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Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars: A Totally Indulgent Experience

September 19th, 2011

When you want to indulge, I say satisfy as many senses as you can. And for wine lovers who savor exquisite wines, they will certainly appreciate a feast for the eyes as well. That’s why a restaurant with flavorful dishes matched with the perfect wines will be right up their alley. There are many of these places but what will make a restaurant stand out among the rest is if it offers a feast for the eyes as well. With a beautiful glass enclosed wine cellar, dining can become a totally indulgent experience.

A glass enclosed wine cellar is a sophisticated way of showcasing wines. It can add visual interest to any dining place. A view of rows and rows of wine bottles waiting to be matched to every course will titillate customers even before they taste the first spoonful of food or take the first sip of wine. A highly visible display of wines will give any restaurant a unique ambiance.

But beyond the interesting display that glass enclosed wine cellars provide is the proper storage environment that goes with it. Since it is made of glass, it maximizes refrigeration and ensures that wines are stored at an ideal temperature and humidity. The glass used for this is half an inch thick and the glass panes are joined by a clear silicone bead for a seamless connection. The perimeter of the entry door is sealed to prevent temperature changes. This can be customized to the size you specify. Because this type of wine cellar puts a premium on visibility, simple hinges are used to distract from the view of beautiful racking system, floor, or art. It is just like looking at a giant painting of strategically- arranged beautiful wine bottles!  We have featured some lovely glass wine cellars in our Technical Tuesdays. Check out the commercial wine cellar installations we did for Eddie Merlot’s and Global Liquors.  You may also want to look at some residential beauties, such as this glass enclosed Prime Mahogany wine cellar or this glass enclosed All Heart Redwood wine cellar.

Sometimes the simple pleasures in life can be had by just appreciating the use of what we have- our senses. Dining out doesn’t have to be a hurried affair only meant to feed hungry stomachs. If I were made to choose, I would always opt to treat myself to unique dining experience. A restaurant that can provide a feast for more than just my palate would just be the answer, and one that has a glass enclosed wine cellar can do just that. 🙂

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