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Radius Front Wine Rack in Florida

January 5th, 2012

Heads up, wine cellar fans! Be the first to get an eyeful of one of our biggest wine cellar projects to date. A client in Tampa, Florida just commissioned WCI for something really new and ambitious this month and we’d love for you guys to share the initial tour with us.

What we have here are just a few teaser shots of our Radius Front Racks which will be unveiled in full glory very, very soon. But just to get our interests piping, what you’re getting a visual treat of right now are the prototypes of these super stunning racks in Premium Redwood. Look at that radius curve from top to bottom! We created our prototype to test it and it is¬†structurally¬†sound and looking amazing and we are so excited about it.

This rack is still unstained but notice how attractive the wood’s soft, creamy hues are. Note as well how seductive and appealing the gentle curves are in defining the rack’s highly unique structure. You may have come across a number of our corner and curved wine racks but we’ll soon be showing everyone how we’re taking things up a whole new level with this exciting launch.

This fab new addition to our wine racks line-up is pretty much decked out with WCI’s best features such as beveled rails and eased edges, custom moldings, and face trim. You can actually see from these pictures how the rack exudes a stylish and elegant charm. The distinct configurations will also definitely make for a wonderful variety of design options.

But for now, we leave you with a fabulous shot of what the final, transformed wine cellar would look like. Now THIS is what our new Radius Front Wine Racks can do to your wine cellars! Excited much? Then stay tuned for more photos and a video walk-through of the finished product once everything’s done. Wine cellar transformations can’t get more amazing than this!

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