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Technical Tuesday – Episode #40 – Red Wine Room With Hidden Door

June 14th, 2011

There seems to be no slowing down wine lovers these days.

We’re talking about their desire to invest in nothing but the best wine storage systems for their beloved wine collection. Notice how these past Tech Tuesdays we have been featuring a LOT of wine rooms from our top of the line Platinum Series? This only tells us one thing: wine cellar demand is high, and there’s simply no stopping wine enthusiasts from choosing the best for the longevity of their bottles.

So we kicked off June with another stunning wine cellar last week, and if you missed that, you can check it out here. Now let’s take a look at today’s fabulous wine room, shall we?

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 210307-2
Wood: All Heart Redwood, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity: 1388
Where: Sterling, VA

Red Walls and Platinum Series

First of all, we must say that we love the red walls in this wine cellar.

Match that with custom wine racks from our Platinum Series, LED lights that create warmth in the room and a stone tile flooring — you get a visual delight. Clear All Heart Redwood takes center stage again in this wine room, and we are not surprised why the client chose this amazing wood. With its reddish brown tones and pink hues, strength and durability, All Heart Redwood really is the wood of choice if you want the best for your wine cellar.

Corner Wine Racks

Why, according to the Redwood Inspection Service standards, “…clear all heart is grade of exceptional value, without peer among softwoods for both interior and exterior uses.” It sure is exceptional, and this wine cellar does a great job of showing off the beauty of All Heart.  Featuring single/double deep wine racks, appealing diamond wine racks, standard archway, 15 degree display racks and bulk storage racks, All Heart is the wood to use when you mean serious wine storage business.

Oh and guess what, this wine room comes with its own little surprise –- a hidden door with built in vertical wine cabinet!

Secret Wine Cellar Door

From the front, this secret hidden wine cellar door looks like another vertical display wine cabinet. But since it matches the style, depth, wood species of the surrounding custom wine racks, anyone can be easily fooled into thinking that it’s just another wine display rack! It’s hard to tell, because the door hinges are not visible. Pretty neat, huh?

Quarter Round Wine Shelves

Did we mention that this wine cellar has the capacity to hold over a thousand bottles? Since accessorizing one’s wine cellar is also big these days, our client decided to add a nice feature to their cellar in the form of quarter corner shelves where photo frames, wine decanters and other wine accessories can be displayed. Notice the various shades of the wood in those quarter shelves!

Wine Cellar Doors

For such a nice, warm red wine room that can store a thousand bottles, we love how the client decided to go simple and elegant on their wine cellar door. The nice glass and wood door in this room spells simplicity and beauty. Below, the secret vault behind the hidden door is revealed. How cool is that? We love a wine cellar with surprises elements, and this one surely does not disappoint.

Red Wine Room


Like the look? View other examples of hidden wine cellar secret doors.

UPDATE! Now that the owners have filled their beautiful wine cellar with wine, we have some new photos that they decided to share. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Wine Barrel

So there. Another fabulous wine cellar for the month of June. Just like the other wine rooms we have featured here in Technical Tuesday, we hope this one inspires you to build your own! Contact us today or take a tour of our photo gallery for more inspiration!


7 responses to “Technical Tuesday – Episode #40 – Red Wine Room With Hidden Door”

  1. Brian Halloran writes:

    I need to build a bigger house so I can have you guys build me an amazing wine room! To soothe my pain, i’m going to open a bottle. 🙂

  2. Angela Bridgford writes:

    I have been looking for something on a much smaller scale, although this design is absolutely fabulous. The secret door is genius! I would like to mount a wine rack display in my kitchen on a wall (out of reach from the kiddos) for my husband. He is a wine enthusiast and needs a place as our kitchen counter works fine for him but not for me. I need that counterspace!

  3. DJ Eulette writes:

    This is the smartest idea. Love the safe behind the wall.

  4. A Johnston writes:

    I wish I had enough space for an entire room, but an awesome rack would be the best.

  5. christian writes:


  6. Brandy Howington writes:

    Hello, We have a wine cellar that is in the process of being designed. The walls are up but I need to plan the wine shelves, etc. We have a staircase that walks down over the cellar so we’d like to create a hidden door to close off underneath the staircase. Could you tell me how much starting price would be for that?

  7. Kristi writes:

    Hi Brandy – I’ll have someone contact you ASAP. Sounds like a completely fun project!

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