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Old-World Charm With Le Cache Wine Cabinets

October 3rd, 2011

At the top three of my dream travel list would be Japan, Italy, and France. Let’s skip the first two and head on the last because I’m totally feeling that joie de vivre whenever something is associated with the elegant country. Thankfully, we’ve cooked up our own version of the crème de la crème in the wine cellar arena and if our Le Cache Wine Cabinets don’t reek of the old-world charm of Belle France, then we’re passing up on those petit fours ^_^.

LeCache Contemporary 2400 Wine CabinetSheer gorgeousness inside and out… 

You guys definitely have to forgive us for positively drooling but this newest addition to our exceptional line of refrigerated wine cabinets is really something to rave about. In general, the Le Cache refrigerated wine cabinets are crafted from premium materials, making them second to none when it comes to quality and excellence. Each product is hand-crafted in loving detail, giving you a customized work of art and not just something to store your wine bottles in with all the creature comforts!


Contemporary Wine Cabinets

LeCache Contemporary 3800 Wine CabinetJust like its namesake, these cabinets are so clean and classy, you just can’t go wrong with them. The understated elegance of the simple yet polished designs can make these cabinets go with just about any style or theme in your wine cellar, particularly with modern, Craftsman, Deco or Asian decors. These cabinets feature hardwood doors and gently arched windows as well as sealed seams, premium insulation, and tinted double-paned glass which provide both thermal and UV protection, everything that you need to keep your wine bottles in perfect storage condition right up to the moment you pop those corks. See why we adore them so:


LeCache Mission 1400 Wine CabinetMission Wine Cabinets

Structured and customized to perfection, the Mission Wine Cabinets are a wine cellar must-have. These amazing products were designed by none other than acclaimed Bay-area designer of high-quality artisan furniture, Berkeley Mills. Sporting beautiful windows with engineered wood mullions, hardwood crown molding and hand-carved detailing, this series is a class all on its own.


LeCache Vault 3100 Wine Cabinet Wine Vault Wine Cabinets

For the discriminating wine enthusiast who wants nothing but the best for his wine cellar, this is the wine cabinet to have. Whether you own a residential or a commercial wine cellar, this stylish number can easily find its place and mesh with just about any design or theme for your wine racking system. Also, it’s a sure winner when it comes to durability with its extra thick insulation and insulated wood doors, accommodating up to more than 300 bottles, from wines to champagnes, and other alcoholic beverages.

European Wine Cabinets

LeCache Euro Wine CabinetThe timeless beauty and serenity of the European countryside is brought to life in this exquisite series. If there’s anything that truly reminds us of the elegance ofFranceand its old-world appeal, this is it! Available in five luxurious designs, the details on each product in the series is nothing short of superb from crown and base moldings, paneled sides, and the delicate hand-carved accents and hardwood French doors. Martin de Blois, pinnacle Award-winning designer and acclaimed artiste, lent his loving hands to design and craft this series.


LeCache Loft 1400 Wine CabinetLoft Wine Cabinets

Ultra chic and ultra modern in all aspects, the Loft series is just the thing for sophisticated wine collectors who dare not put a price on quality. The sleek design of this product is best suited for modern dwellings and contemporary commercial establishments.

Well, thanks to WCI, we don’t need to burn our pockets with traveling money just to add a bit of a “French twist” to our wine cellars. Au revoir mademoiselles et messieurs!


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