practical when you have limited space in your home for an actual wine cellar room. They go perfectly with the concept of a wine cellar closet because they can be scaled down to the exact dimensions. Our line of custom refrigerated cabinets has recently expanded to include more stunning additions like the French-inspired Le Cache Wine Cabinets.

So for those who are still about to ask why we call ourselves Wine Cellar Innovations, the answer is as obvious as the products and services we provide. We love to restructure, reinvent, and recreate the good old concepts for wine cellar solutions and from there, help everyone realize new and bigger wine cellar dreams. ^_^

Taking a Peek at Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops and a Custom Cigar Humidor

March 1st, 2012

Anything vintage is just too elegant for words.  And when it comes to custom wine cellars, vintage is the new chic. So let’s take a look at how one of our clients took advantage of a simple, little addition to his wine racking system: Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletop. We felt positively elated with these gorgeous shots he sent us of the finished product!

Using it to top off the custom-built cigar humidor, the entire set-up exudes elegance with a twist. Our cigar humidors are crafted to your specifications so you can be assured of a seamless, perfect fit like the beautiful humidor we are proudly showcasing here:

As far as decorative elements are concerned, tabletops and countertops are one of your best bets. Easy to install and highly unique, custom tabletops provide a wonderful addition to any wine racking system and the client here certainly made an excellent choice with the Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletop.

We’d like you guys to take note that aesthetic charm notwithstanding, this wine barrel tabletop is probably the most eco-friendly option you can make. It’s crafted entirely from reclaimed wood components from wine barrels which simply means that the materials used are actual wine barrels that have been aged over time. It also bears mentioning that each reclaimed wood component has been carefully inspected as it goes through our meticulous manufacturing process for quality, color, and structural integrity.

We hope you guys noticed those little writings on the wine barrel tabletop because they are actually the marks of a true custom-made and hand-finished product. Those marks are COOPERAGE and INFUSION marks. Cooperage would refer to the outside portion of the wine barrelhead, bearing those distinct markings that are used to identify the barrel’s original contents. Infusion refers to the pieces inside the barrel. The older the wine barrel is, the darker and richer the color becomes not because of any staining done or custom finish but the gorgeous burgundy color hails especially from gracefully aged wine.

There’s really something to be said about wine cellar racks and other furniture pieces that are crafted from All-Heart Redwood. Apart from the wine racks, the custom cigar humidor we have here boasts of our SFI-certified All-Heart Redwood. The harmony of colors and architectural symmetry of the racks, tabletop, and humidor make everything just picture-perfect!

It’s always a heartwarming moment when loyal patrons take the time to share their wine cellar experiences and give uplifting testimonials about our products. This is what we work hard every day for – client satisfaction and fulfillment of wine cellar dreams! Chat with our design specialists today and avail of our free design consultation services at just the click of that mouse button ^_^.