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How To Be Commercially Chic In Montgomery County

February 23rd, 2012

Today, let’s take a little visual trip to Maryland, specifically Montgomery County. The Montgomery Department of Liquor Control purchased some commercial wine racks from WCI a while back and sent in these super gorgeous shots!

Needless to say, we were extremely pleased at how they dressed up these commercial wine displays with a plethora of colorful collections. ┬áBut even more than this, we were really just happy with the wonderful feedback they gave on our products. They enthusiastically described the displays as “just beautiful” and did their varied collection of alcoholic beverages justice.

We were totally hyped when we saw these images because we found out the Department actually purchased a LOT from our commercial wine rack section. Here we can see how tastefully they arranged everything on the Premium Triple Tier Maximizer, the Premium Six Shelf Vertical Display, as well as the Premium Radiused Curved Corner Display-6 Shelf.

Notice, too, what a nice artistic touch the Premium Waterfall End Cap and Premium Waterfall Vertical Bin give to the entire racking system. Since the Depatment’s main thrust is to provide efficient and quality wholesale and retail sales of alcoholic beverages, these wine racks and displays offer a most effective solution to organizing their extensive and growing liquor collection.

Of course, it’s definitely worth mentioning that the commercial wine racks and displays at WCI are all designed following the most popular custom options of retail wine stores and commercial wine establishments. With their flexible configurations, outfitting just about any retail wine store is almost effortless. Most of these racks and displays are highly compatible when it comes to mixing and matching things up to create truly unique and functional wine racking systems.

Other purchases for the Department’s liquor store included the Premium Six Shelf Vertical Display, Premium Diamond Cube Commercial Display Racking, Premium Redwood 2 Column Bin Display, and the Premium Quarter Round Shelf Fixture. The wood choice for all items was nothing less than the uber versatile Premium Redwood, unstained, and simply beautiful.

Last but not the least, the customer was kind enough to mention at how “friendly” the prices were, allowing them to achieve an amazing custom look to their store at off-the-shelf costs. Well, as an added cherry on top to future customers, do take note of our Commercial Product Price Match Guarantee. We provide the best pricing for all commercial wine cellar products in the market and match up to the competition! Browse our online store today and share your experiences with our products and services as well. We’d love to hear from you!


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