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Residential Wine Cellars Making Waves In China

January 12th, 2012

China and WinesWine cellars have indeed become a worldwide trend come this Year of the Water Dragon. Recently, word over the grapevine has spread relating to the increase in the number of “private” wine cellars inChina. Now China, as we may be probably aware, is one of the fastest rising industrial giants at present. As such, commercial activities are actually very much varied in the country, even encompassing the wine industry.

Basically, most Asian countries are not really that noted for what we would term as “fine” wines, unless you’d count Japanese “sake” as a version of that. But surprisingly, the wine industry has become really big over the last decade inJapan,South Korea,Taiwan, and of course, the former sleeping giant,China.

The Shanghai Wine Exchange which was launched only in July of 2011 has showcased some pretty impressive figures. The daily turnover was reported to be around ten million yuan (Chinese currency). Moreover, it was also predicted that possibly by the end of this New Year, there will be around 590,000 people in the country with disposable assets amounting to at least ten million yuan.

Shanghai International Wine Exchange

But as far as “private” or residential wine cellars are concerned, the same have also made their mark in the country as the next home fashion icons. More and more wealthy Chinese homes have gotten into the bandwagon and started building luxurious private wine cellars to host their opulent collections. Indeed, Chinese wine enthusiasts have been recently more drawn towards the appeal of a gorgeous, custom wine cellar to showcase their fine wines and spirits.

Interestingly enough, creating custom wine cellars in China have taken on rapid popularity since the Chinese have become more fascinated with the taste and history of wine. Hence, it’s no longer a matter of wine collection or wine cellars inChinabeing a status symbol as much as it is really developing a true affection for the hobby.

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