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Back To Basics: Wine Cellar Wood Choices

May 26th, 2011

Pool time!Last week, we decided to go swimming in the nearby community pool owing to the unusually hot weather that day. We were watching a couple of kids bantering at one another in the pool, picking on another younger kid who was trying to learn how to swim. Then the swimming instructor comes up, tells the kids to line up and do some strokes on the pool. What do you know! The bullies couldn’t swim either and I hear the instructor go: “Alright kids! Time to get back to the basics.”

This also reminded me of what exactly I should be doing here at WCI: to constantly strike a chord in the wine lover’s heart whenever he steps into his wine cellar. That’s why I decided to also “go back to the basics” and revisit one of the most essential elements of crafting quality, custom wine cellars: the right wood choices.

Recalling our awesome fivesome

You know what they say about good things coming in “threes?” Well, when it comes to wood choices for your wine cellar, it comes in “fives.” We rounded up the top five some blog post ago but since we’re going back to basics, let’s try to pin down what makes these wood choices arguably the best picks for an exceptional wine cellar.

amber-blaze-mahoganyLet’s go first with Amber Blaze Mahogany because just a few Tech Tuesdays ago, we featured a truly spectacular wine cellar transformation utilizing this wood type. Amber Blaze Mahogany is a bit pricey as compared with the other four top wood choices owing to it being a hardwood specie. It’s extremely dense and heavy and that spells maximum durability. Basically, when you’re into building a wine cellar for commercial purposes AND you have the budget for it, you definitely have to go for Amber Blaze. The wood itself even when unstained has a dark reddish brown color, very rich and plush to look at. With custom stains and finishes, the wood stands to become even more luxurious and vibrant, creating a very strong, yet elegant appeal for your wine cellar.

rustic-pineNow let’s contrast Amber Blaze with our second contender, Rustic Pine. As opposed to the rich and dark color of mahogany, Rustic Pine is best distinguished by its soft, creamy color with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. Because of its understated appearance, it lends itself very well to stains and custom finishes, particularly weather finishes as when you want to achieve an aged, vintagey look for your wine cellar. Rustic Pine is also easier on the pocketbook compared with the other choice woods since it is a grade that includes knots which give a bigger yield and lower cost than a clear grade of wood.

clear-all-heart-redwood1Speaking of “clear grade of wood,” let’s move on to one in that category—Clear All Heart Redwood. You probably heard us rave about this wood choice in one of our Tech Tuesday episodes and the high praise is not without reason. Clear All Heart Redwood has been labeled as a “perfect choice” for custom wine cellars because of its high-level resiliency against rot, mildew, and other causes of decay. Moreover, it is also resilient against shrinking, warping, and checking, making it environmentally-friendly, economic, and practically ageless. Why so? Because as the wood ages, its unstained reddish brown tones become even more pronounced, creating a truly lush look.

prime-redwood2Hailing from the same family, or specie to be more exact, we also carry Premium Redwood which, like its sister Clear All Hear Redwood, has an open-celled structure with little or no pitch resins. This allows the wood to retain stains and finishes beautifully for limitless design variations for a truly personalized look for your wine cellar. While it is a clear grade of wood minus the knots, it is still reasonably priced making it a frontrunner for custom wine cellars. Its best feature? Premium Redwood possesses a natural resistance to the cool, humid atmosphere favored for long-term wine storage. For better visual reference, you might want to check out some fabulous wine cellar transformations using this wood type.

prime-mahoganyLast but certainly not the least, we have Prime Mahogany which can be considered the more affordable version of Amber Blaze Mahogany. It is actually a very popular choice for wine cellar furniture such as cabinets, shelves, and high-end interior finishing. Prime Mahogany has a naturally opulent reddish-brown color which stands out even when unstained. But what’s absolutely attractive about this wood choice is that it’s reasonably priced despite being a high-end dense hardwood.


And making them even more “awesome!”

By now, you guys are probably very much aware that here at WCI, our goal is always to evolve, improve, and take our products to the next level all for the sake of providing our clients with nothing less than excellent quality and style for their custom wine cellars. Which is why, your top five wood choices just got even better with endless stain and finish options. With our Wood Swatch Simulator, you can see how your preferred wood type would look with custom stains and finishes which means you save yourself the hassle AND expense of experimenting on the actual product.

Moreover, we also carry a delicious selection of stain and finish options to give your wood that extra edge. Think of it as make-up! You can go for a nude look with an unstained wood like say, unstained Rustic Pine which totally works for an authentic rustic charm. You can also choose to go for strong, dusky, and polished appearance of your wine cellar with Classic Mahogany or Dark Walnut Stain. Still, there are those that would opt for something more dramatic and edgy say like Dark Weathered Finish which uses a darker topcoat for an ultra-sleek appeal or Lacquer Finish for that gleaming, timeless chic.

Wood Stain Options

Needless to say, bringing out the true beauty in your wine cellars rests on the fundamentals of wine-cellar building. In our case, we always stress that quality materials make for quality wine cellars. Learn more about wood choices, wine cellar design, and just about anything about making your wine cellar dreams come to life at WCI.

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