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Technical Tuesday #68 – Stunning Unstained Premium Redwood and Gold Series Combo

January 17th, 2012

A very happy Tech Tuesday to everyone! We sound really pumped up today and believe us, we have all the reasons to be.  Allow us to take you on a tour to one of the most ingenious wine cellar closet transformations we’ve come across:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 208335
Wood: Premium Redwood/Gold Series
Maximum Capacity: 971 bottles
Where: Duluth, GA

As far as compact wine cellars go, this little project really did us proud. The Gold Series was certainly utilized to its full extent, providing a full depth wine racking system that can hold nearly a thousand bottles.  We can see from these wonderful shots just how the individual and bulk storage wine racking options were cleverly combined to maximize the available floor-to-ceiling space.

Speaking of wine rack combos, it’s definitely worthy of mention that most of our wine racks are designed with super flexible configurations making it easy and enjoyable to mix and match them up. Notice how this particular project made amazing use of almost all the elements of the Gold Series, from the racks down to the wine displays and tables.

Now here’s the classic question: what do you do about those uneven corners in your wine cellar? If  you have something with a limited floor area like our featured wine cellar today, it can be irksome trying to come up with efficient solutions. Nevertheless, thanks to the versatility of the wine storage options offered by the Gold Series, the curved and corner racks can provide you with all the answers you need.

For an added flair to the wine cellar’s aesthetics, the client also had Mini Quarter Round Shelves with curved tabletop put in. The smooth curves look especially elegant all thanks to the beautiful, natural wood color. It’s certainly not by coincidence that Premium Redwood was the wood choice for this project. Note, too, that the client opted for an unstained version of the wood which can make us appreciate even more the wood’s gorgeous natural hues.

Look at how nice and easy the wine refrigeration system fits into this tiny corner of the wine cellar closet. The WineZone  Ductless Refrigeration Series can indeed provide for custom wine refrigeration solutions to just about any wine cellar with their custom split refrigeration options. This wine cellar in particular features the  WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split “12” Series Outdoor Condenser.

Keep in mind that you must choose a wine cooling unit that will properly maintain the right temperature and humidity levels and you can’t just choose randomly. A heat load calculation should be done first if your wine cellar doesn’t meet the heat load specifications for certain wine cooling units.

It’s certainly amazing how seemingly small amounts of space in one’s home can be transformed into a functional and attractive storage area for one’s prized wine collection. But then again, anything is possible when you have the right stuff to work with and the right people to work  with you. Get in touch with us at WCI today or try out our new “live help” feature where you can talk with only the most experienced of design specialists. Who knows? The next Tech Tuesday episode MAY be of your fabulous wine cellar transformation!

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