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Take a Tour of a Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar

May 25th, 2011

One can never underestimate the class and glamour of a glass-enclosed wine cellar. If you still haven’t taken the tour showcased in our video here, then we suggest you do so to fully appreciate what we’re all so excited about. What you are about to see, or have seen, is a feature of our contemporary glass enclosed wine cellar combined with all the right elements for extremely unique wine storage options.

Now all of us are well-aware of the fact that glass is one of the best if not the best medium for catching and reflecting light. As you can see from our video feature, the beauty of a glass enclosed wine cellar is amplified by custom wine cellar lighting accessories. We just love how those bottles look as if they’re bathed in ethereal light!

This particular wine cellar was put together using some of WCI’s absolute best: All Heart Redwood wine racks with Double Deep vintage view racks and some of our really unique wine cellar accessories, including a cork tasting tabletop and island which you can see adorning the very center of the wine cellar. Now cork is a natural and durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment, making it an excellent choice of material.

Moreover, it lends itself to a number of style options as well and as you can see, the cork tasting tabletop here is undeniably chic. On a side note, WCI offers so many unique choices for wine cellar tabletops and countertops which you can personalize to suit the mood and theme you have in mind for your wine cellar.

Notice how rich and elegant the wine racks look and how they mesh so well with the amber-colored wine bottles? The wine racks were stained and finished in Dark Walnut, a perfect choice to bring about an authentic vintage effect. And speaking of stains and finishes, you might want to check out our Stain & Finish Review and Interactive Swatch Simulator which allows you to see up-front how your wood choice would look with certain stains and finishes.
Watching the video feature, we’re almost too sure you guys didn’t miss out on the arrangement of those wine bottles in a “staircase” fashion, right? That’s actually an ingenious piece of work we craft here at WCI and are very much proud of: our water fall rack. This one’s pretty special because our clever design consultants suggested adding individual diamond bin bottles on either side, making everything appear very artistic and of course, luxurious. Here’s something to note though: with the double deep vintage view wine racks, your storage options would be limited to around 20% of the available storage space. The video feature actually points this out, too. Nevertheless, you get an absolutely attractive layout that showcases your collection at its visual peak in exchange for that and as you can see from the finished product here, it’s not a bad bargain at all!

Let’s go now to the smaller but highly significant details of this wine cellar. Our design consultants incorporated custom cabinetry complete with the crown moldings to encase the metal racks which in effect only adds to the vintage charm of the wine cellar and highlights the dark walnut stain of the racks. Needless to say, it lends an opulent aura owing to the play of glass, light, and dark wood with the intricate moldings. Of course, let’s not forget the standard archways here which also add to the wine cellar’s classic façade.

If you can gather from the video feature, the entire wine cellar holds 539 wine bottles. Notice those solid diamond bins? These are best for bulk storage resulting to increased storage capacity for a growing collection. Last but definitely not the least, let’s give props to the client for purchasing one of the best choices for a wine refrigeration system—WineZone.

Remember our blog post featuring this wine storage unit? Better refresh yourselves because WineZone is a sure winner when it comes to maintaining the proper storage conditions for a wine cellar, helping each bottle age gracefully and bringing out the best of its flavors.

On a final note, allow us to emphasize that All-Heart Redwood is one of the top wood picks for custom wine cellars, whether residential or commercial. It lends itself easily to stains and custom finishes and wine racks and furniture crafted from this radiate natural elegance and beauty.

Here at WCI, we always tune in to your heart’s desires when it comes to designing your dream wine cellar. Get in touch with our design consultants and check out more of our gorgeous wine cellar products!