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Technical Tuesday – Episode #38 – Gold Series Premium Redwood

May 31st, 2011

Ah, wine cellars. We can’t think of other custom home splurges that can draw more attention than them. Can you?

Nothing says luxury than a custom wine cellar and we’re always looking forward to designing and building one. The entire process of working with a client is always a pleasure, and seeing final results is always a blast! And speaking of final results, in case you missed last week’s feature, you may check out Tech Tuesday Episode #37 and tell us what you think.

Fans of Premium Redwood will be pleased with today’s wine cellar because it features this wood again, and like all other Tech Tuesdays where this gorgeous wood was in the spotlight, we shall marvel at its beauty, strength and durability.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Project #: 208958
Where: Rydal, PA

Premium Redwood Wine Cellar

There’s really no doubt about it. Premium Redwood beautifully adds texture and interest to a wine cellar. These photos of our recent wine cellar installation prove that Redwood is truly a fine choice for a wine room. And, having been put together from our budget-friendly Gold Series Custom Wine Racks, this wine cellar is most certainly refinement made affordable!

Individual Wine Racking

The Gold Series boasts of Premium Redwood wine racks that come single or double deep with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes. Wine rack styles – individual storage racks, 15 degree display racks, solid open diamond bins and wood case wine storage come together in this wine cellar beautifully, maximizing space and storage capabilities. Stocking these racks with precious wine bottles will surely be a delight!

Large Archway

It’s not noticeable here, but this wine cellar comes with a faux archway and a wine glass rack. In case you’re wondering, a faux wine cellar archway is essentially a front facing faceplate trim that be customized with various etchings if you desire! A clever addition, if you ask us. As for the glass rack, well we’d love to see those dainty wine glasses hanging soon, adding an element of elegance to this wine cellar.

Corner Wine Racks

As you can see, the bare beauty of Premium Redwood is one of the reasons why it’s a top wood choice for wine cellars. The wood’s color variations — white to pink to red and reddish brown, come alive in this wine cellar, showing off the wood’s natural beauty. Here it’s highlighted by LED lights, which are also a top choice for providing just the right amount of warm light in a wine room.

Solid Diamond Bins

Don’t let the rows and rows of individual wine racks bore you —  just look at these gorgeous solid diamond bins above and in the photo below. Extremely versatile and stylish, these bins add dimensional flair to the entire cellar don’t you think? Indeed, part wine protection and storage and part art and personal statement, a wine cellar can draw attention like no other, fitting the aesthetic of any home, whether traditional, classical or contemporary.

Unstained Premium Redwood Wine Racks

Well, that’s it for the last day of May Tech Tuesday fans! Contact us today to learn more about your wine cellar choices and stay tuned for more fabulous wine cellar installations in June!